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By the old manor

You can never guess how your photoshoot will turn out. Sometimes it works better than you hoped and you have a hard time finding the best photos to limit the post with sane number. Sometimes it works worse and you have to pick the photos you are ok with. The funny part tiny camera screen doesn't always a creditable source for photos because on the screen it sometimes looks different, better or worse. Surely taking many photos help a lot.

This photoset wasn't easy for me because it fall into "looking great on tiny screen, not that good on computer screen" category. We tried new location and basically we definitely need to work angles to actually make it work. It's the old Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo estate, unfortunately the buildings as closed off and more or less conservation, there are no plans to restore it. The place is a bit curious though, it was bought in early Romanov reign by the brother of Tzar's wife and been in hands of the family before the soviets ca…

Wild thing!


Do you like climbing trees? I am such a baby and I love it. Surely I am careful not to fall or scratch myself but who really cares as long it's fun? I also enjoy the photos takes this way. I feel like a lizard climbing up the branches to lay on the sun. Well I don't really do lizard pose as it's too funny. May be I will end up posting this one too, hehe. And so far check out me embracing my wild inner self on a tree next to the lake. I am wearing my on to go longer shorts, favorite neon top (I lived in it during the lockdown but somehow managed not to get tired of it). I wore flip flops but it doesn't really fit my climbing passion

I was wearing:
Monki top
c/o Zaful shorts

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Round and round we go

I really like wearing glasses and no matter how much I love my catchy eye wear you can not always wear rainbow-colored, neon or huge oddly shaped frames. Sometimes we need something more basic and round. My new frames are calm and easy to wear and style. They also remind me of Happy Potter which I personally adore. It is a great pair to wear without much thinking or matching with the outfit. As you see I wear simple breezy summer clothes and enjoy myself and the park and all the details.

The pair of round glasses is from my favorite Glassesshop, I highly recommend you this shop: the prices are affordable, fast and safe shipping and huge variety of frames in store. If you have perfect vision it is still a place to check out as there are sunglasses options for everything in both classic and tinted variations.

Bonus because it's mid week:

I was wearing:
Thiefted breezy pants
H&M bralette
Uniqlo shirt
Portal Russia shoes
c/o Glasseshop glasses

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Happy Monday!

It was a it rainy yesterday but we loved it. It means there way less people outside and breathing is super nice. It is still very warm outside so I added a light denim jacket and a hat (as a shelter for possible rain) to finish it. Actually my husband chose this hat and it totally took on different level.

We've been filming a yoga video with my classmate and teacher on Saturday and I was dead beat on Sunday. Actually we took walk to take a walk, we had other plans put rearranged everything to take a rest on Sunday. We succeeded. Yay me!

I was wearing:
Topshop shorts
Uniqlo One Piece t-shirt
Adidas flipflops
c/o Rosegal hat

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Birthday Boy

Summer! I love it when it's hot. I never complain about the hot weather if I don't do it on purpose to get some ice cream. I don't really associate summer with bright colors in clothing but I do feel it's ideal for floral print. If you ask me I go out as much as I can safely. It is not easy because it looks like that despite the numbers my country has forgotten about the virus at all. We stay away from people as much as possible so I am super thankful we know our local park so well. All I really need to avoid people is to pass the doors.
I haven't worn these shorts for ages. I saw it last week in my closet and realized I really want to wear it now. I practically live in it this week. So comfy! I like matching it with brighter colors so really pop.

It's my pup's Birthday today. Raidho, the elder boy, turned nine today. Time flies so fast. I love him to the moon and back and do hope he has many-many active years ahead. Happy happy Barkday!
I was wearing:

Global Talents Digital

During 10-11th of June I was very close to my screen. I watched Global Talents Digital by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. I really loved digital fashion events. I miss real fashion and no matter how good the imitation is, the digital model is, it's not the same. Yes the digital era is here and we need digital clothes too (say hello to Zoom meetings and other similar stuff). It is very interesting to be able to touch modern fashion in some way. At first I planned to use official images but I made screenshots during the event with my phone and I ended up using my own screen shots here.
Above is digital collection of Kim Zulu from South Africa
 Shell (USA)
Svododa.Ravenstvo.Bratstvo (France). Collection inspired by vintage and Mortal Combat/Street Fighter.
 Linus Leonardsson (Sweden). I love the how quicky the collection is, it looks a follow of his show last season, I was honored to attend it.
 Femme De Mars. One more fashion designer I had an honor to experience in …