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Feliz cumple, Ada Maria

I'm sorry, I am a bit busy these days catching up on everything and celebrating my daughter's first birthday. I will return with normal and full post later on, very soon.   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Jewelry glasses inspiration

And just right before I've been talking about jewelry reviewing a very beautiful yet a classic statement accessory: earrings. Did you ever think of talking your jewelry next level? Did you ever consider jewelry as a part of something very mundane, like glasses? Just imagine how awesome it is to shine everywhere! I was this old (I hate this phrase too, right) when I discovered the existance of jewelry glasses . And I am smitten! So very bold and so very stylish. Recently I came around Cliclime online shop and I just couldn't help but bring in this post together with them. I like statement glasses and I really enjoy wearing glasses from time to time to elevate my look. My vision is on a slightly worse part so I normally go around without any glasses just fine. But as I don't really have to wear glasses I tend to make them something spectacular. Jewelry glasses fit in my strategy perfectly. Below you will find three gorgoues pair I'd absolutely add to my rather numerous

Anniversary look

Very calm, soft, neutral and minimal style to celebrate my wedding anniversary this year. We didn't really celebrate it in traditional way this year because we went on celebratory vacation a little before that (stay tuned for Cozumel reports). SO we just went out to eat and had lots of fun while at it. We chose Korean BBQ place and it was a great choice. The food was delicious, the process fun and we enjoyed it a lot, spending there even more time than we originally planned. I didn't feel like wearing something extra that time. I also wanted to avoid light colors in my clothes because it's easy to stain it, bbq downsides,you know. I went with basic black top/jeans combo and thrown in some elegance in form of pearls, chic small bag and heels. I do think it turned out very cute. I was wearing: Shoes Jimmy Choo Jeans Levi's Bag Gucci Top Cuidado con el Perro Necklace Tous Watch Fossil   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Joopita Earrings

It's time for a new review. I am always happy when I am ask to try new things and share my experience. Often times it's not something I'd normally get. I am trying to learn and not go for boring basics I'd get myself anyway. I do prefer look for something more striking and cute to share with you. This is exactly how I got gifted these wonderful Snake earrings from Joopita. They made with 14k gold and green peridot hoop earrings are a wonderful way to elevate a simple daily look. Sure detail will be seen from a smaller distance and will make you smile more. They don't weight too much thus are comfortable enough for a daily luxury experience. The lock works nicely and I didn't even think I could loose it. I like how the earring looks solo and accompanied with my other other piercings, making it an ultimate simple addition to my accessories closet. And they are reptiles, you know, one can ever go wrong with the reptiles if you ask me. I was wearing: c/o Jo

Son Goku

I am crazy about this outfit! It is So cozy and so stylish in my eyes! The shirt provided me with comfort and some warmth (bonus for beauty in a windy day). Cap kept my eyes off the sun. Shoes and cargo pants helped a lot with comfort. I loved wearing this outfit. Some modification here and there and you will never guess I am still working about this beauty. Such comfort!  I wore this particular outfit to take my dog Surak to spa, have a romantic lunch with my partner and even step by the grocery to fell the fridge. It all happened during just one day, even more, it took me about 3 hours to do it all. I think my outfit definitely boosted me to preform better. Did I mention I managed to squeeze in some work in between of this all? Because I did. I rock. By the way, do you, guys, know Dragon Ball? A small guy on my top is Son Goku character from Dragon Ball, it's my birthday gift. I couldn't help myself when my husband offered to get me something from Dragon Ball x Cuidado con e

Pool time!

