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CJF, fall 2019

Hello! Don't we all love kids fashion? It's adorable and is super fun. I am always excited to check the kids fashion out because it's always very cute and I like seeing it actually evolving into something better. I do enjoy so much about it! There are trends there too. Child and Junior Fashion is a big fair in Moscow held two times a year. This time we had a chance to spend a week attending the talks, looking through the items and of coarse checking out the catwalk. There were many ways to enjoy it because they repeated the fashion shows several times. I enjoyed on of them. My favorite definitely was a show by Huppa: outerwear, super adorable coats. In fact I would SO wear it myself! Batik colelction of Halloween/party costumes stole my heart away too. I am sure any kid will love it. Malenkaya Lady show is also important because it shows how stylish and comfortable school uniform can be. I am not that impressed with formal wear this year: the dresses were too bridal f

Last bit of summer

Early September weather was way better than what we had in July and August. It felt summer. It was hot and we enjoyed it through and through. As the weather was so nice my wise and beautiful mother offered me a chance to hang out with her. We chose Kuskovo estate, the park and old Sheremetiev house, a place where we went often when I was little. This place is a little more special than other parks to our family. For example in the Kusovo ponds why greatgrandmother taught my grandmother to swim. Also 2019 is 100th birthday of the museum established in the estate. Even though there were still some renovation works it was so beautiful. I loved it there so much. I was wearing: BSBG Max Azaria dress (thrifted) Arny Praht waist bag Adidas slippers c/o Lo scarf c/o Glasseshop sunglasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Ушёл ли мех?

Закат эры меха предрекают уже давно. Общество разделилось на защитников и сторонников натуральной пушнины. Почти 10 лет прошло со времен эпатажной акции Леди Гаги, когда на 27-й церемонии музыкальных наград MTV Video Music Awards 2010 она появилась в «платье», состоящих из натурального сырого мяса. Практически каждый сезон противники меха в разных странах устраивают впечатляющие акции протеста. И ряд мировых брендов действительно отказались от использования меха. Однако не преувеличены ли слухи о тотальном отказе от натурального меха в актуальной fashion-индустрии в целом? Если посмотреть объективно, «закат эры меха» - по большому счету миф. Так, по данным Пушно-мехового союза, озвученным на прошедшей недавно в Москве профессиональной конференции, до 70% мировых брендов первой величины продолжают использовать в своих коллекциях натуральный мех. Среди них такие мастодонты, как Valentino, Dior, Dolce&Gabana, Louis Vuitton, Saint Lauren, Fendi, Thom Browne

Moscow Fashion Summit

Hello! Moscow Fashion Summit. It was such an enriching and exciting experience! I learned so much more, I can even say my love to fashion deepened. I do think such conferences are an absolute must to any person deeply passionate about fashion. Seeing designers clearly communicate, talk about retailers, advertising, social media and digital gave me a lot deeper understanding of industry I grew to love. Moscow is yet to build fashion environment but we are blessed with people who are willing to work and share their thoughts and experience. Thank you organizers, speakers and guests for making my day today a lot more special. Crowded and very quite. Also check out the funny screeny of collab between Outlaw Moscow and Off white. Fashion could be as simple as that. I bet you want me to drop a line about my outfit. I wanted to play along with black and white and several prints and well as textures. A definitely comfortable look but I think it looks visually attractive too.

CPM, part 2

Hello! CPM marks the start of fashion season and it definitely helps me to keep myself together a little more. I enjoy looking through the fashion shows and it's easy to follow it. Excellent organization, smart timing makes it the perfect start to me. After I visited CPM I feel very motivated and prepped. Normally I write two posts about: one with catwalk fashion shows with latest trend and other with lingerie, home and swimwear. But as I have been very put this season with my posting I actually  have an extra catwalk fashionshow to add to my lingerie experience. I hope you don't mind mixing things. here are photos from lovely Lingerie, home and swimwear fashion show:   And here are CPM selected fashion show. Stunning pieces! My outfit is all about white shirt. It is a basic styling and a must have item for any person. White shirt always looks nice. It's easy to style (and I only wish it was as easy