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Classical music

If there is anything I love doing, that's listening to some classical music. I was doing it all the time in my previous home and I am excited to start on doing it again here after the move. We do still explore the possibilities and are looking for new place to find such event around us but I am positive we will have even more joy soon. This time we went to listen to some piano classics played with 4 hands (two performers, one piano). We loved it so much! All of us actually, we took our baby daughter with us. She loves listening to classical music (we call it audial pacifier) but were worried about taking her to life performance. She made it through the whole thing without sleeping or weeping, she listened! I just had to mention it in the post because if anything I am a proud parent here. To wear I chose simplicity. Jeans because we were in the new place and I wasn't sure if they are not crazy fans of freezing aircons and it also was the evening so I didn't think twice.

Elevator Shoes options

Today I want to comeback to something I haven't done for ages! An inspiration post! Today I want to guide you through some casual and not so casual shoes options because I've been looking for a new pair for me and it got me thinking. I do hope you will enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it for you. I will take you to Chamaripa shop with me today. I don't really mind my own height but as you know I am short. Sometimes I do think I'd better be at least a little taller. My husband will never agree with me but sometimes it feels like if I had just a couple more centimeters more I could have done more without help (either other people or things, like step ladder). Sometimes you want to appear taller to look better alongside your partner as well. It leads us not only to regular heels option which is not always acceptable. You might have back or ankle issues which prevent you from wearing heels. it might not fit into your style and vibe. You


I love wearing silk in summer. It has the best feeling about my skin. SO good, never fails to impress. And if it is a jumpsuit, it is even better. I wore this outfit to run some errands and can't deny it's comfort. Jumpsuit has big pockets and with a loose fit I can allow myself to do anything. Long pants protect me from cold inside, which is sometimes very important. I dislike very airconditioned rooms where the temperature is lower than 25 (often even lower than 20), it makes me feel highly uncomfortable. I started taking more precautions lately to feel comfortable at all times (I think it might be a new thing in my character lately) so there you have it: errand = long pants. See you on the beach where I'll hardly wear anything later on. Just kidding. Adding a closeup of my makeup and accessories as well. I think it turned out pretty nicely too. I was wearing: Monki jumpsuit Blumarine bag Optima flipflops Fossil watch necklace bough on Cannary islands during my

Not boring at all

Athleisure is a thing. Mostly leisure for me though. We had a busy week, many things to do and all things to enjoy. I love taking strolls together in the evening and just do nothing, walk, sit around and chill enjoying the breeze and the lagoon. It wonders me how I never feel tired of that view and always find it refreshing. Life sure is good when I am there. This top is one of my personal faves because it dries super fast and so breezy. When we have a hotter day it is too precious. I leveled up the outfit with necklace and a hat and really didn't bother to think much of my look. I did feel as relaxed as I looked on the photo. By the way, what are your plans for the weekend? I plan on doing nothing, just chill, beach and may be some music and dances. I was wearing: c/o Rexing sports top Oysho shorts Optima flipflops Cuidado con el Perro hat c/o Moon Love necklace   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sweet Child o'mine

I had a lovely weekend despite having less time to actually have fun because of my husband's schedule. He needed extra time just for himself so I had to hang out with our baby more and do less on having fun department. I didn't even go to the beach. Not that I miss it that much but still. However we did manage to enjoy local fairs, movie night and open air concert. I love the concert so much, I totally missed the life music vibe and I didn't get a chance to really enjoy it here in Mexico (we do have brass band concerts here all the time and I don't even have to pay for the entrance because I can heart it perfectly but it's not the same as good old rock). It was very fun. It actually felt even more special as we obviously took our baby with us, we think we need to start thinking towards nanny  but there is no rush and I think we are doing more or less fine for now. For my outfit I have chosen my favorite mesh combo. I love how sexy it makes me feel and how cute i

Hyper casual

This week is filled with work but I don't mind really. Super happy to have my helps such as robot vacuum, deliveries and coffee to making my life SO much better. Today I want to share with you a typical outfit of the day when I didn't really bother myself with dressing up or anything. I quickly snapped a couple oh shots in the local park on my own. Yes, that is why it turned out that awkward. It also started raining so hurried back home. We no longer get much rain these days but it is called rain season for a reason. I am also happy with baby steps I am making with running, very slowly adding meters to my regular run. I do hope in a week or two I'll comeback to audiobooks because it will finally be enough time to at least partly enjoy it. To spice up this post a little bit I'll add couple of my shots from recent Criteium cycling race I shot for fun. I was wearing: forever 21 (very old) top custom made moon love necklace BeFree shorts Fossil watch   Have

Your typical beach day outfit

I have such a great weekend I feel tired and need one more weekend again to relax. Not that much of joke really! Also are you on Amazon today haunting deals? I am. There are few things that we need so might as well partly cover it. This outfit is perfectly beach and I wore for a beach day so I think it's a right thing to do. So blessed and so thankful everyday for my home here. Seriously living a dream. My top and skirt are from H&M. While top was actually a planned purchase this year (I wanted to buy this kind of top in neutral color as a substitute for my no longer functioning and hence left behind during the relocation), the skirt was a instant love last year. I wore it so many times but seriously it works best by the sea, right? I was wearing: H&M top and skirt sunnies c/ Glasseshop   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Watch out!

  Summer is here and I love spending time on the beach. It feels even more rewarding if the weather is on the hot side. I wanted to buy a one piece swim suit ever since I was pregnant and moved by the sea. There are a lot of perks in one pieces especially in the pool but frankly it's all about y tummy area, I like seeing it covered yet flat. I mean delivering a new life is a blessing but man I disliked carrying so much weight around. And you know seeing your feel when you look down is surprisingly convenient. Originally I wanted a sport-ish style of the swimsuit. It matches my spirit and I generally like the fit. It all changed when I seen this babe. It looks so cute! I just had to have it especially since it had a nice discount as well. Do you like it? I wore it as a top this time, mildly styling it with black accessories. And, yes if you are asking I do wear a choolpa as a necklace, don't blame me, praise my creativity and repurposing. I just hope my ancestors are not angry