It is finally warm enough for a pool! Can't say I am a water baby but it was very nice for me. And Just look at the super cute Ada Maria in her baby bikini. Awww, my heart melted. I definitely felt like a mom-mom in my one piece swimsuit with ruffles and a huge floppy hat. I mean, isn't it what fancy pool moms looked like when I was little. I am a little shocked to realize.. I am one of them now! P.S. it is not nearly as warm today or yeasterday but I am staying hopeful for hitting the pool or a beach  very soon. I was wearing: H&M swimsuit UniqloxInes de la Fressage hat Ada Maria was wearing: Carter's bikini Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Myshapemates Review

Yay for a new review post! I am always extra excited when I get to share with you some goodies which I personally use all the time and really enjoy. Such partnerships definitely give me most motivation in blogging giving me tons of self esteem. I am so excited to show you my newest closet addition: shapewear from Myshapemates (I recieved it for review but my post here is my honest opinion). I absolutely love the idea of getting help from shapewear. I have never been shy to wear for important events or during colder days as a warmth layer. Bonus usage: shapewear for restaraunt date. Eat all you like and snap photos during the whole event without worries. I didn't know of shapewear when I was on the dating scene, I bet I'd score a lot more boyfriends if I knew about it before. But with my hubby I am even happier with such a hack, trust me. After having a baby, it’s hard to accept changes in the body and it’s quality, shapewear allows a break and confidence boost which I find abs

Bobbing on boba

Take a break, drink something delicious and find a sunny stop. Don't forget to wear your sunscreen too. Do I make too many points here? Am I a little pushy with my advice? I don't know and not that I really cared either. This is my small, super casual and highly relaxed look. I strolled to my favorite boba spot in town and enjoyed myself and my little family the fullest. Our furbaby didn't join us this time (despite the cafe being super pup friendly) because he is still not allowed to walk a lot. I can't wait for him to fully recover to enjoy our long walks and pet friendly places. And so far, enjoy me, my crop top, cargo pants and boba milk tea. I was wearing: H&M top (from ages go) Fossil watch c/o Orflame dog paw necklace Cuidado con el Perro cargo pants Pirma shoes   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

A year of my life 2.0

It's been a year since I have moved to Mexico and honestly it still feels like a dream come to true to me. I am so happy and fulfilled here, it is incredible. I am half-way scared I might jinx it. I do pray I won't. I am also very happy how my adaptation went/goes here. I thought it might be useful to many people who relocate to a very different climate and also different culture (always applies) to share some of my tips. Each of them contributed to my well being here. I feel very local here. After all they joke Mexicans are born wherever they feel like. May be it was meant for me to live here that is why I adapted so well. Anyways, here is my piece of mind: 1 Have your eyes opened. Adapt to new reality. It is not your previous home with benefits, it is completely different. Don't expect it to be like your before-home but better in each and every position. 2 People at your new place and the place itself are not "them", it is called "us" now. Start with

Dia del Taco

Would you head to the city centre to stay in the queues to eat some cheap taco, listen to mariachis and watch lucha libre for your your birthday? Because that is exactly what I happily did! It was so much fun! I was very tired after but it was So worth it. I do hope to repeat it next year because March 31st is Taco day in Mexico. I do hope to enjoy it even more next time! As it was my birthday I wanted to wear something more flashy and festive. I went with sexy skirt, basic top and my most comfortable shoes. I felt edgy and beautiful. May be a little overdressed but who cares as it was my birthday! Who said 'taco'? I was wearing: H&M skirt (yes, i still kinda shocked they made such a beautiful and well made silky perfection) Doc Marten's Cuidado con el Perro top (I wear this shop a lot, but they seem to be so cute and affordable, I found a lot of joy in buying a top once in a while) Coach bag Necklace gift from my partner long before Fossil watch (last year'

Inspiring in a suit

Hello Wednesday! I didn't expect you that soon! I can't say I am too opposed seeing you coming but still. This week is flying by way too fast. Or may be it is my excitement and number of things to do talking. Chores do not pile up but show up in painfully great numbers. Right now I am taking a break of all the important things to do and am drinking my second cup of coffee (no worries, size is very moderate at best, nothing XXL, which my heart might have asked). I do enjoy some online time scrolling through the internet and social networks without an obvious aim. And now is an hour just like that. Seeing numerous fashion adds today, I thought a little on just how little men fashion is. Even if you check out boy fashion store and girl fashion store the numbers do not add up at all. While I do prefer little gentlemen oriented styles, things tend to change as the target grows old. Somehow men are denied fashion. Surely a lot of men fight to be able to wear skirts and dresses but w