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The beatle

I'm back to the land of active. Thank you for you kind words and songs. It helped a ton! Positive thinking is ruling the world even through Internet (or esp. here). Max and I are repainting the walls in our apartment and generally getting ready to furniture change. What I also do is working on new blog section I'm very excited about it. And I would really love to say thank you to all of you, my dear readers as you make this all possible for me. The more I get in touch with fashion the bigger my lust to shopping goes. I love discovering new things about pretty much everything and when it goes to fashion.. it's even better. During Fashion Fest (if you missed this lovely event click on the link ) Max and I saw Dina Faradzheva collection in the store but didn't really pay attention (cute - that's what we thought). Later on a very nice online store was found (I'll tell about it later) and I run on Dina's collection again and this time gave it more space. I

Jedi Fun

This blog is not only fashion place. Or it's better to write - not Fashion only place. Iwould like to show you a great event Max and I were to called Everycon. It was very much fun and we wore costumes. Dispite con post before this convent was in Moscow so we didn't need to have a trip or work too much. I would love to show my hub's sewing talent. In fact I can't wait till the moment when he starts  sewing  for real, something for me to wear everyday may be. I'm going to share the experience of a very fun day spent with geeks and sci-fi lovers. Terrifying  sith twi'lek lady  Max and I (I'm with green saber) during the consume show on the stage (sorry for dark tones)   Jedi Ewoke? why not? P.S. Max loves him SW guys! the evolution (unfortunately the first photo with random lady is the only photo we have together looking straight and costumes are visible fine) As we are speaking for Jedi I can not miss awesome photo made Max of our do

Soft Kitty

Ok, I have to admit I'm sick. I'm trying to make myself think it is not true but it is. I cough, my throat hurts a little. Could someone please sing me the "Soft kitty"? I even know the words if you don't. I felt pity for myself and that's more than enough. I'm showing you the lucky moment of not being sick (sorry, that's my last moment). One of the outfits for work where I try to look the best possible way. Comfy and stylish. I wore this outfit for hectic day when I spend morning at work, day running the errands and evening with domestic chores and night with romantic dinner with Max.We've spend a lot of time together then and during the day shot this outfit. It was a little out of weather - I was very hot in it but morning mistakes can not spoil my day. I was wearing: Jeffrey Campbell boots Kizzme bag Colin's shirt and belt dx watch not branded vest and scarf   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Outfits that didn't make it

I bet we do all have a lot of them. But these outfits are lucky enough - having their spot in Instagram or  simply  made by phone for some purpose now they have their blast. And you, my lovely readers, are having a chance to  laugh a little on places where we did the shots. Dress to impress. I had a bet with my collegue regarding my look at work. So I put on dress and high heels, took a bag of extra clothes (I left it at work) and here you have me! I was wearing 1: Dress Free people Shoes Jeffrey Cambell Accessory Risingtaste (black braselet) and small shops on Canary Islands Shorts with tights. I bet you thought I don't like it... but I did wear it from time to time And yes I've stolen this photo from a long time before, you got me with hair I was wearing 2: Risingtaste  accessory Necklace from China (very first gift my hubby) Mango sunnies Gifteted scarf Top, shorts, socks  not branded Nike sneakers Do you have your personal  favorit

Coco Fashion: Korean fashion love

I would love to introduce a little post about very cool shop I've found not long ago. It's called Coco fashion . This store is  selling Korean fashion women clothing, bags and shoes online. And the prices are very friendly. I chose some items of my best interest so far presenting different clothes. Each piece is under 15$ (shoes are 15.21). All items and images are taken from Coco fashion online store   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

G.I. Jane

Do you remember outfit photos from winter? I was standing in the snow with my regular walking-the-dog sweater (you can this post here ). This time I'd love to show different outfit I used like million times for the same purpose. I love the feeling of freedom and endless abilities coming from this outfit or such outfits so much! Walking the dog in the park with on limits of the path - what could ever be better! You also might be interested in the title of this post. It refers to movie 'G.I. Jane' about woman soldier. I liked it a lot when I was kid. So it has nothing common with my name  (it's Lyosha, which is not even close to Jane). I do always feel charm of strong women in each possible way.  We thought a lot where to take photos and actually wanted to go with nobrainer trees next to the lake. And there we saw a tree practically raised for me to sit at. A little military should so something irregular. Married woman on the tree - that's it!     Lov


Everybody loves assimetric dresses. The long tail is very stylish and definitely a trend. I've never posted such outfits but in fact I own one and even created an outfit for you, me dear readers.  I've stolen Max' hat as it suddenly started to rain during the shoot. But it ended up as a very nice add to the outfit. You might notice how often we are taking photos in this location and would be surpised to know that it is not near our home. It's next to the post office not far from us. It's the place where we are recieving our goodies. o, and we also have our vet around there.  I love how Max dresses himself.    How often do you get to look silly on your photos? How often do you do it on purpose? well.. I do. I was wearing: Topshop dress and jacket Iron Fist pumps Gifted necklace from Crete Modcloth claw ring Bracelets bought in Canry Islands icl. the blue hippie bracelet   Have a nice day, Lyosha