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Missed me?

I just came back from vacation and it was a blast! While I am sorting out my photos and feel shocked with the weatherI want to remind you how my face actually looks like posting my portraits from Wordmakeup NYX stash mate lipsticks review (you can read the actual review here). I am shocked I have to wear hats not to cover my head from sun but to stop feeling so cold! Which one is your favorite? How's your holiday spirit? Do you wear hat in December because your head feels cold?

Have a nice day, Lyosha

the Maly Theater

You might wonder why I don't post  often this week. That's because I am currently enjoying my well deserved vacation. And also escaping the cold Moscow. I exchanged it for warm and sunny Goa. I have my vitamin sea and new impressions. I do know you can get a lot of impressions at home too for example go on a concert or to the cinema or be fancy and enjoy the theater. I do that quite often at home too. However it is a little sad theaters are not that that fancy these years as it was before. I have been pretty casual in classic Maly Theater and still felt more dressed up than most people who actually wore hoodies and jeans.To watch classics, Gogol who forms the basic of classic famous Russian literature. Well I still think we all could look more fancy for the theater. May be I will start from myself but next time.

Don't miss me too much! I think about you daily!
I was wearing:
gap shirt
uniqlo pants
thriefted shoes
arny praht waist bag
c/o Zabegina scarf
c/o Firmoo glasses


Elite 2018 and Anna Chasovskih

ENG:Last Friday I attended a wonderful event! I am positively crazy of making a lists of why 2018 was amazing, meeting goals and finding personal highlights. I am so into Awards ceremonies lately. So very much fun! And if the award ceremony has something extra to offer I am all in. This time alongside with Annual Awards Elite 2018 it was fabulous preview of collection of Anna Chasovskih who is also a wonderful photographer (by the way she was awarded for her work during the ceremony as well).
RU: В прошлую пятницу мне довелось посетить прекрасное мероприятие! В последнее время я поддалась лихорадке подведения итогов года, сравниванию целей и определению самых ярких событий уходящего 2018 года. Поэтому посещение церемоний награждения меня особенно радует. А уж если на этой церемонии происходит что-то ещё интересное, точно меня там ищите. В этот раз помимо Ежегодной Премии Elite 2018 проходила презентация превью коллекции Анны Часовских "Лёд", которая является не только прекра…

Stopycheva fashion show

ENG: Fashion Weeks are over. All of the fashion weeks in Moscow Russia I know of are over now. But it doesn't mean fashion season is. There are still lots of wonderful fashion related events such as separate collection presentations and main attraction of each 'end of the year' time Award ceremonies. I have to admit I like it both.
RU: Недели моды подошли к концу. Все недели моды в Москве, о которых мне известно, закончились. Но это не означает закрытие сезоны моды. В это время проводится большое количество событий, таких как показы и презентации отдельных коллекций, а так же главное развлечение сезона "конца года" различные церемонии вручения наград. Должна признать, обе категории событий меня привлекают.

ENG: And today I want to share with you this kind of event which was actually a combines version of the above mention. It was an awards ceremony and fashion show. The fashion show by Olga Stopycheva (brand STOPYCHEVA) presented a collection called 'Differe…

Weekend inspiration with two-piece

Everybody likes Saturday. Weekend is just started and there are a lot of awesome events coming up. For example tomorrow I am going to listen to some rock music. Super excited about it - waited for too long! And as we started early with inspiration this week I think I can pull another trick this time too. How about three inspirational posts in a row? Are you as excited as I am? Hope you are!
To make it a real list I want to share my finds from the same shop Babyonline Wholesale. Yes you can easily get tons of inspiration simply browsing it for three days in a row! There are so many options to choose from that it seams only natural to me.
During the first inspiration we have been flirty picking short dresses, on the second day we wanted to look our best without robbing a bank. Today I want to go for special style to look our best. If you ask me I would totally go and look for Two-Piece Prom Dresses if I were you. Two piece is easy to allow yourself as it is proven to be a nice investme…

Friday I’m in love with Babyonline

Happy Friday! Friday is always exciting even if you don’t work nine to five. I guess it’s in the air pretty much like holiday spirit. Can I call it Friday spirit? I guess I can. I always feel excited for no real reason on Friday, fell more energetic but tend to slack a little bit more than usual. Friday is meant to hang out with friends, go to parties and enjoy your life the fullest. I often allow myself to go to bed later which alongside with early morning training session makes Friday the longest day of the week to me.
While I don’t really know how to throw a party online via blog (snapchat or Instagram live may be) I do know how to shorten the tough day: it’s to browse online for something pretty. I know we already got inspired yesterday but I don’t feel it’s enough. Let’s go on one more round again with Babyonline Wholesale. !!!!!
This time I wanted to dive into something special today more special than usual that’s why I picked a more unusual I’d even say fancy them…