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Friday I’m in love with Babyonline

Happy Friday! Friday is always exciting even if you don’t work nine to five. I guess it’s in the air pretty much like holiday spirit. Can I call it Friday spirit? I guess I can. I always feel excited for no real reason on Friday, fell more energetic but tend to slack a little bit more than usual. Friday is meant to hang out with friends, go to parties and enjoy your life the fullest. I often allow myself to go to bed later which alongside with early morning training session makes Friday the longest day of the week to me. While I don’t really know how to throw a party online via blog (snapchat or Instagram live may be) I do know how to shorten the tough day: it’s to browse online for something pretty. I know we already got inspired yesterday but I don’t feel it’s enough. Let’s go on one more round again with Babyonline Wholesale . !!!!! This time I wanted to dive into something special today more special than usual that’s why I picked a more unusual I’d even say fancy th

Babyonline party inspiration!

I want to reveal something for you! I am going on  vacation soon and by soon I mean next week. Yes as soon as that! Exciting! And as always before heading to new place I tend to think a lot of what to wear. Naturally it leads me to desire to wear something new, like completely new. It is even worse as I am so going to hit the beach! But I it's only about shorts and swimsuits I am excited most about wearing light short dresses the most. I do hope to go somewhere pretty and a bit fancy as well so I wanted to browse some nice clothes as well. That lead me to me idea to make some early inspiration for you. Thursday is almost Friday and Friday is almost weekend. Anyways, any day of the week is ok to be inspired! Any online browsing come alongside with a risk of occasional shopping to me but it's holiday season (at least in my heart) so no harm done even if you treat yourself a little more. To inspire you today I picked a well known shop Babyonline Wholesale . Yes I know you love

ELITE 2018

30 ноября в ювелирном доме «Эстет» состоится одно из самых красивых событий – Торжественная церемония вручения Премии «ELITE 2018» от журнала ELITE MAGAZINE. Премия «ELITE 2018» вручается самым выдающимся персонам, кто по итогам прошлого года смог добиться выдающихся профессиональных результатов, и которые являются примером для подражания в жизни, бизнесе, творчестве, здравоохранении и других сферах, кто заслужил признание общества. В списке номинантов – политики, бизнесмены и общественные деятели. Место проведения «ELITE 2018» ювелирный дом «Эстет», который удивит даже самую избалованную столичную публику изысканными угощениями и интерьерами. Концертная программа пройдет с участием звезд отечественной̆ эстрады и шоу-бизнеса, популярными ТОП- блогерами, успешными личностями в бизнесе, руководители и владельцы компаний спонсоров и партнеров, вручение номинаций и общая атмосфера поистине светского мероприятия придадут происходящему незабываемый шарм! Премией журнал

sOliver press day

Two weeks ago I attended a lovely event. This time it wasn't a fashion show it was very different yet alike. It was a press day held by brand sOliver where I got a chance to look through and touch lots of wonderful designs from new collections before it hits the retail shelves. Needless to say I was eager to try it all on and think of the designs I want to adopt to my closet.    I was most impressed with sOliver Black Label collection. The premium line aimed for business left me impressed the most due to a big change! The added lots of bold colors, making more dull office fashion really stand out. I was also happy with add of fabulous printed tops and even sports clothes. Very nice basic shoes and outerwear as well.     The whole event was very much fun and joy to me. Nice music and interesting guidance from sOliver press guide. I have to say even though I admired sOliver before my love to the brand deepened after the press day. My outfit was p


Last week I had a chance to visit a very nice and new to me event. It was Russian Modest Fashion Week. Build upon the ideas of diversity and equality the main message is that you don't have to look sexy if don't want to but you can look beautiful anyway. Sexy doesn't mean beautiful. If you want to cover your body per your religion, mood or views you should still be able to easily shop such looks. Russian Modest Fashion Week pursued such ideas and also had some support not only from fashionable ladies but also from both Muslim and Christian Orthodox church of Russia. I think it's kinda cool seeing representatives of two major religions of Russia attending the opening of fashion show. I was very happy and excited to be a part of this event as a guest. I really loved the designs shown: not only something casual but also formal and other way around. I felt like the fashion shows were really aiming to fully dress any girl interested. Also coordinated family looks were

Weekend sweater inspiration with Chicgostyle

Are you enjoying your super sale weekend? I do hope you are! Because Black Friday fever is real right now! And to help to feel happier during the sales I want to boost your shopping desires with some inspiration! And there you have it! As it is starting to get really cold where I live (let's pretend I don't go on vacation in less than two weeks to the warm sea) I think it's beat to look for something warm. And when I say something to keep me warm I naturally think of something soft and pleasing. Yes my theme today is cute sweater After all there is hardly a place where you never need a sweater. And there are never too many of them especially if you want a cute one, right? To inspire you today I teamed up with fantastic  and new to you online shop Chicgostyle . Let take a look on my top three cute sweaters options: This one looks so soft and pleasing to touch! i can't help myself but want to put it on and feel the material with my skin! I am crazy of such slee