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Emotionally attached

Do you have speacial emotions when you wear clothes with history? The outfit I was wearing for work and a puppy walk has two pieces originally belonged to my aunt. I miss her so very much but everytime I wear something belonged to her I feel emotionally attached to her as if she was right here with me. Did you ever expirienced that? I was wearing: Calvin Klein Jeans No brand shoes Kizzme bag (I won this baby in the giveaway!) Shirt bought years ago (never wear it often actually) Belt and top belonged to my dearest aunt

Puppy post

If having a puppy is like having a very easy baby I'm a "Daddy" seeing only a bright side. I mean it, Raidho is home for 2 weeks already and It's the very first time I stayed with him alone! I'm so tired! he doesn't sleep he only plays. I hoped to catch up with blogging - oh, yes I did. I was writing this post for the whole 3 hours. But this of blogging - my outfit looks way better with Raidho on my side! I was wearing: Clockhouse skirt H&M shoes Mango basic T-shirt

Girl's day

Before I've found job I had more spare time than I do now. So my friend Dasha and I went to lovely Tcasritsyno palace and park We've spent most of our day there injoying the weather, views and the palace itself. For this walk I've chosen the simple outfit comfy enough to spent all day in walking a lot. All the shots were made by my dear friend Dasha. Thank youbso much, dear! I was wearing: Colin's shirt and skirt Marks and Spenser sunnies No brand shoes

Wanna bet?

One mouth ago my fab boyfriend Max and I had a bet. If I don't tinkle him (and God knows, it was sooooo hard) he'll make a post on Chictopia. And he did! I wanted to write how fun it is to see him on chictopia posting! I hope, we'll have more bets on chictopia posts :D Cross post!  and 2 more to fit in my blogs standarts. He was wearing: no brand shirt Zara jeans Crocs shoes (very old but still looking great) And as I've started about my boy I should post something about my pup Raido.


Awesome news happened to me during the time I wasn't online (again): 1) I got a new job and I absolutely love it! 2) My parents moved to new home and I'm so very happy for them! 3) Raido is finally home with us As for the outfit part of the post I offer you a nice and simple girly black-and-white outfit. You may notice me wearing glasses. It's not a fake I do really wear glasses (mostly less than needed). And the new wall is here. Trust me, I have more walls to shot near and I'll try to post and shot more often! I was wearing: no brand dress Lara D glasses TJ collection shoes