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Merida, part 3

Our last day in Merida was mostly walking and walking. On Sunday morning Paseo de Montejo and some other near-by streets are closed for cars so you can walk there freely and also bike everywhere (I wish we could but our baby is too small for that yet). There hardly is a chance to miss on that. We also visited the zoo and a family park. It was so much fun, we haven't visited the zoo for far too long. Bonus point: it's completely free! lost of shade for people who are hot all the time, tons of attractions for kids (suitable up to teenage years) and food for everyone. And you know me, I love a good zoo and a long walk. very enjoyable half-day. Late in the afternoon we sat on bus and journeyed back home. Merida Streets. Zoo and it's inhabitants. So pretty and I'd say animals look happy and well kept. The places are pretty wide and big, I have to admit I didn't feel any heavy emotions seeing them.   My outfit is very basic and mimics my first day formula. A bucket hat

I'm a lizard

Relaxed fit for any day. We have turbulence all over our little family with a visit f my husband's mother but  it is for the better. We had so much touristy stuff and really re-winded. I totally felt a tourist here all over again. Not sure I loved the feeling too much though, but it was pretty awesome to fill days with exciting stuff for a short period of time. Ruins, parks, restaurants, museums, beach: you name it, we did it. Really we did it all. And while I am taking a short breather I have a post from several days before the grand introduction of Ada Maria. What do you think of edgy athleasure here? I loved the fit so much, I a sure I will repeat it and not even once. So comfy, yet so cute. I climbed the tree again because I could. Much like a lizard, right? Insert a witty joke on why I am a lizard here. Literally any will do. Cricket-brain included. I was wearing: Pirosmani top Oysho shorts Cuidado con el Perro shoes Dragon Ball fan cap gifted earrings from our dear f

Merida, part 2. Dzibilchaktun

As a huge lovers of ruins and history and old stones we couldn't possibly passed on an opportunity to visit the ruins. Dzibilchaktun was a marvel and we enjoyed the ruins of the old city so much. It added a lot that we were allowed to almost fully interact with the zone, climb up, sit on the stones and such. Too bad the cenote was closed but when it's opened we'll make sure to visit again. The place says it all really, I loved it SO much. I found it most curious that it was an actual living vibrant and kinda big city years back, ot a religious place, it was a place where people flocked to live their lives. Very fascinating! I chose a loose dress and a polo. It's very comfortable to wear, has minimal impact of local weather (if it's hotter I have move coverage but generally won't feel hot since the fit is loose; if it's colder I have longer sleeves and a tiny bit of layering. a win-win). The whole outfit looks pretty and I loved the mix. I was wearing: