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Total Black

Easy and relaxed very basic but not boring. This is little something I wore to do some chores and grab a lunch with beloved. Nothing special about the look but I do like how it turned out.  P.S. I will be off for a trip for the weekend and will return born anew next week, willed with Birthday celebrations I was wearing: Cuidado con El Perro   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Fiesta de Primavera

  Urgent! My daughter just had her first ever official holiday celebration in her kindergarden yesterday. I am beyond proud and very happy for her. She grew up so much and I can not be more thankful and happy to watch her grow. She prefermed superbly and even followed some movements of the dance. My mother heart is so full! I was wearing: BSBG Max Azarea dress Cuidado con el Perro sneakers necklace pr sample from Mist and Dawn Bag Coach My daugher wore butterfly costume My husband more Cuidado con el Perro shirt and Levi's jeans   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

I love my MIL

My mother is law is very talented. She made me this top and obsessed. it goes withh literally everything, fits me very nicely and even provides me with some warmth when needed. It also makes a great piece for layering. I wear it very often and really enjoy this unique handmade piece. Do you like the flowers  color choice? SO me! I was wearing: Cuidado con el Perro shoes Beershka jeans MiuMiu bag Top crocheted by my mother in law   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Power and fun

I like mixing and matching styles. I don't like being serious much. Or more like I can not. Just haven't been born that way. If things get too boring you just have to spice it up. Or something. That is what I did. Nothing to worry yourself too much over nothing. Throw a tennis skirt to a jacket, tune it down with some Converse but don't forget romantic bag. I can go on for hours or I could just leave you with my current look. I was wearing: Monki jacket and socks H&M top MiuMiu bag Converse shoes necklace giift from my hubby   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


If you are a lizard you just have to get comfortable on a rock, right? At least that is what my iiguana friends taught me. And they taught me well. I am seriously consiidering getting all warm and cozy on the roocks because these endless cold fronts are killing me. It is supposed to be high tourist season but it is nothing like warm and mild Carrebean climate. I can go on complaining about the weather for days even though I do know it has its perks and I can not deny it. ANd I really ttry to just soak in the colder days as well. How are you manage your cold? Do you find it in yourself to love it? I layered cute top with sunflowers with mind sweater to add in both warmth a cuteness. I wore glasses because I needed to see 100 for some reason. To tell the truth I have forgotten the circumstances of taking these photos, they stayed without a proper ppost for too long.     I was wearing: Monki top and cardigan Pants Bershka Shoes converse glasses Mouqu (gifted)   Have a nice day

Coffee date

Ever since my daughter started day care we returned to the dates just the two of us. Surely it doesn't happen all the time but it is nice to grab some coffee and think about nothing and just enjoy each other without any distraction. Bonus points for nostalgic local such as Starbucks. I do think this is an ultimate relaxed Sunday brunch outfit. I did't wear it on Sunday but trust me,  I felt as if I got the day of the week wrong. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and stylish at the same time. Don't really need more. I was wearing: jacket Monki top H&M pants Bershka  shoes Converse cap Cuidado con el Perro earrings my Mom's Brooch gift from my dear friend Burak    Have a nice day, Lyosha

Sunny top

When I poosted this look on my insta page I have written: I missed the sun so much that I wore a peace of it as my top. I do think it actually summs this nostalgic outfit very well. I wanted to wear something more colorful and also add a little layering to my regular look. SO I layered this bright top (actually made for water sports) with black and white Jaws themed shirt, added a cute headband, jeans and a small purse. I think this look ended up being very cute and millennial and honestly nostalgic. I have had a lot of fun wearing it. Bright lipstick definitely added one more layer of fun to it. Bonus: photobomb!   I was wearing: Uniqlo pants Cuidado con el Perro shirt spport top Coca-Cola headband from Miniso Coach bag Piirma shoes   Have a nice day, Lyosha