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Carnaval 2024

Carnaval in CancĂșn. It’s always a lot of fun. Lots of dances, music and joy. From allegorical cars to vivid concerts in the night. Grab a snack and share laughs with friends and family. Our carnaval is small but still it delivers. February 8-13, you still have time to catch up.  I was wearing: Total look Cuidado con el Perro   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


Unapologetically love anime. And SpyxFamily is one of them. It is so funny! I really feel very relaxed when I watch it. I felt very carefree wearing this combo just moving around to get things done with babe. We shared tons of laughts and hugs while at it. And definitely did everything we needed to in a flash. This tiny skirt has built in shorts which I adore Built-in chain, not so much, it is a little tricky to take care of. But I love this little skirt with all my dark soul anyways. Do you also have pieces you love despite some limitations? I was wearing: local small bix Kiki sweater and skirt Pirma shoes Monlo cherry socks   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Dia de la Candelaria

One of my most beloved days a year. day when you can eat as many tamales as you want. And they will cheer you on it too. Isn't it heavenly good? At least for me tamales are. We headed to the main town square to enjoy feria of tamales and eat various versons from different regions of Mexico and even from other Latinamerican countries. It was so much fun but I'll probably skip weighting me for awhile, jeje. I wore a simple look that allowed extra space in my tummy area to accomodate all I wanted and managed to eat. My hoodies allowed me to stay warm even in the shadow.    Bonus: feria shots I was wearing: bershka skirt Befree hoodie LogOn shoes   Have a nice day, Lyosha

Magical skirt

I wanted this skirt the moment I layed my eyes on it. SO beautiful, so perfect to me. I wanted it badly. So beautiful! This is my first style of it. I felt like the print is pretty bold I decided to tune it down a bit with lack of accessories. Docs feel like the skirt's match made in heaven so I couldn't resist styling it that way. I also tried being creative with the photos. What do you think? Huge thank you to the photographer and my husband Max for his patience and creativity. I was wearing: Malayerba (Cuidado con el Perro) skirt Cuidado con el Perro top watch Fossil Doc Marten's   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Mayan Wind Fest

I can’t surf or windsurf or kitesurf or windfoil or whatever from that sport family. But I love watching it. It is so beautiful despite strong impression that it is way more exciting and fun from the inside. Last weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy variety of disciplines of kitesurf family.  It was very cold and I wish I brought more clothes with me but all and all it was very enjoyable. I wore striped top which is a pair with my mom. Somehow it gave sea feeling. I have added a blue pendant to deepen the mood.  I was wearing: Pants Bershka Top paired with mom Necklace gift from husband    Have a nice day, Lyosha  


Total black outfits and little colorful details that make it stand out. Basically all you need to know about my fashion mood lately.  Bonus: reality photo of a baby running around while you desperately fighting for better photos I was wearing: Cuidado con el Perro top and pants Celine scarf Walmart flip flops NYX makeup    Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Lucha Libre AAA

Like.. do you really live in Mexico if you don't go to see it? I don't know, it's pretty awesome. And makes me happy as a little girl who actually watched it on tv all the time. It also have been a fantastic date for just the two of us. I will treasure this night as a lovely and fun memory. And surely, it is not a date if you didn't dress up in a pretty dress and put on the biggest smile ever. I was wearing: h&m dress Portal shoes Mouqy glasses (gifted) Coach bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha