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CJF s/s19

ENG: Who doesn't love kids fashion! It's adorable, it is cute and it is useful for most of us. After all kids surround most of people. If you don't yet have your own your friends might have or relatives. And even if you don't like or want kids for yourself seeing them shortly on a catwalk normally puts a smile on your face. I do enjoy watching kids fashion shows in Moscow and don't really say no to this kid of fun. CJF - child and junior fashion - is the biggest in Moscow and is very welcoming. Kids fashion show are very high with quality thanks to Top Secret Kids kid model agency. Русский перевод под изображением RU: Кто не любит детскую моду! Это очаровательно, мило и полезно для почти каждого из нас. В конце концов дети повсюду! даже если у нас нет своего ребенка и вы его не планируете, дети могут быть у ваших друзей и/или родтственников. А если вы вдруг не любите детей в обычной жизни, мало кого не заставит улыбнуться показ детской моды. Мне приносит больш

Hermès at Work

The summer is officially over in Moscow. It's rainy and cold and soon we'll have our central heating on which is a good thing because I actually feel way too cold at home. I am happy for fall and season changing don't get me wrong but I will be missing the freedom of summer and hot sun kissing me. Today I want to tell you about the exhibition I have visited in early September in Moscow Museum. It was about the work of Hermes (yes that Hermes) work. Lots of workshops giving people a glimpse into the way they create their products which are in fact a work of art. The day was lovely, Max and I not only visited the museum but took a long walk around city center having most romantic date. It was so interesting watching the craft!  As for my outfit it was comfortable enough and super light. I am crazy about simple dresses lately. Floppy hat is my most worn item this September, I don't know why I haven't worn it that much before. Pumps are my ultimate fa

Chapeau and Mosfur 2018

First af all. Today is September 20th which means it's my fantastic Mom's Birthday! I love you so much! Happy Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see you today and tell you directly! Chapeau and Mosfur is the two faced exhibition annually held in Moscow, Russia (check out 2017 edition here ). You can see all the trends and hot stuff in hat and fur industry not only from Russia. But I am proud to say it mostly is occupied with wonderful local designs.  It is traditionally opened with Slava Zaitsev show. He is Huge in Russia. He is our gem and legend. He is 80 but his collections still shine. I am very proud to be able to see his collections. Yes collections, there were two if we include the presentation of kids line. Check out more below. However trust me, Slava Zaitsev represented a lot but not all about Chapeau and Mosfur. Check out talents below: As for my outfit I had to fight th