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This weekend I wasn't present because we went on a river cruise/weekend getaway to Uglich. It was so much fun! We relaxed on a deck, explored new town, ate without worries or thinking, watched movies, read books and played video games on our Nintendo Switches. If you ask me, I was super relaxed and happy with this little trip. Uglich is a small town in Yaroslavl region. It has long history but it's mostly famous for being a place of death of the last tsar from Rurikovich dynasty (the first of Russia). Unfortunately the town had lost of fires and military destruction so there are not much left of it's early history. However classic Russian churches are present in big numbers and river Volga takes a very beautiful turn there. The oldest building of Uglich (or Ouglitch as they sometimes write it with latin letters) is behind my back on the first photo below. It was a part of original living quarters of the ruler. It is made of red brick, with tons of little details, it looks

Summer shoes with Milanoo

I have spent past weekend on a river cruise aka weekend getaway. I loved it there! I will tell you more about it very soon, most likely later today or early in the morning tomorrow. But so far while I am sorting out the photos and finding some inner strength to get back to daily life (failing miserably on a way) I want to share with you an inspiration post. I always feel inspired when it goes for fashion and for me any subject is good. But today subject is even better: it's all about the shoes. For my trip I only took lip flops which was a good idea in my eyes and in my husband's as well. It wasn't all that well in the eyes of people on our cruise and the guide. I haven't that many comments on my bare feet for ages. I really hoped i wore something less revealing if you know what I mean. I still vote for most comfort possible in whatever you feel like best but still. That lead me to the inspiration theme for the day. I want to fantasize what shoes I might alternatively

Kids Fashion Week, May 22nd

ENG: Unfortunately I couldn't personally attend the event and enjoyed only it's digital version, keeping an eye on insta and enjoying professional photos after. However being a big supporter for Kids Fashion Week I still wanted to share this with you. Below is a Russian post release about the event. Alongside with designers who specialize on kids fashion but also actual kids as the designers. Producing center 'Grani' made it real with 'Ya Designer' (I am the Designer) project. Contestants made two collections already during the crazy two months time. RU: 22 мая на территории легендарной киностудии «Мосфильм» состоялся 10-й юбилейный сезон KIDS FASHION WEEK . На самом мероприятии, я к сожалению, отсутствовала, но следила с помощью соц сетей и профессиональных фотографий после. Мне кажется, детская неделя насолько интересное и важное событие, что им очень даже стоит поделиться. Ниже вы прочитаете официальный отчет по мероприятию, который я дополнила фотография

Jazzy Jazz

Lately my husband Max became the main moving force when it comes to concerts. I am very happy with temporary change because it feels different when you are not responsible for finding the best events and controlling the time. And it’s jazz second time in a row which makes me feel excited. I have never heard Eilenkrig orchestra before. It was a birthday of the founder and the hall was fully packed (which is nearly 50% of original capacity for safety). We had a total blast. The day was a but rainy so we went for casual looks with matching red plaid shirts. In case I felt I was too dressed down I could take off the shirt and end up in pretty classic smart dress. It's actually a very handy idea: plaid shirts often scream casual, if you pair with a more or less fancy dress, you can always change your look with a mere taking the shirt on and off. This way you can get several 'looks' in one go, it's very useful if you have several places to visit, chores to do.

Picnic date

How are you guys? I'm great! The weather was awesome this week and I have spent most of my time out on the street. I loved it so much! Sun, warmth and wonderful air. I have a full packed weekend and I will not probably have any time to post pretty much anything so I wanted o squeeze a post. I am mirroring my Instagram post from yesterday. It was a lovely lakeside picnic on Monday. We decided to spend some extra time and packed the food, took a blanket and rested near the water. We also took a little walk around the park area and came back home around an hour later. Highly recommend such change of pace. I didn't feel like wearing anything. This is how it looks: a simple dress, no neck accessories, simple flip flops and wet hair. P.S. In case you are curious: we have this pizza picnic/beach blanket for ages and I don't really remember where I got it . P.P.S. salad for a very warm day picnic is the best. I was wearing: Mango dress (very old) Adidas flip flops c/o Nordgr