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Happy New Year!

Hello! In Russia we celebrate New Year as the main holiday of the season. It's very important and big here. I want to share my love to all of my readers and wish the best of luck and joy for 2017. As an eye candy for the post I have chosen some photos from my recent trip - a Baltic sea cruise with Christmas markets in Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. Happy N ew Year !   Helsinki Stockholm  Tallinn other ferry   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Fancy dresses from Dressfashion review

A little bit more inspiration for you today! I want to share with you lovely selection suitable for last fancy events of the 2016 or first ones of 2017 or simply to have the most striking New Years outfit ever parting all night long. Today I have teamed up with amazing Dressfashion store to bring you the most stylish options.         Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Follow the Fabrika I.III announcement

17 января 2017 года уже нашумевший по всей России fashion-проект от Марии Резниковой «FollowTheFabrika» вновь откроет двери в международный рынок российским дизайнерам! Событие пройдет на территории поистине нестандартной площадки в центре столицы – пространстве «Check Point». Третий этап первого тура проекта «FollowTheFabrika» полон тайн и загадок. Однако имена первых участников все-таки разузнать удалось. Ими стали Горбачев Геннадий (основатель бренда «GG»), Екатерина Петрий (бренд «Katerina Petri») и Мила Килина (бренд «Mila Kilina»), которая стала фаворитом кастинга в Самараской бласти и получила грант на участие в Москве. Напомним, что «FollowTheFabrika» ( - это механизм, позволяющий дизайнерам одежды получать грандиозный опыт и множество необходимых контактов для дальнейшей работы, а главное - возможность побороться за финальный приз (участие в MFW в 2017 году, а также стажировку во французском доме мод). Попадая на «Follow

StyleWe overalls lookthrough review

I've just came back from the cruise and feel a little overwhelmed by my trip. But as I am back I want to come back on track with my blogging. As usual right after my vacay I want to start it slowly with some inspiration. Today is Christmas and it is already a little too late to talk about presents but in Russia we do not really celebrate Christmas (even though December 25th feels like Christmas to me most of all) we celebrate New Year which is yet to come so I can still share my after trip tired fashion browsing as a holiday gift guide. Or if talking seriously I really want to share with you my findings most of all because they could definitely fit in my trip gear lovely. Today I teamed up with shop StyleWe to provide me some post travel relief (which means I didn't have proper rest last night) and provide you with some fashionable findings. Today's theme is overalls. You know I have weak spot for them. I am sure you'd love to see more of them so can check out the fu

Ericdress cardigan looks

Winter is wonderful time of a year especially it it's not old or at least you got used to the current temperature. For me it is also wonderful because layering is so much fun. There is always a place for creativity here but at the same time you have a chance to stay basic and simply sum up lovely t-shirt and cardi. It is most likely my favorite option for winder and if I'm not still wearing some ugly sweater or looking the most fancy possible on some event I am wearing lovely cardigan. I do believe you can't have too many cardigans. That's true! That's why today I teamed up with wonderful Ericdress ( here is the link to the shop I will never stop finding inspirational) to share some lovely inspirational items from their shop. I'm actually sorry for being a little too pushy with inspirational posts lately - it's just my way of coming back to normal after wonderful vacation. Especially with upcoming public holidays in Russia (starting January 1st) which me

Finland part 2

Hello! This is my final and second post about my fall vacation in Helsinki. I did have a blast and very happy right now during my vacation (posting vacation photos during vacation is priceless). I want to post you a second part alongside with my indoor outfits.  As well as posting some Helsinki views: Enjoy the birds: Have a nice day, Lyosha