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Honeymoon, Garajonay

Do you remember I wrote about the cat we were saving? Cat fallen down from 7+ floor and didn't do it fine. Most likely she hurt herself with built Pharmacy entrance. Anyway, people saw her fall and couldn't let her lay. They were trying to find someone for help and we were one of them.  Very  soon we realized this cat needed 911 and needed it soon. Max and I couldn't leave her so we took all the  expenses.Some people also helped us with money and a very young couple said they would love to take her home. For couple of days we've been worried about her as we didn't know if she could make it, then there was a surgery. This Saturday the cat went to our home and then saw her new family. As for the original family.. apparently they wanted their cat no longer. What I also wanted to share is great event in our family! My husband's little sister graduated from school! She's so happy and pretty. I just wish her best. I'm making posts about our vacation withou

Honeymoon, Black and white love

I'm very busy lately. Who likes that? Nobody, I guess. Being  occupied  and busy are two very  different  things and in my opinion the latter brings you no good. Moreover it's a bit hard to come back from non blogging time. R ecently  we've started a big reorganization of our apartment, made nasty  neighbors watch after their dog (it was kinda creepy and did never even wear a lead), Max's third book is processed now (we need find if there are any mistakes), difficulties at work followed by lack of work from my back-up, saving life of unknown cat fallen from window who we simply couldn't leave anole to die and of coarse Surak. He needs a lot of attention as he's a little pup still.  I'm still showing you my honeymoon photos but still it's nothing with great nature impressions we got there. Just a comfy and stylish outfit perfect for travelling or simply hanging out.  And this is from the beach side. A land of rocky castle made by tou

Honeymoon, part Animals

Max and I spent our honeymoon together with our dog Raidho as I already mentioned. Taking him with us we knew we won't see/do some things such as museums. Or the zoo. There is a great park/zoo called Loro Park on Tenerife island. We've been so happy when the guide who showed us the island said he can be our puppy-sitter. We left Raidho know he would be fine and been just for ourselves for the first time as husband and wife. (yes, our family is full of signs of the way we act -  circus at first, plain for wedding day and zoo for romanсe ). It was so great! I loved the orcas so much! gorgeous animals! and so talented! We've been all wet after the orca show but so very much excited. You should definitely see that by your self! I feel very  pity  we almost didn't see  penguins  due to reconstructions but Gumbolt penguins were so very lovely. Let's just have a look at  animals  and sights.      The oceanarium gave

Finally back

Hello! I'm very sorry I was out of life for all this time. Marriage, vacations and adventures and most of all a new family member (a border collie puppy Surak) made me extreemly busy. I caught myself on the though once that I'm spending too much time in the shower. oh, and I also grew my fingernails longer than usual as I basically didn't have time/forgot to cut it. I've remembered I own a style blog so I'm sharing one of the outfits of late. We took those shots during our stay at Canaries Islands in the evening after standing the day on the yacht. The hat I'm wearing covers the  surprise for my readers - I got a new hair cut. Oh, and I'm sorry about the red face, legs... whatsoever red. The weather was very tricky and dispite of clouds we got sunburns. And again I'm sorry for this flow of words... I still feel less social and chatty then usual. GIve me couple of active blogger days and I'm here I was wearing: Naf Naf dress H&am