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Dear-lover swimsuit

Summer is here. I can feel it in the air. I am so consumed by great weather. And warmth also means I spend more and more time on a boat. And wear my boat uniform way more often. Interested what I call boat uniform? It is simple: it is a swimsuit. And if it is sea themed it is even better. Today I want to write about my new favorite item a swimsuit from Dear-lover I was so happy to receive this swimsuit. the style was great and I really wanted something reminding me of sea. I think white and deep blue do so. Also one piece is not that easy to find when you are petite and don't opt to wear kids styles. I was excited with any option for  Wholesale Women's Clothing but swimsuits are very special for summer. I am very happy with it. The swimsuit fits nicely, the color stay still, the zipper on a back is very secured and hidden so I am sure no accidents might happen. The material dries fast enough. Also there are some small pads to make your chest look even better and pro

Larnaca is love

 More travel outfits! O really wanted to show you the final shots from Cyprus last February today. I loved this vacation so much! I do hope to come back there next year. This is the outfit I wore several times but it was captured during my the final 24 hours of the trip in Larnaca. We made a nice Cycling trip of 100 km to get here and after reaching the goal took a long walk next to the sea. Visited couple of well known and love antique shops and generally chilled. Shirt kept me warm, dress made feel pretty and flip flops made my tired after cycling feet happy. Perfect harmony. I don't think any post about vacation is complete without a bunch of sightseeing shots so there you have it: And several more photos from Limassol. There was a festival with a little scary and funny huge dolls. I want you to see that too: I was wearing: Adidas flip flops Topshop dress Mango shirt   Have a n

Prom season

It's prom season! I am sure you are all happy with it. After all Prom is a night to remember. A lot of girls are struggling to find perfect outfit for the night, night many people in my country call the first night of adult hood. Or at least that is how many girls feel about it. If you ask me, I too wanted to look special and grown up at my prom. I really wanted to wear one of those cheap sexy prom dresses (not cure if I managed to succeed though). I think this time of the year is one proper time to inspire you with prom dresses as a part of my regular weekend inspiration moment. I have to admit I am not really in the mood to look for something irregular today so I teamed up yet again with probably the best online shop there is when it goes for evening and formal wear which I have a deep bound with. Today I want to share my top three choices with you: Magical, sexy and definitely a grown up yet not too much dress. I love the long-short combo, open shoulders and

Reasons to pack sun glasses

Today I have a review post for you and also a tip post. First of all: if it is sunny where you are going on vacation always take sunglasses. First of all it is a stylish accessory which is good for your look. Second of all it is good for your skin because your eyes do not have to react on sun which causes wrinkles in long term. And last but not least nobody knows where you are looking (or not) which is great especially when you are taking photos. Second of all: if your eye vision is poor like mind go for prescription sunnies. You will have you vision good and eyes shadowed. It might look a little awkward if you will need to see thing better and put the sunnies on in the museum for example but who cares? it saves space! And third, also last but not least. I have a stylish and comfort recommend brand with budget friendly and absolutely cute options. It is the well known to me (and I hope to you as well if you read my blog carefully). It is Glasseshop . I already have two pair