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SPF, always

The weather is fantastic in Moscow. If you don't think about the pandemic it feel fantastic. I do want to spend more time outdoors hanging out my friends, family and dogs, which is actually what I do every day. With good weather here comes the sun and it means I need even more sun protection. I am one of those people who applies SPF every day not even looking for a forecast but when it's summer I re-apply often and generally look for stronger options.  I was very happy to be provided with this SPF 50+ spray by Nivea. It's not sticky, dries fast, don't have strong scent and works fine. I think it's a great daily option for any person. I still go for sport versions when I go on a long walk but this spray got me covered for my daily routine. I like the spray version because it is easy to apply, I frankly dislike spending too much time on putting the cream. The packaging is 95% recyclable (except for pump) which is wonderful for a very affordable product, keeping a gr

Keep Your Hydration Game with KEEPTO

I just love summer. It is always fun and happy for me. More opportunities, easier to meet friends and family and, frankly, even simple rays of sunshine make me smile more. After all I don't need to put on tons of clothes just to leave the door. It is a blessing. According to forecast  this week should be very sunny and warm both night and day. I am so excited! There is so much I want to do! With the weather getting hotter, we tend to hang out outside more and more. It also means we need to take care of ourselves more. While most of us don't forget to apply SPF (or at least try their best to do it), I often notice people stopped thinking about the hydration. I often joke I might skip on some water if I leave by myself but I never do if I go with my dogs. On the bright side, they never mind me drinking their water. However it is not always for the better. I strongly believe in stimulating yourself with comfort. If you own a comfortable drinking bottle (bonus points if it looks g


Running tourism is probably my favorite, at least lately. I really enjoy walking around the town and running these same streets as well. Running and walking makes a new perspective and I can also mention cycling through the streets feels different as well. This time we were not alone but accompanied with our friend who chose this town to run their first ever half. They did just fine and I am proud of them. I was waiting for them on the finish line and felt so amazing seeing them all happily crossing the line. The track is very flat and I enjoyed it a lot. Also the organizers of this run are one of my personal favorites, they always are super attentive and fun. Kostroma is known is cheese capital of Russia but I wouldn't be proud of that name, really because cheese in Russia is not something to be proud of at least a little. It is also a town closely tied with Ostrovsky, one of grand classic writers of Russia. River Volga divides on two halves with one being historical and other i

Sunny Boat Breakfast

I have a nice weekend with a fun night run which actually kinda made my inner hours go crazy. I didn't do anything particularly awesome these last days, staying true to work hours, chores and running. I have a weekend getaway planned for later this week (excited!) and finally first official half marathon this year (fingers crossed!). I'll eave you with my tiny outfit from my boat office time. I pretty much live in hoodie, comfy tops/bras and something below (roomy skirts or pants). We are not as blessed with fine weather as I would wanted to be but still it's fine and feel a lot like summer. P.S. pardon my odd hand position I cut my hand at the time of taking photos deep enough to never wanting to move it. I was wearing: Uniqlo hoodie Monki bra top c/o Rosegal necklace c/o Zaful skirt   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Summer Boat Days

Happy Summer! Summer means boat to me. Yes technically we start during the spring (mid April) and send our boat to sleep in October but the boat is the best during summer especially when it's hot. Boat is my deep love, I love water and being by it. The feeling when you are at the whelm fills me with joy. I am so happy and so blessed to have a boat at my service. Literally my father's love to boats  definitely was inherited. During summer my husband and I often skip regular work place and stroll to the boat to work from the boat. it feels better this way, half way working, half way relaxing. I feel oddly productive there as well. I wore a simple hat and my favorite summer dress. It made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Definitely perfect for summer and boat office. P.S. don't forget to apply some sun screen!   I was wearing: Forever 21 dress (old but deeply loved) hat bought on the street of NYC because I heeded a hat c/o Nordgreen watch bracelets made by husband

Jeulia Silver Inspiration

I lied to you. I just made one more inspiration post! I saw super cute rings on Jeulia and I couldn't help myself. There are so many cute options and lots of creative as well. You surely have noticed I wear a lot of rings on daily basis, not only my wedding ring and engagement ring. I often freshen this up by adding other rings but rarely remove my base of four. Needless to say, rings are both my weakness and strength. My fingers are small and it's never easy to buy a new example. There is a big size chart in there and there are high chances you will find something of your size especially for special occasions like engagement and wedding. Normally when we think of wedding and engagement rings we think of something like this engagement ring:    or this claddagh wedding ring : You might like it or not and you also might want something more creative. And I easily found it on Jeulia website! I honestly have a hard time picking only a couple of creative styles there. The idea is