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Kids fashion week

ENG: Last week I attended a super cute event. Kids Fashion Week. This time there were tons of shows but I unfortunately could only enjoy it partly. For me there were shows by  Devusi (my personal favorite), Goryacheva, Beroni and Diamonds. Each show had its own unique vision of kids fashion and styles and each focused on different occasions in little fashionistas lives. The last show by Diamonds featured an show, artistic approach in fashion.  RU: На прошлой неделе я имела счастье посетить совершенно очаровательно мероприятие Kids Fashion Wee. В этот раз в рамках мероприятия проходило огромное количество показов, однако я смогла посетить его лишь частично. Для меня это были Devusi (мой фаворит), Goryacheva, Beroni и Diamonds. Каждое шоу показывало собтсвенное видение детской моды и стиля и фокусировалось на разных аспектах жизни маленьких модников. Последнее для меня шоу от Diamonds представляло из себя самостоятельное и яркое шоу, демострируя артистический подход. ENG: Overall the

MBFWRussia day 4

MBFWRussia day 3 was probably my favorite. I got to see only show but I wouldn't have it any other way. Za_Za fashion was so good, I literally haven't heard a single dissapproving voice about it. I wish I could be any different but I loved the show SO much. I like the purely creative more catwalk fashion show items mixed with parts you can easily see yourself wearing. Lovely prints, layers and good 90s vibe totally had stolen my heart. I just want to leave you with this wonderful collection. This day was the easiest to crave to watch but the hardest for me to find an outfit. I didn't really felt anything special about the clothes and while with other outfits I mostly had it all sorted out before (or at least I had a general idea) the day for ZA_ZA was blank. It was also super windy that day which didn't make it easier. Long story shot I wore my favorite sort of kimono with simple black pants and top under.   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

MBFWRussia, day 3

Day 3 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia this year was special to me. I got the perfect company for any fashion show: my husband. I really enjoyed both shows and excellent partner to discuss fashion. The first show we attended was by Pauline. It is actually clothes for women who want to feel like princesses. It looks like a a dream of inner child in a good way. I really enjoyed all the sparkles and pinks in there. Wonderful gowns if it fits your style. Enjoy! The second show of that day is probably my favorite show this season. (ok, there will be ZA_ZA soon, it's a tie). K. Titova is new to me and it's actually her 3d collection overall. I was hyped when I heard the designer dedicated the collection to Virginia Woolf who is actually my favorite writer. I love the collection and its representation on a catwalk including the sound and choice of models (beautiful ladies, I really miss conventional beauty on a catwalk from time to time).       For some reason I really feel i