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Dots and dots

You can't imagine how happy I was when Trendyfine offered me one more piece of clothes from them. I spend a lot of time picking the exact item and actually couldn't be more happy with their shop. I've chosen a sweater because after all who doesn't love a good sweater! And dots are always charming. I loved the idea of big dots and found this sweater adorable. As form outfit and numerous ways to wear it I picked a highly dotted option. Tired with my polka dot shirt (it happens so also from this shop) and neutral skirt I wanted to keep this outfit as adorable I can. Paired with lovely triangle bag and funny hat I completed the look.     I was wearing: c/o Trendyfine shirt and sweater Topshop hat Cheap Monday bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Cocktail time

It's Monday. I mean it's not weekend so I kinda broke the idea of posting you some gowns on weekend. But right now weekend for me is more of state of mind than actual timing so I think it's ok if keep on showing you some wonderful dresses even today. This time I've teamed up with Gudeer  to show you the best dresses they offer you. I was able to choose directory myself so I went to  cocktail  dresses section. Here are my loves from there: Wonderful  cocktail  dress you'll feel great in no matter what. Always appropriate and never boring. I love the V-neck here and the waist detail makes this dress less boring. I also like the  length of the skirt here - not too short, not too long but cute anyway.   I love the lace here. For it's one of most perfect way to keep the dress closed but not too much. I also like the length here and definitely recommend it as nave lbd if I way say so. Photo of this dress is less perfect as ones with the models and usually t

Happy Valentine's Day!

С днём святого Валентина! Here is what Max and I cooked for each other to celebrate! Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Curtains, curtains, curtains

Less than two weeks ago we've talked about curtains but as it's still not finished in my apt I can give it some more thought. As we are still thinking, deciding, checking and debating I was very happy when I got an email from Ogotobuy offered me talking about their products. I have to say there are tons of great curtains in there. They wanted me to review floral curtains . At first I wasn't sure if I need any floral options for curtains but simply browsing  through  the section made feel excited about it. Options are very chic and pretty and moreover I found some which actually fit in my apartment.  Floral details are small and printed and I also like a little graphic add they have. Curtains look a bit versatile fitting in various rooms asking for details.. or not. These actually are not flowers but trees. Anyway it looks lovely! Simple yet bold and eye catching! very nice! Flowers and greens! Amazing curtains! I'm deeply  in love  with the style. So refreshin

Choies love

I haven't talked about Choies for a long time but there is nothing changed about my love to this brand. This time I wanted to share some of my loves from this shop and create two outfits totally from Choies to share with you. I think it's fun and great for both me and you, my lovely readers! Other was planned to less for fun and more serious but it happened so I couldn't make it and ended making it fun as well but definitely more serious. I creating outfits: with items from Choies   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sleep in a bed

Last week we talked about home and this week I wanted to prolong this subject. Working under making your home the best for you is always hard, it takes a lot of time and thought. But when the most is done you still have some tiny refreshments. Always. In my apt before we stopped adopting our home only after we planned a move. In my apt before you went to green bedding and kept our walls green. Right now look of our apartment is completely changed. Almost everything (except of some brighter spots) is black and white.  And so I need new bedding. Still not all of my bedding is the one I want to see in future but that's the direction I'm taking. So reviewing bedding shops is a great option for me. Right now I've teamed up with Ogotobedding shop to check the shop. I really liked the way things look, a good variety of materials  so I could pick what I like the most. I stopped on Bed-in-a-Bag   I was impressed with what I've seen on a simple first page of this category. There

Bro for your hair

Talking about things we like doing, things we are fond of doing I have to admit I love cosplay. I'm not one of the persons who attends cosplay festivals often however I do give it a lot of thought and time to make the best. i won't concentrate much on my unique way of picking character and adopting behavior to me... I'll talk about the look in general. When it goes to costume it heavily depends on the character itself but basically for me it's all both picking how the costume should look and help my hubby calculate the tissue quantity. The hardest part for me is finding the proper small details - bags, bracelets, hats etc. And the hardest part - hair. Often characters have some special hair-do or hair as is. Check my latest cosplay of Susan Sto Helit - there was no way I could actually have hair like her (color and curls) And that's why I am always in look out for fine wigs with reasonable price and nice styles. Can you imagine how happy I was when Hairbro offe

Long is stunning... you know?

Weekend is never full without some inspiration. I'm starting to have a habit of picking some wonderful formal wear during the weekend.It's a great habit making me feel more energetic and open for upcoming day. Now I don't actually have all of those bright resting weekends but habit stays no matter what. Right now I'm very pleased to introduce you to my new collaboration which helped me to find the depiction for formal wear for today. This post made working with lovely online shop called Wepromdresses  to show some items i loved the most. They asked me to look through their section of long evening dresses  and share my loves. Long evening dresses are always stunning because first of all they meant to be stunning. Making them long you add extra point for being stunning and fancy. Even being short I do admire the weight of long evening dress during the formal evening event. I'll start with this dress because it's totally what it should be. A perfect red  evening

Super long

I planned this outfit as my part of share in style. But it didn't work for me actually because all of my start of week I spend  trying  to move the less I could as my back told a strong 'no-no' to any of my wishes. Thankfully now my back and me are friends again. You know what is the funnest? My back started aching after I had two days brake from training due to schedule and party. Don't over-rest it said? I didn't rush with post so kept it as draft for some time. That's why it took me so long to publish. I actually feel odd when I don't have an outfit to post right next to my hand if by chance I want to post in the middle of the night. My outfit is pretty simple and casual but why not? I wore it for usual day out. I'm wearing a super long scarf which I'm very proud to say I knitted myself. I also added photos of how I might look if it wasn't windy taking my super comfy parka away.  I was wearing: Zara parka Topshop

Red is the color of passion for Weddingshe

When we talk about passion we normally think about red. When we hear red we either think of something brutal (like Khorne) or start singing "Lady in Red". Well, sometimes all in one. I won't talk about Khorne right now - he's not really fashionable in common sense (I'll gladly discuss it in comments if you like). So sexy lady in some red dress. here is the point. Talking about formal wear and forgetting the LBDs we discussed a post ago red is the best option for formal wear if you want to stand out. No matter if it's a fancy party or Prom 2015 you are attending red dress might a great help. Why did I start this subject? because wonderful people from Weddingshe showed me their wonderful selection of Prom 2015 dresses in red.  Red Prom Dresses from Weddingshe are not only lovely dresses made for proms but a section any lady would happily dive into. And so am I.  My first choice is simple elegance. It's sexy, standing out but still full of grace. The to