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Carnaval in Cancun 2023

Wow! I definitely been neglecting my blog than needed. It all started with happy moment of my trip with my sis, after I had something to catch up, some work and other... and than I got sick. If you know me personally you might know I have a tendency to be dead for while, all dramatic in bed. But it works wonders and I am usually a corpse only for a day or two tops. Long story short a lot happened and I haven't been posting as much as I am used to. I am sorry, really. Today I want to save some time and probably work towards the post stash so I have so nice well done drafts for the posts in future. And today I want to show you a very cute moment from last week, myu very first Carnaval. Surely carnaval is small in Cancun and I definitely can't say it's the best but it felt cozy and fun to me. Actually having a whatever carnival during the February is better than not having it at all so I am taking it. Despite the rain we enjoyed some smiles, dances, cute allegorical c

San Valentin

I am actually a little dead after last weekend but I would do it all over again if asked. I traveled to the capital to meet up with my sis and I am super happy how we spent the day together. I am still doing a post about it and I think I will publish it sometime this week.  And while I feel like I have been neglecting my blog for far too long I am updating with a cute Valentine’s themed family shoot we did yesterday. Above is the proper shot. Below: reality of my family.    Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Piano festival, day 2

Bach! Bach! Bach! We've been so excited to listen to his compositions! I do have a soft spot for Bach in my heart. But I am not alone: same absolutely goes to my husband and (I assume) my daughter as well. her favorite is still Dvorak but Bach is pretty close. The evening was wonderful! Maestro Ricardo Corona been so gentle and I really enjoyed his passionate story about the pieces. The program wasn't long which is to a great benefit for us because our baby definitely can not stay for too long being a baby. But we managed to recreate our coffee drinking routine after the concert this time around and it made me especially happy. It absolutely made our Saturday perfect. Ii chose to wear a big long skirt which always makes me feel on fancy side. I added a hand-knitted by my mother-in-law top, you can't really catch here but it has a wonderful and very evening shimmer. I chose a safe option for shoes instead of pumps because of the rainy weather. We were fortunate to miss t

And that too

I am absolutely sure this is not the outfit you expect to see on me. But I actually style like that from time to time as well. Oversized, a little sloppy and absolutely street. I have to admit it does not only look comfortable, it feels comfortable in and out. And yes I am totally wearing a Dragon Ball Sheng Long t-shirt here. Wore it to do some food shopping if you are interested. Photo made on my way. This place is on the back of parking and we call it the iguana way, there always are a lot of them there. And yes, I love it. For loolz I was wearing: Cuidado con el Perro shoes and pants DB t-shirt c/o Nordgreen shopper bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha