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24 сентября 2020 года в самом центре Москвы, на одной из главных площадок, ИЗВЕСТИЯ ХОЛЛ, впервые пройдет «COUTURE FASHION SHOW» в партнерстве с проектом «МКММ» Международным Московским Конкуром Молодых Модельеров. COUTURE FASHION SHOW – уникальный социальный проект, который дает возможность презентовать свои коллекции дизайнерам. Здесь гостей также ждут сюрпризы! Показ модельеров пройдет под выступления известных артистов эстрады. Финал МКММ, по традиции, пройдет в двух номинациях. Первая — «Лучшая коллекция»: классические показы работ финалистов, выполненные в актуальной и креативной манере. Вторая номинация — «Сценический образ»: здесь будут оцениваться оригинальность и творческая составляющая показа. Тема 2020 года — CYBER FASHION. Это мода будущего, стиль, отражающий стремительное развитие технологий в современном мире, где духовность и культура неизбежно уходят на второй план, уступая место интеллекту, где мир неизбежно делится на классы, пропасть между…

S'elections Moscow, part 1

I love fashion goes digital. I know it's safer, it gives opportunities to smaller designers to be on par with bigger designers, there no invitation only moments (which is kinda cool by the way if you have the invitation) but at the same time I love seeing it in real life, being able to touch and experience it. It feels so much different and I have to admit it is way more memorable. I watched the show online, I loved it, I sort of remember about it after awhile. I wanted a show or seen clothes in person, boom!, I clearly remember it even after sometime. I mean digitally you need to work way harder to impress me, to make me feel connected, to make them special. You see the invitation only moment, it makes you feel special about the brand, it makes a connection. During digital format anyone can come, see and go any moment. There is nothing special about it. Moreover you have so much content you want at least a glimpse of, you become flooded with fashion. In real life it takes hours t…

When you grow up you want to be... an astronaut?

Who did you want to become when you were little? I bet a lot of you said Astronauts, I have friend who want to be alien when he grows up. I can't really say I am a grownup (not age wise for sure) but I am always curious about space. That is my little excuse to be posting this today: sharing my experience from Zvezdny Gorodok (or Star City) in Moscow region. It is a place established and opened by the famous Yury Gagarin (first man is space) and it still accommodates astronauts before and after they trips. For example not long before there were people from India there. And they also have a super interesting museum. People who work there are very passionate about their job so you don't need much to get them talking. I received a good story about salmon suit just because I stared at it longer than she thought uninterested person would do. It is intended for water but was never used as there never was a water landing case. Except of one time when two people landed on a lake in ear…

Sustainable Global Talents Digital

MBFWRussia and Global Talents Digital made new event on September 4th- 6th. It's the second time they run it and I loved the second time even more. Too bad I couldn't watch it whole but I did caught up on everything. This time there were digital presentations and fashion shows with no guests broadcasted. Designers and Specialists offer people to let go of fast fashion this year and think more of sustainability. Try recycling clothes, repurpose or even use digital options they say. It doesn't have to be boring and bad looking. It is fun fresh and modern. Let's take a look of some of items I loved the most. Seraya (I love the designer, I couldn't avoid posting her again)

Semiletova (my major crush from last season of Global Talents Digital)

Emmy Thee (Thailand). Awesome job with making something entirely new and fresh
It's more of digital art and concept than actual fashion but why not? Made by Lila Ziyagil & Bensu Gök (Turkey)

Colorful and happy. CheCHI from …

St. Petersburg

It's been a month since our vacation but I still haven't posted everything about it. Talking about crazy August that is. It's middle of September already but it did fly by. So much to catch up on. On the bright side we finished the big apt repairs and have extra spare time. Yay for anything. And we did actually get a lot of 'yays' last weekend. If you follow my Instagram you might already saw a night cycling race and a run in rural Serpukhov the next day. It was so awesome, I feel rebooted. As for my post today I am posting my outfit from my trip in August to St. Petersburg. Comfortable, casual look to explore and move around a lot. I've been to this city numerous times, I don't need a map unless I go somewhere exotic or want to know the exact amount of time to walk from A to B. It is always a huge joy to me to be there. Funny thing I disliked the city before my I met my husband and saw his home city with his eyes.

I don't know why but I do have a soft s…