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Casual but not boring

  Lately I often feel like wearing basics. I find simplistic outfits somehow inspiring and really work a little to add some style through accessories: bracelets, earrings, glasses and necklaces. This outfit is exactly like that. I wore a simple and very basic t-shirt (I love this one so much, it's my favorite type of t-shirts in general. and yes, I love it's very trendy these days). I added a custom made necklace, simple earrings and  was ready to go.  P.S. if you want to see it in action, check out my latest reel on insta here. Wishing you a very nice week ahead! Achieve your goals, get the rest you need and smile as fiercely as you can! I was wearing: Levi's jeans H&M top Micheal Kors bag c/o iGlassesshop glasses c/o Moon Love necklace Fila flip flops   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


This shirt is so much fun! And so comfy! I feel like wearing it all the time. And it's also has Jaws print on it. Mildly geeky and very cute. Perfect combo for typical hot and humid Cancun summer. I paired the shirt with roomy costume shorts and it was fun wearing them like that again. Overall I find this look relaxed yet a little collected which actually perfectly matched my mood for the day. I wasn't sure if we end up going on a beach or not and in general where will end up at so I wanted a look to be comfy and relaxed to prepare myself to whatever the day brings me. Sun and laughter were the only guarantied. It was actually my second look for UMI Motorsurf World Championship and I find it pretty funny I wore jaws for water sports. The event was so much fun, I just can't help it! Little Bonus. My shot with my daughter. It's a spy shot, I didn't know my husband did it at all I was wearing: Befree shorts Cuidado con el Perro shirt Converse sneakers c/o iGla

By the water and sports

Weekends are relaxing and so are dresses. We do a lot in lifestyle matters because there's a lot going on in Cancun and we always have options to entertain ourselves. It makes weekends even more exciting. Be it simple joy of beach time or some sort of an event or may be some fancy/not fancy food. I think it's important to stay out of routine to be happier. At least it is what my present me is all about it. This weekend we went out to see some water sports World Cup Championships and it was lots of fun. I don't really understand the depth of the sport but I did enjoy the vibe and athletes competing. Plu the location was nice as well.  I wore a dress I took with me for the first time this year. Obviously it didn't fit the pregnancy friendly style not being stretchy. It feels SO good wearing such items again. I styles this white and red dress with black accessories and I really like the result: very relaxed yet chic. And how was weekend and weekend styles? P.S. adding so

Let it go if you need to

Last week and the beginning of this week was so busy! Had tons of paperwork done (still have to do some more but these are minor and I am really willing to take a break), celebrated Father's day and Yoga day and caught up with domestic chores we chose to let go because of the paperwork (because it takes hours, you know). What I also let go was my regular Monday post but I think it's ok do to it once in a while.  Today I want to share my athleasure outfit. I don't go for that style often but I did feel like wearing it today. Biker shorts feel so nice when you wear them again and you feel they fit properly. I also wore my sport bra as a top and finished the look with a shirt to keep it less on the sporty side. By the way, what do you think of my baseball cap? It's my favorite way of wearing fan stuff and show off my geeky self. I mean if you didn't watch it, you'd never guess my baseball cap 'capsule corp' is a reference. if you know, you know. I do hope


Getting back to normal feels wonderful! I walk a lot more these days and finally visited my favorite park. It feels so good walking there and I personally can't wait to run there too. The wind from the lagoon is so pleasant, I am sure it will make feel wings behind my back when I run. My life is happier now as I don't have to restrict myself all that much. It's pretty fun how freedom of movement make up for everything else. Last week I finally made to my favorite park and I am very happy I now visit it often again. I also wore pretty silk dress and finally got rid of hot bandages. Ok, summer I am ready for you!  I was wearing: Dress Karen Millen belt levi's shoes Fila earrings H&M   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

12 hours

The last post featuring me pregnant, I did great catching up within a month! We took these photos about 12 hours before Ada was born. So technically it is as pregnant look as it could. I really didn't buy anything in maternity department and used my usual clothes all the time. I lowered mid-rise pants and skirts, wore loose dresses which I love for summer (great choice me, weather-wise and belly-wise here). I actually wore this outfit several times and it was one of my personal favorites throughout the pregnancy. It's very liberating to have a belly in the open, opting for crop tops. Also cheers for a very cold day and actual long pants on. yes it is a joy. By the way, I also wore this outfit to get to the hospital as it was the closest to me and I didn't care much on how I looked having contractions. I was wearing: Forever21 top Miniso handband (i know right but it was SO cute) travel pants from Decathlon (years back) Fila sneakers   Have a nice day, Lyo

Go, climb that tree

Simplicity of a shirt dress can't actually overthrow the cuteness and comfort of wearing one. I love how this dress looks on me and it being on a roomy side makes it perfect for hotter days. It also looks nice if you are wearing bandages and such, it's not seen and you feel way more comfortable. This shirt-dress is a part of Cuidado Con El Perro collection with Cowboy Bebop. As a huge fan I got tons of items from it. A top. a skirt, sleeves and a dress. I can also steal my husband's shirt too. We made tons of joke like: what item do you like most in collab with Cowboy Bebop anime? - yes. Meaning we bought nearly everything (I didn't buy a shirt with Vicious because well... it's Vicious, you know). This time I styled it with round glasses from Glassesshop and white converse. I do think my violet lips (NYX) are a part of the outfit as well as it plays around the color of 'Cowboy Bebop' letters' color. I do like the way the outfit turned out. I find it cu

Rainy Day ootd

I don't think there is much that can stop me from turning any clothes into outfit without thinking. This is what I wore on a cold and rainy day we needed to get out for my newborn daughter's papers. We did enjoy the small time out we got from the shores and a change of picture. The paperwork is done next to park Palapas which is one of the best places for street food in here. We even got to eat out there so the day was perfect. And this is what I wore.   The dress is my favorite vintage find ever: it's silky and very cute. It's funny how differently it looks now, when it's not tight accommodating my bump (check out the way I wore it pregnant here ). The sweater is very thin but warm enough. When we live in colder climate I relied on it heavily on the coldest days to watch with a jacket. here is a sweater-sweater on its own. Docs are my on to go shoes when I am tired with flip flops or it's too cold for it. I skipped on a bag for me, only using baby essential