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Art, art, art

Summer has a lot with art for me lately. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. In fact I love it! Last week I was at one more museum. This time it was an art opening in Gilyarovsky center. He is a famous and important writer for Russia in general and Moscow in particular. He loved our city. Last week I been to the opening of art project Moskvamophosy "Moscowmophosis". Generally speaking it is about the evolutions and changes of the city alongside with things that stay the same, people who live here and stories of Moscow we have to tell. And I am very proud to say I was invited by one of painters who had her works on the walls there Nailya Butusova. I am also proud to say we are friends. And she is super talented, friendly and progressive. She told up about not very well known (which is a huge shame) Russian businesswoman if you forgive me for modern terms who built significant places of Moscow, the Nikolsky passage (let's say shopping mall), Sandyny bani (the sauna …

Weekend inspiration with BMBridal

Weekend inspiration is the best there is right? I am so thrilled to catch upon this tradition this weekend especially today as I just came back home from Gran Fondo cycling event. My legs are tired but my heart is on fire! I love it. In fact summer weekends are so very busy I can't help but love this days so much! For example last week I was running more half marathon for me in Ivanovo town. Ivanovo is a bit famous in Russia, it is called the town of brides (it's because the town is famous for handcrafts and clothes which are considered girls job). That thought brought me to today's topic: affordable bridesmaid dresses. I totally can't think much about the brides when I don't have one in my head but I totally can think of beautiful bridesmaid which is always an honor for me to be. After all it's a great reason to dress up and being a fashion blogger I can not skip on a good reason to do so. This weekend I wanted a special shop to do so that's why I teamed …

Munch in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Ok, I'll just call my July the smart one. Exhibits and museums, theater and surely also fashion.
This time I want to share with you a quick post about my comfortable and smart (I hope so) and not so serious outfit (I hope my t-shirt made a job) for soon closing Munch exhibition in Moscow. I really love Munch art, especially the lithographs. I just love how small changes in color, background or even a character set a totally different and special mood. Frankly I have to admit I am crazy about the exhibit: it gave me a lot stronger impression than themed Munch museum in Oslo. The way works were arranged did a great job to me. If you are in Moscow this weekend you still have a chance to visit it. It is closed on Monday.
I am sorry for posting my wool cardigan-cover up again. We are stuck with horrible weather with unpleasant wind so I really need to layer and add something to keep me warm. Wool does the job because even when sun starts shining it is not too hot. On picture with my h…

HSE Art and Design Alumni

Last week I enjoyed another fashion event: the graduation show of students of British School of Design. The new born but yet fully formed fashion designers. They showed wonderful and meaningful collections non stop. I loved it.

here are the highlights:

The fashion show took place in one of the most awesome museums in Moscow, the Museum of Moscow (if you read my blog carefully you might have noticed I posted my reports from this museum several times a year). It was not alone in there: the exhibition of art students made the place very vivid (see below).