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Happy New Year

Hello, my beautiful people! It's New Year's Eve and I'm wishing you all the best! This year was good and I want to thank you for support and love . You mean a lot to me and always making me smile! I thought this blog  deserves  better so Max and I made some changes through this blog trying to be in time at least fro the end of year. We didn't make but at least we did the most part. Do you like the new blog face? Max and I are leaving our home for a week as for traveling. We're off to Prague and I'm sure we'll have a great time there! I promise to bring beautiful photos with me so wait up! I just wanted to show you the last outfit shots from the 2011. This outfits shots were not the last but the Santa Claus (or Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) the similar man in Russia) made delay the post till the proper time I was wearing: santa-trousers, magic hat, buble gum coat not true. In fact it was: Topshop coat and sweater

Debts (Kazan)

The New Year is coming soon. There's a tradition to step into new year without any debts. I have one for you and I have it since April. I went to Kazan for couple of days (God, it was sooo cold here! We normally don't have such cold days as the coldest as ones they had in the early beginning or April) but never get to publish the photos from there. I'll dedicate two different outfits created with a huge lack of closet with couple of scarves and two sweaters. It's not perfect and I would do everything not like that but still it's an outfit and I promised to share it I was wearing: Tommy Hilfiger pants H&M belt My national silk scarves Handmade (not DIY, just someone made this boots with his/her hands only) boots I was wearing (I'm shorted, tall is my father): H&M belt handmade (not DIYed but handmade) boots Climona pants Nike sport sweater  Oh, yes! I can be creative :) and.. OMG I love my hair here so much! In addit

Merry Christmas

Max (on cam), Siggy (out spider helping with advices), Raidho (posing with me in his new outfit) and I are wishing you all the best! .I was wearing: handmade boots H&M skirt snowflackes 'admin holiday' sweater Raidho was wearing sweater and scarf  

Recalling 2011

There's a great project on IFB made to recall the 2011 - #26 the best of 2011 . I was about to make such a post anyway, so I thought why not. This year was a year of blogging a lot more things: graduating the university, having a fab vacation with my boyfriend Max together for the first time, quitting old job, finding new job, mu parents moved to the home which is much closer to my home than one they had before, realizing how to work with the blog, I've joined some fun communities and what the most important of all - Raidho joined our family. I also have one thing to remember about this year, but for now I  can not say what. I've chosen Top 7 outfits for my heart. Seven is lucky number in many places so I thought it's the best option. 1 The sea . It's for our vacation in Montenegro. This photoshoot happen to be the funnest and the most beautiful 2 Colours are fun The color block trend honour. this outfit was very much fun and I often recall it with a smile


You do all know, how much I love penguins both alive and not really alive. That's why I couldn't stand and not take shots in front of those little cuties! I'm sorry for lack of outside shots lately but the weather is really grim and there's not enough sunshine to shoot normally. Plus during the weekdays when I come back from work (about 19:00) it's already night. These photos were taken right after I made a new haircut (ok-ok, nothing rally changed but my head looks neat). But the way, I guess I've found a new place to do that since I had to make a change in the hairdresser. This outfit was created for two sides of my life: work and personal. As part of personal life Max and I went holiday shopping. We bought a lot of presents... for ourselves. Shoes (2 piars) for Max, watch and new hat for me Christmas and New Year toys for our home and LEGO Star Wars Imperial ship for us both. I was wearing: Vero Moda bag and shirt Nike sneakers P

Do bad things!

or Slayer for fashion I love music. And I love honoring my favorite bands by wearing T-shirts with it's names on the tee. But that's not the most fashionable way to wear it (although you can blame me for wearing just tee and jeans). And I thought why not... killer heels, Slayer tee and pencil-skirt. Can't wait to read your comments about this look   I was wearing: Slayer merch T-shirt handmade Spade earrings Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' shoes

Raidho's 1st show

Finally we've moved back home from my parents. we've been very busy that's why I've managed to create only 3 outfits but that's not that bad after all. What I would really like to share with you is my dog. I didn't show him for awhile but I'm fixing it right now. We went to the dog and that dog show was the 1st my pup spent being a part of it. And he won: CW (class winner - best baby terrier), best baby JRT. Now we have medal and cup. I'm very proud of our dog but most of all of my boyfriend Max. Our handler failed us: she call in the morning right before the show: I have some things to do so I won't be at the show with you. In fact she didn't want to wait 2 hours before she could work with us. Can you imagine this? We were absolutely not ready for the show on our own. When you have handler you just take your dog to the show, show his/her documents, give your dog to handler and watch. You do not haveany idea on where do go, how to land him or su