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Young Theatre Fashion Weekend: announcement

Announcement post for upcoming Young Theatre Fashion Week. For two days (7th and 8th of March) in Moscow we will be able to see and experience fashion shows from young and talented theatre costume designers. Союз театральных деятелей России представляет проект Young Theatre Fashion Weekend Показ театрального костюма 7 и 8 марта 2019 г. 18:00 — 23:00 «Боярские палаты» СТД РФ Страстной бульвар, 10 7 и 8 марта Союз театральных деятелей России представит уникальный проект Young Theatre Fashion Weekend («Выходные молодежной театральной моды») для молодых театральных художников по костюму. Для участия в проекте принимались заявки от художников по созданию театрального костюма, дизайнеров в возрасте до 35 лет. Young Theatre Fashion Weekend проходит уже третий год подряд. В этот раз свои коллекции сценических костюмов продемонстрируют студенты и выпускники театральных вузов — ГИТИСа, Школы-студии МХАТ, Мастерской индивидуальной режиссуры Бориса Юхананова, РГУ им. А.Н.

Relaxing Goa times, part 3

For me people me included GOA means sea. I have to say I spent numerous hours by the sea, swimming, reading books, playing and generally enjoying myself.  I took 2 and a half swimsuits with me (One combo had two panties options for one bra) not to worry about dried stuff. I also often wore a coverup dress which not only added some warmth but also made me look and feel fancy as if I am a queen. Nice feeling I must tell you. (also before Aquamen the feeling were a bit added).     Do you wear beach dresses? How many swimsuits do you pack? P.S. my vacation is soon to end. NOOOO!!! I was wearing: Monki swimsuit c/o Zaful swimsuit beach dress bought in tiny shop during my trip to Montenegro   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Realxing Goa times, part 2

Ok I admit, I can't really making lots of content on vacation. But you should know I tried. I am officially giving in. Thankfully I do have fantastic source material which doesn't really push me to make a lot of wording work. Don't you think pretty pictures say for themselves. It was one of the outfits I wear without thinking. It is really deeply reflecting the vacation mood I am currently into as well. Wear something to cover your body, you should have thought about style while packing. Well it is actually so. Anyway, I do believe this outfit turned out to be pretty. And yes I did think what I was packing, hehe. And also 'yes' it is my swimsuit under. Time saving! One more thing about the outfit. I am wearing a net bag from sOliver and it is perfect for beach holidays! Something wet inside really doesn't bother you, it weights nothing and doesn't eat up a lot of luggage space = profit! I was wearing: c/o Zaful shorts c/o Firm

Relaxing Goan times, part 1

Hello! I have a habit. I always write reports from my past vacation while being on the new one. Normally I write it all in the bulk and scheldule it but this time I actually had a chance to update along a way. As far as you see I am not nearly as ready to blog as I though I would. Or may be I am just having too much fun cycling in Cyprus yet again. Even though I have to mention this time is way more fun. Anyway today's post is about my vacation in December 2018. We went to India Goa for a week. I was so very much relaxed, I didn't really push myself to do anything but yoga and chill. This vacation was a close reminder of my trip to Maldives years back. My first post of the series will cover Chapora fort photos and exploration. By the way, the photo from above is my facebook avatar. Well... why not? I think nobody wear more during Goan times. Shorts, t-shirt or a top, flip flops and some accessories (sunnies are a must!). Do you like Hello Kitty? I was weari

Meet: Jacqueline City

I am officially on vacation now! But even though I am enjoying myself right now I still think of you guys! So I have something nice made for you: posts! And today is definitely special. It is an interview with lovely and super talented person. Make sure to shop or at least take a look! 1 First of all tell my readers a little bit about yourself. How did you come up with your clothing line idea? Hello, I’m Jacqueline City, a 22 year old disabled artist, petite model and entrepreneur. Ever since I was an infant, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. One of the earliest stories my mother and grandmother love telling of me as a child is when I would pull dresses down from the racks into my coach before I could ever speak. I taught myself to sew from a children’s book at about 6 or 7 and went on to get a kids sewing machine by 10. I would visit the rows of fabric stores in my hometown of Philadelphia, shopping for fabrics, buttons, and decor. The idea of a clothing collection and online sto

Weekend getaway

Last weekend I spent magically surrounded by wonderful people traveling my all! So enjoyable. We took off late on Friday just to be in St.-Petersburg at 5 o'clock in the morning. All this for one: to get on a bus to Finland in time. It wasn't my first time there but I haven't seen the towns we headed to. Kotka and Hamina were lovely and full of super enjoyable snow. I love how cute and neat Finnish towns are! Never the same yet bearing the sibling resemblance. We walked and walked laughing all the way. It's been years since I traveled in such a big group and enjoyed more than I planned! Kotka and Hamina views: On Sunday we didn't stay in St. Petersburg for long again choosing new place again. Vyborg is an old defensive city used to be Swedish, Russian and Finnish. Its condition isn't perfect but we enjoyed walking there a lot as well. Local castle and museum left us inspired and happy (also w