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Lingerie Party

You do all know I love lingerie and lingerie fashion. I am actually a part of Lingerie Club, a club of lingerie fashion lovers established on the of Lingerie Fashion Week team. Surely I couldn't avoid any of events related to it so I was super excited and secretly waited for Lingerie New Year's party. Or it is better be called Lingerie Christmas Party because it was held on December 25th. It was filled with joy and chatting with wonderful ladies (mostly), listened to two wonderful master classes on photo posing from fantastic lingerie models, photo shoot with symbol of upcoming year by Chinese Calendar (yes it's approx. in February but people here do not care) and master class for holiday wear. As you know in Russia New Year is the main holiday not Christmas (both Catholic and Orthodox). The party was tons of fun and I really want to thank the wonderful ladies who make it all real for lingerie lovers! I wasn't sure about the weather and tempe

Graduates show

I love seeing how Russian fashion grows into something bigger. It is progressing year after year and I am always impressed with it. That is why I believe Russian Fashion shouldn't stop. That's why I am always looking forward finding new names and ideas. This time I wanted to share with you the most 'new' designers I could come through. These are the students. In fact it is the show by fashion design graduates of Sovremennaya Shkola Deziana (Modern School of Design), more over it's the diploma project. I liked the shows a lot as well new full pledged designers. I am proud of them! Here are the highlights of their small yet beautiful collections. As for my outfit I have chosen a very casual look. A white blouse is always an option for me. Warm and cozy velvet pants paired with white bag completed the look. What do you think? I was wearing: h&M blouse Michael Kors bag Monki pants and coat Jil Sander sho

Berrylook last minute gift guide

Everybody does gift guides lately. I mean it's a great topic for a post, it is always useful and gives a lot of room to improvise. I am totally in such posts as a reader and I understand it as a blogger. And this year I thought: why don't I join in as well? I mean why not. And I did. I really want to make a list but I am too lazy to make a long one or look for various options. Why don't you think of one particular item to get? So my gift guide will dedicated to a specific item I find a great gift for holiday season. To make this post I headed to one of the most adorable online store I could think of: Berrylook . Normally wise people offer us to get some accessories starting from brooches and pins up to necklaces and bags. That is way too hard to add into the list because let's face it it depends greatly on actual liking of particular person. It is also common to make gifts with hats, scarves and gloves. A fine idea esp for snow having countries but it is just way too

Party dresses nspiration from Suzhoudress

Holiday season is in the full! So many wonderful and beautiful Christmas decorations, so many events. Overall Christmas is all around. I am sure you have plans for it and New Year. At least I do have some. In case you have a sudden change of plans and realized you need a dress for you celebration you still have time. Why don't you hit on some wonderful online shop and get some mid week inspiration? Today I have chosen  Suzhoudress to get some beautiful dresses inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it as much I did. Here are wonderful and super stylish/festive/sexy/shiny dress I could love to wear for holidays (spoiler: I won't because it doesn't really match with humble plans). I made a list of dream fancy 2019 prom dresses I would really love to wear to celebrate it. Are you ready? let's go! First of all, I have to admit I love pants more than skirt. Second of all it's really cold here where I live. Third of all, does it really matter if this two piece is s


ENG: I love fashion. If you read my blog now you definitely understand it. I do love it and I am always happy to touch it, to feel it, to be part of it. I definitely can prove it. The of my arrival home from Goa I rushed to event. If you were me, you'd do that too. It was an event by BeretkAh hat and accessory brand. I have seen the creations many times and hope to see more of it in the future. During the meet up the guests (me included) were able to socialize and enjoy the creations, trying them on and creating the looks with it. I have to admit, I couldn't hold it long and tried on many hats. Which one is your favorite? RU: Я обожаю моду. Если вы читаете этот пост сейчас, вы определенно это понимаете. Я люблю моду и я всегда рада прикоснуться к ней, почувствовать её, стать её частичкой. Сегодня я даже могу это доказать. В день моего возвращения с Гоа, я уже спешила на мепроятие. Впрочем, окажись вы на моём месте, вы поступили бы так же. Причиной послужило мероприятие, встр