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Piano festival, day 1

Cancun for the locals is not only the beaches and the parties. We have some culture too! Last weekend we enjoyed a three day long piano festival. We attended two days and it was a blast! More points for it being super close to our house. The first was a performance of violin and the piano. Very tranquil and beautiful.  It's hard to belittle my love to the music. We had a chhance to listen to a very broad variety of pieces. It started very basic with Mozart. And while Mozart is grand I often tend  to underestimate this music because it is heard way too often. As if to make up for it, it was followed by a very modern Poulenc. I was very impressed because I could hardly remember if I ever got a chance to listen to his music live. Most of classical music performers tend to navigate to classic and it's way harder to encounter more modern pieces. Bravo to Dra Emoke Ujj and Sofia Lych The last was my family's hard on favorite Brahms. In my heart you just can not go wrong with him

Museum time

Hello! I absolutely LOVE museums! It's always my favorite time and I really enjoy being there a lot. This time we went to Maya Museum Cancun again but this time my main focus of interest lay in temporary exhibition and modern art. I absolutely enjoyed my time here. This weekend wasn't the most eventful for us but we both managed to enjoy it. Some work, some games, movies, homemade food and celebration of Lunar New Year, a pinch of training and work. Now when I think of it, it was nearly perfect. Oh and we also enjoyed some beach time on our way back from the museum. It was a bit cold half a Sunday with rain and all that but we drank some atole to nullify it and it worked like a charm. For my outfit I chose a dress as it is most simple and basic way to enjoy the beach time with much hassle with changing. I went with my good old favorite shirt dress with anime Cowboy Bebop print (that alone makes the dress amazing). I wore sandals because it is what works best with the beach


I wore this outfit for chores and a small bite out. Jeans and a shirt are an effortless match for me. I added a jacket from my post before too in the morning when it was much colder. Being a fan of the jaws I always find it fun to wear this themed top. Even better if I hit the beach or abouts.I long wanted to take some photos with those super long roots nearby my house (I literally pass it everyday) and it finally happened. The shoot was a quicky but I enjoyed making it a lot. P.S. spy my new tat here. I was wearing: Uniqlo jeans Cuidado con el Perro shoes and shirt c/o Nordgreen watch handmade bracelets and Ludosport necklace   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Edgy jacket

  Last weekend we had a cold front. And was actually very cold. Again. I am not really-really complaining after all I dealt with a snow not that long ago but it doesn't change the fact that I am much more used to 30C these days. So I wore a jacket and a sweater. It helped me to stay warm and happy and was just fine to move around the city. Now I get the people I used to look at last year shivering with obvious discomfort under similar circumstances. Now I am one of them. But I don't mind. Layring and wearing sweaters feel pretty nice for a change. I'd say this outfit is a big edgy and rock-and-roll. It matches my emotions that day and desire of a change. I am admitting my own personality with so much liberty and self-gratitude, I feel like I am born anew, a better, happier person. It is shown and seen and felt in everything I do and touch and it absolutely definitely reflects on my personal style. I became more erratic, possibly, but it reflects me endlessly more. I

Formula with a twist

I think it is a new tradition to have my photos taken when I get my dog to the spa. I do think our local Petco guys think I am a fancy lady at all times. Or am I? This time I actually only posed with my daughter but I do hope you don't mind us both Super casual but with a tiny little twist today. Do you like my outfit because while it follows my favorite winter time formula of sleeveless top (perfect to quickly add some cardigan, hoodie or a jacket), some jeans and a small purse, I added statement earrings to it. It is windy lately so I stay away from hats especially when we walk with the whole family which requires hands. Hope you are feeling fabulous! I was wearing: Etro belt befree jeans Cuidado con el Perro shoes and top Coach bag H&M earrings c/o Nordgreen watch   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

On a walk about

There is a thing of being lazy, doing nothing, playing games, watching anime, eating food delivery and cuddling with your dog. I am not an advocate to do it every day and even often, definitely not but it feels great to do so sometimes for a change. Last weekend was definitely that day. The weather was chilly, it felt it is about to rain at any minute. Originally we wanted to go the museum and beach right after. One doesn't really worth the time without the other so we decided to simply go some other time (the temporary exhibition of interest doesn't go anywhere soon). We decided to take a small walk by the lagoon and took some photos on the way. I wasn't feeling like proper shoes (too lazy for laces) so I went for flipflops. My hoodie was my savior. And yes, it's absolutely shamelessly geeky. Did you see SpyxFamily? I loved it enough to have something to showoff my love! I was wearing: H&M skirt local small bis Kiki hoodie Optima flip flops   Have

Wheel and wheel and wheel

When I was little these attraction parks were a thing. I loved it there SO much! In time as many other things in my birth country they started to fade and balance between price and delivered goods squinted greatly. I didn't expect much walking to have some fun at temporary attractions park here in Cancun, mostly I hoped to have a nice walk, eat some steaming churros or elote and get on observation wheel with my baby. I loved it instead. It's been ages since I laughed so hard and enjoyed speed so much. The rides were very creative actually, they did hunt 'the biggest' and instead opted for being fresh. That is something I loved even more actually! I can go on and on for ages, really. It's been a great evening. For example there was a high speed ride backwards. I was very impressed with length of the rides too, the observation wheel made SO many and they changed speed too. Ada Maria loved it SO much which made me love the evening even more. I wore a very otaku-like

She Said Yes and got the ring

Say yes to a whole new week filled with excitement and joy. Or something like that. I hope you are enjoying your life as much as I do. For some unknown to me reason I am very focused on accessories lately, I pay more attention to what I add to my outfits and try to be more mindful with it. I really do! It is funny how style and style focus fluctuate over time to one side or the other while some parts stay the same, keeping constant. For mos of us such anchor is a simple (or not so simple) wedding ring. Many wedded couples choose to wear it every day. Me and my husband are no different. We both wear our engagement and wedding rings every day (as I proposed to my husband with ring and all, he also has an engagement ring, to tell the truth I got mine a lot later than he did). Today I want to explore this theme a little deeper with you. My inspiration invitation today is to go to  SheSaidYes online store and check out some beautiful deals. We are celebrating 11 years this year and are t