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Fashion Future, the event

The day before tomorrow I shared the upcoming event information. I talked about Fashion Future project. Yesterday I totally had blast there. Today I'm sharing my emotions with you. Let's say 3 days of Fashion Future instead of one! Yay! Fashion Future is not only a lovely event with mimes and cake, I mean with amazing set of designers and musicians to support them - it's social initiative. Most of the designers are new and never set a whole fashion show. And during the evening the collections could win some very useful prizes of any designer. Alexandr Dundukov (brand "ERRORE") won in two nomination become both part of 'Le Style" cast and producer center Eclectic who offered a certificate for look book and 3 months of free show-room placement. Other winner are Victoria Paramonova (brand "Victoria Paramonova) who won a look book photoshoot from TFL_studio and photographer Murat Karimov; and Nadezhda Khatipova (brand "Khatipova") the choi

Fashion Future

Restar Agency представляет: 30 августа в 17:00 состоится пятый этап проекта «Fashion Future» в баре JAGGER. Пятый этап – качественно новая подготовка в организации и реализация проекта, успевшего покорить сердца многих дизайнеров и их почитателей. По-прежнему, миссия остается неизменной - помочь молодым дизайнерам, а само шоу делать доступным для посещения всем желающим. В этот день на подиуме будут презентовать себя юные, однако уже успевшие зарекомендовать себя в мире моды дизайнеры. В качестве поддержки в шоу будут принимать участие именитые модели, которые являются актрисами театра и кино, известные теле-ведущие, а также популярные люди в индустрии моды. В честь каждого участника проекта во время показа на сцене выступят многочисленные певцы и музыкальные группы. Уже определены дизайнеры пятого этапа и ими стали: сестры Светлана и Елена Шамовы, бренд "SL" (Москва); Надежда Хатипова, бренд "Khatipova" (Москва); Виктория Парамонова, бренд "Victoria P

Бижутерия от винтажа до наших дней

Today I want to share some information about upcoming event in Moscow. September 9 to 11 you'll get to see the exhibition-market "Bijouterie from Vintage to nowadays" on Tishinka square. Also you will find there some additional projects: "Precious bakelite from 20s to 20s" -  lots of forms and objects made from this plastic. "Artist's hand" a project featuring 20 talented russian designers. Daily the guests wth tickets to receive gifts at 14:00 and 18:00. More information on http://бижу.москва  and on Russian below: В самом начале осени, когда листья деревьев исполнены всех доступных им красок подобно украшениям из бакелита, пройдет XVI выставка-продажа «Бижутерия от винтажа до наших дней». Всего три дня, с 9 по 11 сентября, на Тишинке обещается самое настоящее изобилие всевозможных брошей, колье, серег, колец из металла и пластика, старинных и авангардных, авторских, брендовых или безымянных, но непременно достойных. По традиции организа

Jumpsuit lust

I don't know about you but I personally LOVE jumpsuits. I have a lot of them in my closet but mostly they are short and I wear them for summer. As summer's soon coming to its end Im actually thinking of adding some jumpsuits to my fall closet because after all altering them to match my height is no such a big price for wearing awesome and comfy jumpsuits. As  I am choosing from millions of online stores I found a great shop called StyleWe   with a huge amount of jumpsuits to match any tastes possible. I also feel like dropping a line regarding how comfy the shop is and how easy it is to shop there (trust me - very easy). Today I want to share some more inspiration and share with you a post about jumpsuits I found in that are my top three choices: This jumpsuit looks very classic but still so chic. I like how basic it is. Very nice pants length and I adore the belt dd here. This casual sort sleeve jumpsuit looks so cute. Adding any top under makes this looks ve

Лучистые образы Наталии Гончаровой

A week ago I attended to a wonderful and very new event. I was invited to art gallery exhibition opening in Tropinin Museum. Tropinin  ( wiki link if you want to know more) is a very famous Russian  painter mostly focused on portraits made around Pushkin age (he most famous Russian writer here, yes even more known than Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov). He is the most known to people close to me (I personally asked and showed images) is Pushkin portrait seen by all of Russian people in school. But the new exhibition was not dedicated to Tropinin but to Nataliya Goncharova ( wiki link ). I was very impressed with her story as I didn't know much about her art before and couldn't wait to see it. Needless to say I never regretted. The art was even better in person than in the internet (obvious effect of seeing actual painting) and it was wider than I ever wanted. The exhibition will be opened till October 17th. If you happen to be in Moscow or you live here make sure to check it.

Dress that homecoming dresses review

How about some more inspiration today? I don't know how about you but I am totally into it. Today I want to share wth you some very pretty dresses. I don't really feel like posting my own outfit right now so I'm just posting what I am currently interested in or feel inspired by. As I'm drinking my coffee wearing oversized tee I ca't think up anything better than some formal wear. To share some of my current loves from online shops I teamed up with one of them - absolutely splendid Dressthat . Also do you like the title? It's so catchy and you take no time in remembering their name which can be a little tricky if you forgotten to add the shop to fave and no trying to find it in the middle of very similar names. I actually feel a little emotional towards this title. So good! Anyway, today I want to share my faves from the category on their shop and this category is called   Cheap Homecoming Dresses . It's a great option to share my thoughts on as it's a h