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Go and grab this

I quick and fashionable update. This is just a tiny little outfit I wore to eat out very close to our home. Nothing fancy I just needed some chicken wings in my life. We snapped a couple of photos on our way as I am in desperate need of new content. I promise to make a proper shoot with various poses and very nice outfit soon enough. High socks again here. I can't really go around without them or longer pants lately. I remember about the times when my legs didn't feel cold. well, at least I managed a top, not a sweater, lol. Spring is definitely in the air. I was wearing: H&M shorts Cuidado con el Perro top kiki socks Prima tenis Fossil watch   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Life, lately

A lot of people do that in social networks, like posting the stuff the did and enjoyed lately doing a summery. I thought, why not and wrote one for a blog. This is a post about things that didn't and normally won't make it to the blog that I enjoyed a lot. 1 My pup Surak's 11th birthday   2 Aquarium trip 3 Random food joys 4 Carreras! Because you know, I am really into running 5 Random beautiful sights and pupwalks. Because you can never have to many 6 this perfect shot I was wearing: lots of different things, lol   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


CDMX, Cuidad de Mexico or Mexico City. The capital of Mexico. It really impressed me a lot. There is still so much more to explore and enjoy there. I can't wait to come back and see it all through and through. I believe soon it will come true but with different company. I had an opportunity not only to make a short trip to Mexico city but also to meet up with my sister who was travelling there for work. When your sister resides in Copenhagen, Denmark and you - in Cancun, Mexico being on the same continent is closer to the win, much less same country. And so I jumped on a plane and killed two birds with one stone. Mexico city is very vibrant, fun and filled with everything fun. Tons of museums (it really pains me just how little I have seen), venues for concerts (it pains me to admit I didn't get to listen to Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra,,, yet), restaurants and street food (I am sorry but it IS important) and quant spots. I'll leave you with some photos instead of being