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Nivea keeps me clean: product review

One more beauty review from me! Super excited to share my opinion on Nivea products, Nivea provided me with. Yes I didn't pay for the products but opinion is my own.

Micellar muss. It's a face wash and micellar water combined. It is said to be the product you can use to vanish your makeup. And it actually is so when it does for daily makeup. It might need some extra help if you had heavy makeup for example for proper photo shoot. However it is perfect helper to make sure all of your makeup is wiped clean. It doesn't dry your skin, easy to apply, smells nicely and the foam doesn't need to much liquid which means you will use for quite a long time.

Shower Gel. Hibiscus and Saffron. It smells wonderful combining evidently both scents. If you like both scents you will like this one. The scent doesn't really stay on skin after the shower which is a pro because it will not disturb your perfume. Also it foams nicely so you don't need a lot of product to make yourself c…

Al Arabia Fashion Days

ENG: Earlier this week there was a wonderful event, a fashion show held in Moscow. Second season of Al Arabia Fashion Days. It is an international project to support creativity of designers and bring in everything best to the eyes of fashion lovers. Lasted for two whole days Al Arabia Fashion Days showed various talented and luxurious gowns and dresses. I was able to attend the second day and here is my report of it.
RU: На этой неделе мне довелось посетить прекрасное событие, показ мод в Москве. Это был второй сезон Al Arabia Fashion Days. Это интернациональный проект, направенный на поддержку креативности и красоты, развитию отношений арабских стран и России. Показы длились два дня, один из которых я и посетила. Прекрасные и роскошные вечерние наряды от очень талантиливых и креативных дизайнеров составили мне вечер.

ENG: I can't actually say which show I loved more: Sevda Fashion House or Anastasia Kiefer Couture as both shows had awesome points and sticking beauty of gowns. E…

Traditions of summer

Summer hits hard many bloggers and I am not a big exception. I try to stay focused on my blog but let us be honest: weather, festivals, boats, friends, running and get-aways take more and more time. I do not regret it but I do have a little less content as of now.
Today I want to say hello to the start of the week and post and post photos from annual Moscow festival dedicated to history of all the world. Each year during the summer parks and boulevards become filled with people wearing odd old fashion clothes, doing unusual things and willing to tell you more and show you more. It is the time when you can easily meet a cowboy discussing stuff with Roman gladiator or find Latvian Shooter accompanied by Turkish harem lady in the shop nearby buying beverages. It is tons of fun and education at the same time.

And it is also a very hot time. Moscow hit as far as +30C and it holds for over a week now. Needless to say: we are fried but happy. I bet people wearing armor are not happy with the…

Jumping into the weekend

The days are so good! Moscow is consumed by heat and so am I. I do enjoy time with friends, family, boat and parks (it all has a lot to do with ice cream as well). Frankly I don't really feel like posting much today and am too lazy to make an inspirational post this time. I hope you understand. Instead I am going to post my casual outfit I wore during the day to go grab an ice cream and chat with my beloved husband.

 Jumping into the weekend to see more of friendly faces! Enjoy!

Have a nice day, Lyosha