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Istanbul Minute

We have spent some time in Istanbul and it was so much fun! The city is huge, vibrant and very different from everything I saw and, funny thing, from what I remember of it. So much to see, experience and eat. Lots of water, beautiful lights everywhere and bazars (I do have a soft spot for it). We were super blessed to spend the first day with our local friend who loves city and had everything planned for us. We even enjoyed local specific and hyper popular junk food. And it was a great place to celebrate birthday of my love, he enjoyed the new place to visit and he enjoyed it even more because he visited other part of Turkey not that long ago: comparing things is always fun. I wish the weather was better though but it didn’t deny the Istanbul charm. Have you been there? Is Istanbul in your list?   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Elegance and Classical Music

I really love classical music for all the emotions it brings you. I do love it that every time I come to listen to it I feel lighter, better and deeper than I was before. I do find it a big joy for myself. And yes I do feel pretty saying: I have a concert I'm going to very soon! - Cool, what club? - It's gonna be in Philharmonic. It makes me feel nerdy and yet very educated and smart. I do listen to rock music a lot and enjoy some quality time jumping and slamming next to the stage but over the last years classical music became more me. And also... I get to wear pretty clothes instead of jeans and t-shirt to be all soaked in sweat and possibly torn. This time I chose to midi dress from Maje. I love this one, it is so elegant and easy to style because it's more of a blank canvas than a piece. It also hugs my body nicely and I always feel very sexy when I wear it. I paired it with some traditional patterns of my earrings and classic Celine clutch model, this bag is vintage

Grab a bite

These nervous days it is very important to find and hold the moments that make you forget about everything, make you feel more relaxed and usual. I find it a form of self care as well as facial masks, scrubbing my body, creams and doing yoga. Today I want to show you my outfit which I carefully assembled just to go and grab a bite with my husband for lunch. I wore my new pre-loved Blumarine bag, favorite necklace and a jacket for extra warmth. I was wearing: Uniqlo shirt and sweater Moon love necklace (c/o) Pakerson shoes Monki jacket Blumarine bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


Did you fancy eating some pancakes last week? there were so many reasons to do that so I hope you did. I personally did not despite of what I posted. These photos are leftovers from the not very successful collaboration I had last month. Also did you notice my eye makeup? As I have said before eye makeup is getting bigger for me and I do invest more time and effort into it. It is also surprisingly calming for me, a lot like a coloring book or page. P.S. I do think pancakes with sour cream taste horrible. Don't recommend!   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Accent on your eyes inspiration

As you might have noticed already recently I started being more creative with makeup and putting more effort into making my face stand out more. I started using bright colors, mixing and blending. It is so much fun! I don't think I ever had that much fun with makeup and all I actually needed is bring the color in. Stop using the well known paths and open for new. I stopped looking for colors that are alike but instead I started using whatever I wanted. I stopped caring is my work is not perfect as long as it looks good. It's very liberating! I can't believe how big of the path I make went through over the last half a year. Definitely new me in makeup! Yes, that's my own pride. And I personally actually very thankful for myself for this feeling and new approach because it allows me to feel more distracted and less worried. After all whatever helps, helps. I have to thank the pandemic for teaching me the lesson of putting my mental state first without really