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Tidestore dresses and heels

It's a little odd time for me now. I'm in the middle of trips, struggling to finish off the issue I've been having like finding someone to tae care of my dogs while we are away in time unexpected as the trip was moved, meet up with friends I'm not going to see for a long time in future because of their working project, alongside with nice stuff like family meetings, shopping with mom and amazing events. I can't actually find time to spend it near my pc even though I really want to. So as I have some time today (and it's not enough to prepare my Cyprus trip photos) I'm share an inspirations. Being in the middle of trips, planning further trips and everything else makes me turn my face to dresses a lot. Dresses are probably the simples clothes for summer ever. Wear a nice dress, brush your hair add a pair of decent shoes... yay! you look like a queen. So when you are not sure what to wear or not in the mood to be creative (which is kinda usual) dress is a grea

Designer wedding dresses from Cocomelody

I'm back home. It's always a little mixed in feelings you know: nice to leep on your bed esp if you have some back issues like me, nice to be reunited with your dogs and family but at the same time I miss sun and the sea and the travel mood of my vacation. I'm not going to post my vacation report (part one) today mainly because I'm still unpacking, downloading the images etc. But I'm happy to back to my blog and you my readers and planning on catching up with you the fullest. Please expect tons of comments from me! Today I want celebrate me being back home to blog and actual blog with an inspiration post. I've teamed with amazing shop Cocomelody  which I don't you a lot about. No matter how much I talk I do love their shop, their styles and it's making happy window shopping their styles. As Cocomelody mostly sells wedding dresses I also find it very suitable to celebrate my comeback with wedding dresses because I can hardly imagine seeing that muc

Messy bun

I love the messy bun hairdo. It looks very chic and I like better than a tidy bun. Or may be  love messy buns because there is no chance I could avoid making my bun look messy. I originally worn this outfit to hang out with my hub so the outfit is made for walking, grabbing street food, checking the exhibition or two on the way. Oh, and yeah I'm still on vacation and promise to catch up with you as soon as I am back home. However if there is something urgent - email me . I check my email about times a day. Also my instagram ( lyoshathegirl ) is active. Talk to me there and don't envy the fun time I'm having on Cyprus. I was wearing: Inkkas shoes and backpack Calvin Klein jeans   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

All play and no work

Right now I am probably enjoying the sun and sea, or walking around some ruins or may be riding a bicycle in some tiny village. No need to spend a lot of words on that - I'm on vacation. I'm spending it on Cyprus and as any sea vacation for me it won't take long.  I'll be there for you next week so there's nothing special going no here while I'm not online. Please be patient, I'll answer everyone when I come back. If you need me right now email me I promise to check it three times a day. For uptodate update on my life check my instagram . This outfit is a little outdated because currently it feels like summer in Moscow and this outfit feels a little too hot to wear. Sweater+ skirt was nice option that time. It was windy and sunny so generally not cold at all but sweater kept me warmer and thus more comfortable. I wore it for May 1st celebration which is also an official summer time park opening (new stuff to do like open air cinema, boats etc). The the

Romantic date

There is nothing more romantic for me than a date on nature with some picnic to get the 100% date joy.  This is what this post is about. One more part of romantic date for me (I guess it's a part of being a blogger focused on clothes) is to be dressed properly. As for this outfit and occasion I mixed two different moment. The reason I decided to wear this dress (and making the date a romantic date) is to show this new dress.  I was very happy to receive one more item from a great shop Tbdress which I talked so much as well as wearing their items. This dress is not usual for my closet and it was  actually  the main reason I wanted it so much. It's very comfy and looked just like on picture in the shop. Good news if you are petite, rubber band is a bit strong here so if your measurements are 10 sm lower than  described  the dress would be loose but not too much and visibly look like it is supposed to be (I was so happy to discovered that). Do you like me this way?

Style up your window

As I started with home stuff in one of my latest posts (it's about ceiling lights, check it here ) I wanted to talk about home stuff a little more. This time it's a little more connected to my normal blog theme - fashion and style because the theme today is curtains and curtains are made of fabric. And you can actually sew something from curtains of fabric quality is fine enough (one of my fellow bloggers did recently and I absolutely loved that dress). Also curtains are lovely to give a final touch to your room and absolutely essential for bedroom (I believe everyone agrees on that) and office (in my opinion). There are a lot of styles and  variations  for curtains, long and short, blackout and very light. Some people live without them in some rooms (for example I have none in my living room + kitchen) but it doesn't mean the curtains won't come in one day. So it's never too late to look at them and check some styles. After all my wise mother keeps on saying that y

Monochrome Spring

I'm starting to think you missed my face! I've posted some inspirational posts before for a week and totally starting to feel like I'm not bringing my personal style enough room. Sorry for that but you know each of us tends to have periods of mood and everything else. I can't say I didn't have an outfit to post I just felt more like sharing the beautiful things instead of the most beautiful shiny ever (that is me). I changing it now. Today is the regular outfit post. It's simple enough and I wore it several times (give or take elements but keeping the same idea) mostly to work. As for this particular variation Max and I photographed it on our way home from a small date which was romantic enough to make me constantly smile. You must be interested why I'm wearing a coat and no coat. Actually it's seasonal. Spring is tricky here in Moscow, while you'e staying on the sun it's very warm and felt to hot in my top while when here&#