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The desert planet

Yesterday was such a blast I just had post it. For the first time in I don’t even what to count how long we went to the movies. If you know me well enough you already understood what movie I watched (or if you watched my instagram stories or twitter yesterday). It was the Dune movie and I loved it. I am a huge fan of the book and I was happy to watch it. It’s mostly accurate and I personally didn’t bound much with what the left off. The visuals were perfect, actors did a great job and overall it felt just as I wanted it to feel. It was 'Dune', the book, made into the movie. A little less political stuff, a little more ecological problems and a tiny shifts towards equality really played out nicely. My outfit was a comfortable take on the weather and some chores we ran right before the movies (some eating out was involved too). It is pants weather already and even though I am not that happy about it I am ok with it. By the way, I have to admit I do like navy color but I don’t h

Avocado green

My partnership with Nivea hasn't stopped and I received a new product lately. It's body lotion with avocado in it. Honestly, I am a huge lover of avocado and I have never seen a product I disliked with avocado in it. This is no different. It moisturizes just fine which is what you need during the colder days. I personally love the scent of this body lotion even though it is strong. It's very fast to absorb too. And I also love my outfit here. It's so cute how matching the greens of my top and cardigan are here! And yes, there are llamas doing yoga printed there. Too cute! Originally the top is supposed to worn with a knot but instead I tucked the ends into my pants criss cross (it will work only it the waistline is not spacey), I think it made it look even cuter. Actually that day I didn't really need the cardigan but I felt a little cold in the morning walking the dogs so I added an extra layer.What do you think? I also wore flip-flops again because I originally

Belle Epoque. Путешествие во времени

Светский Раут в Музее Ретромобилей с джазовым сопровождением и показами новых коллекций известных дизайнеров   Творческая коллаборация брендов премиум-класса, объединившихся для создания нового арт-проекта, приглашает совершить головокружительное путешествие во времени, от «золотой эпохи Голливуда 50-х» к элегантному прочтению темы гламура в современности. Организаторы решили побаловать тоскующих по светским мероприятиям модников Москвы редким сочетанием стиля, изысканности, аристократичной респектабельности и следования традициям. Не случайно представляемые избранной публике fashion-показы и презентации проходят в музее, собравшем легендарные марки автомобилей мира, под звуки чарующей классики джаза, в сопровождении непременных брызг шампанского и блеска бриллиантов. Гостями закрытого вечера станут известные светские персоны, представители дипкорпуса, бизнес-элиты, закрытых женских клубов, шоу-бизнеса, продюсеры, телеведущие, члены Сигарного Клуба и другие vip-персоны. Среди приглашен

Big Clay #4

This sculpture from above became very famous in Moscow and very fast. Some people see it for what it is - a unshaped clay - and enjoy the creativity of modern vision of artists. Some - not. There are many jokes regarding what it is, mostly focusing on the poo. Well if you look at highly unloved Peter I stature it might look that way a little. Just kidding but I am one of the people who dislike the monumental and huge work of Tseriteli, dominating the river Moskva. When I first read about the temporaty sculpture in the very city center I just had to go and see it. We took a nice stroll down from the Kremlin and met our friend later on. The evening was nice, the walk was pleasant and looking back I can't hardly believe it was not that long ago (I am freezing in my apartment right now). My outfit is made for longer walk which means: the most comfortable shoes, extra layer for possible evening chill and a bodice to never worry when I move. I don't have a purse wearing my phone i

Your dream lashes

I started to get gradually more and more interested in makeup. It's a lot of fun and definitely can change the way look a lot. Your face can add a lot to the whole look if you ask me. Some outfit work way better if accompanied with makeup. And some don't even work or look half-finished without a proper makeup look. I really enjoy the time I spend doing makeup for fashion events I attend to. But in everyday life I ever so often go without any makeup at all. I don't think it's necessary as long as my skin looks healthy enough even if I do attend some event (surely with no particular dress code applied). But there are some tricks that help you do elevate your look if you don't have much time. For me it's mostly having my brows done because I think my brows are weakness: there are not enough volume in it and a lot of free space. I used to spend a lot of time to do my brows before I went to the professional. Same can apply to lashes for some ladies. However doing l


CPM always marks a start of fashion season and I am always excited to participate! It makes me feel awesome to finally understand the start of fashion season and live fashion shows. I hope there will be a number of it! Because nothing beats an actual experience. Today I want share with you a day on CPM. It was tons of fun and joy to me. After all I got to see a fashion show there with tons of lingerie fashion, swim- and beach-wear. The colors and the mood was excellent. (by the way, if you wan to see it move you can check the video of it in my Instagram account here )     My outfit featured my new favorite skirt. It is so comfortable and sexy at the same time! Just perfect to me. I added a sweater to it because it was a little cold and it felt it's gonna rain soon.Comfortable shoes allowed me to walk fast and a lot and a backpack held everything I needed. It's safe to say I mostly played it safe with one statement item (my skirt) and choosing comfort for everything else.