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What I wore for summer, part 1

Summer flies by so as everything around me. trying to catch up with everything including my dear blog I have to work more. I've a lot of interesting stuff coming for you pretty soon and now I would love to show you some of outfits Max and I took and didn't post during these two months Amazing Friday date night with Max at Dunkin Donats where we could play various board games Do you remember StarCon and my 2d place in SW Mini tournament? We went to play it  And after went to the zoo. I love this romper.  Just a small walk with Raidho only (huge joy to have just one dog) I was wearing: 1 outfit: CK jeans Alba bag Tommy Hilfiger flip flops Vero Moda top Colin's shirt 2 outfit Topshop romper flip flops from Madrid Risingtaste braselet Marcs and Spenser glasses (yeah, I didn't expect that too) 3 outfit Colins dress handmade by my friend accessory Tommy Hilfiger flipflops Risingtaste braselet   Have a nice day, Lyosh

Hot and Perfect Spike

Every time  I see JC shoes I feel  bad-ass . I love this feeling so I'm a fan of this brand. I was so happy when Perfect Spike (I wanted them for months) came on sale on Solestruck. Last week we went to two gigs and for both I wore those shoes. So I'm going to show you 2 outfits in one post.  Sorry  for creating a total  black  looks but I can't help it. May be one day I'll wear it with something brighter. I was wearing: Mango tees Jeans/skirt Topshop JC Perfect Spike shoes Bracelet c/o 1 backpack bought in Sweeden years ago 2 necklace Loro Parwue   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


Modelstraining  teamed with me to tell you about the awesome opportunity they are giving. A lot of my followers are very pretty young ladies who might be dreaming to become model. The best may to become someone you wanna be is to make moved towards that.  Why  don't you learn? Learning new things,  learning  being a pro. I read somewhere that modeling is about confidence and luck. I can not help you with luck but without any doubt confidence is what I can help you with. You would be learning in model school. yes, Modelstraining is a  special  place where models are trained to be a model. Model is the way you look, move and act. Moreover it is in Paris so going there would be a lot of fun. May be you are sitting next to your monitor and say: 'I have passion! I want it with all of my heart! But.. I'm not a modeling type'. Consider that nowadays there are a lot of types of models and different people are needed. Modelstraining provides you with individual work to get t

Explore Starcon

I'm going to brake up vacation post series to share the Starcon experience. A week ago I was sitting on the same spot and getting ready to go. We've been to lovely Saint  Petersburgh. We managed to have a charming walk in the  evening even right after the con. Starcon was all about sci-fi and we loved it so much. We even wore the Jedi costumes (wait for them in the end of post). Max, my lovely husband, sewed them for only 3 days (that's why the design is so simple). and I also got 2d place in Star Wars Miniatures board game tournament took place there. I'm so happy! As for outfit - I've chosen a super comfy outfit with a very cool pants! I bought them on ebay and they are more than 20 year old pants (I guess soon they could buy booze on their own but I doubt I need it). I love them for their shape - keeping me cool during hot and warm when needed. Oh, and can I also call it my pijama pants trend pants? or not? What I also wanted to mention you are my fab set jewel

Honeymoon, the sea polo

During our vacation my main item was a polo shirt. I generally love this items as it's comfy and stylish enough for almost any matter. For today I  would  like to share the awesome experience featured two trips in one. A yacht trip and again La Gomera Island (the other post can be seen here ) Sorry for lack of words there would be more photos!  On the farm  Do you recognize Garajonay I was wearing: lacoste polo shirt not branded denim shorts bracelets bought on Tenerife Morgan romper Not branded flip flops gifted polo shirt (with my employee brand) Accessory bought in La Gomera Island except the ring - it's from Madrid   Have a nice day, Lyosha