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Deodorant Battle

It's not that I don't have a new travel post really but I want to mix thing up a little and add beauty post. Yes I will never be a beauty blogger but I do enjoy some beauty stuff and I love posting about it on my social media. Why not do it here from time to time. My blog - my rules. So here I am posting about deodorants. It was curious for me as I was send two options of the same line: spray and roll. Which one is better? I tested!   Spray dries faster and the scent is slightly less which I love. However I am never sure if I covered everything and also still not sure if spray is such a good option ecologywise. Roll is can take more! I mean it, I ran almost 15 km with it and my armpits were actually the only dry spots I had (oops! disgusting, I know). Each is awesome stain wise, even my black yoga pants went through bakasana which is always an issue with products. Generally I did like both products. Will probably stick to roll though, I mostly need deodorant for sports and i

Zaraysk 2020

August gave so much energy and so many emotions over traveling. Close and far, to new places and not. Last week we have been to Zaraysk, a small town with big story some 150 km from Moscow (still same region though, Russia is big). We have been there last year but we loved it there so much we wanted to come back. And we had o chance to skip it as we are doing Running Series this year and want to run in each possible start this year. We registered on each successfully so all we need now is to actually complete the run. Zaraysk was first mentioned in 1146 so it's technically older than Moscow. Originally it was a bordertown. Compact but effective fortress (or Kremlin in old-fashioned Russian way)  was built to protect the Ryazan Duchy and later on Great Moscow Duchy from the Tatars. Well this particular Tatar girl thinks she could call this trip a tie or one more win for Zaraysk. Kremlin looks very lively there and my favorite spot, the 1916  water tower gives great view. Bonus poi

Joy of Music and Clothes

I went on a date yesterday. And listened to the music. Philharmonic is our favorite and I believe we haven't visited since before the pandemic happen, it was around February when we last visited, we missed the love sounds so music so much. We had to take all the precautions and there were way less people then usual (only half of the seats were possible and some areas were locked off completely) but it is the new normal and I am all for it. Bonus points for us meeting next to the concert hall so it felt like a date of not married/living together couple. We normally go on a date from home and are together the whole time. And the date was followed by a sweet cake and tea which make the night perrfect. I missed such days so much! I was gifted with this top by Dear-Lover and I really like it. But if you are to order it consider going size down. Mine was too roomy. I will be wearing it home for relaxed look and for workouts (it is from sport material so it's great for it) but de

MaJac Collection: interview

Today I have an exciting post! Finally a new interview. This time it is a small and black owned brand MaJAc Collection . We know each other from Instagram (make sure to out her beautiful gram ) and I am absolutely in love with her styles. I know you will love her creations as much as I did so dared to ask her for an interview. Today I am sharing it with you. Please meet Marie Lovely Eloi. 1 It may be a boring question but it is always curious. How did you start MaJAc Collection? MaJAc Collection started when me and my husband started dating. As a young child, I’ve never had any interest in sewing until my last year in University. In 2013, i bought a sewing machine at Walmart and a few yards of fabric, elastic. I went on YouTube searching for circle skirt from there i made my first piece. A few years, i explained to my husband how i wished to sew like my mom. That’s how MaJAc ( mah-djak) started. At first it was MaJAc Designs then changed into MaJAc Collection. 2 What was t

Karelia part 2

Hello!   ...Or actually a more exciting part. Karelia is known for its brutal northern natural beauty so there is no way of visiting it without spending a handful of time in the wild. To do so we visited Ruskeala natural park. The main attractions there are man made canyons. The Swedes and later on Finnish and Russian in the end mined marble there. Beautiful green-blue marble laid very close to the surface there, in some places it was even out to the air. As mining kept on they finally hit the subterranean waters and the mines was all but flooded. It left us with what makes Ruskeala national park so beautiful.   It was pretty cold there and we were walking around there for hours so I am wearing a super light sweater and foldable Uniqlo anti-wind jacket above from wind and possible rain. and yes I wear flip flops. Call me crazy but it's the most comfortable shoes for me ever. My feel barely feel cold so I feel perfect walking around that way. Bonus points for super easy ground in t