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Happy New Year

We do all love having some vacations. For New Year Max and I are visiting a lot warmer places and probably having some fun right now. And as this is New Year and thanks to Kirstin Marie comment I thought that not all of things about my blog were predictable. A year ago I didn't think I would get to see catwalk with my own eyes; I didn't think I would get a sponsor or even number of them; I would have more then 1000 followers and I didn't think I would celebrate the coming of 2013 sitting on the sand. It all came true. I hope it'll grow bigger and better and our journey together would be a lot of fun and joy. I wish Happy New Year! To me all of you are perfect. Iwish you all the best. Let your wishes be true and  surprise  you as well my own. See you very soon and stay tuned! I've couple of interesting posts in my  pocket very soon. I wasn't wearing: clothes   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Best of 2012

I guess that's a big tradition to all the bloggers and a great chance for newcomers to know more about me. This post is my 2012 recap. This year was full of the events and it was a bit hard to choose the best options. I've sticked to more of best of the month way. January - Prague February - Skull outfit in snow March - My First Fashion show April - Pre-wedding Photoshoot and I also wanted to mention Volvo Fashion Week - the first fashion week I attended May - Wedding I'm a cheater and as I didn't find a better post I'm posting my wedding that took place in May. June - Honeymoon in Spain. Garajonay July - Honeymoon in Spain. Madrid Sorry - we just loved it too much :) August - Fashion fest September - G.I. Jane. Military style from me October - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia My first fashion week as press. November - VFWM. Firdaws show   December - M oscow Fashion Day and My Choies outfit th

My Wedding

It became a habit to post something not in time calling it my debt. I happen to miss my own wedding from this blog. I mean I got married 8 months ago already. But I would really love to share this special moment to you and  apologize  for sharing it not in time. Anyway it's better late than never, huh? I doubt I need to talk a lot of my wedding day. We had a tiny ceremony with our families with our dog Raidho as Max' bestman and then rushed to the airport and left for our honeymoon. In the end of day Max and I were in Madrid (thrilled to see more of it? - click here ) As it's a fashion blog I just have to tall more about my look. We've chosen to white colours to show  highlight  the event and I wanted to wear a flower in my hair a lot. During my parent's wedding my mother had flower her head on. I was very much inspired by their looks on wedding photos and played with this flower when I was little. I wished I wore this flower for my wedding but the hairpiece wa

Russian Fashion Day

My last event of the year. The presentation of project Russian Fashion Day took place on Wednesday the 19th of December. It was a lot of fun and joy and I really loved the atmosphere of the last Fashion event this year. I hope Russian Fashion Day would have a great  success in future I would attend to it as well. I love the photo-art work  at lot. The presentation was very friendly (it felt like  everybody  are good friends). The Maradona restaurant gave a lovely frame to the whole event. Each moment of Russian Fashion Day was very exciting. The famous Moscow traffic gave a big role to the event so it started a little later so we could have some time exploring the place and relaxing. As I got used to lately I'm starting with own look that night. I really wanted to thank fashion portal  for snapping me during the night and even featuring me in their report. photo thanks to The Look portal As you see I've chosen the unusual for me outfit. I mean lately I ten