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Bridelily for day three

Time flies! it's the third day of posting already! Busy days, busy times but so rewarding and so fun. I actually look forward to this time of the day when my husband is working, baby is peacefully sleeping in her crib, pup is a little tired after a long walk, I have my coffee and lots of time before evening plans. To remind you: today is the third day of my online shopping inspiration marathon, aka week when I post daily and share beautiful styles, clothing, new online stores and generally all sorts of fashion and style inspiration you might ever want to find and experience. After all if you are reading my blog, most likely you are keen on my style which includes my ability to eye a wonderful fashion online.
For today, the 3d day of posting, I still want to stick to the theme of white dresses you can find online. After all, we don't get much white here and Christmas still gives me some white impression. Yes, today we still check wedding dresses. The theme for today is Wedding Dresses under $200. A bit unusual, right? While generally wedding in general and wedding dress in particular is something we are supposed to spurge on... what if we don't want it? It's absolutely ok to seek more budget friendly options and still look and feel the best. It might also be a great choice for people who are actually spurging the said amount of money on the dress. There is nothing to be ashamed of both our income and our approach in handling finances. After all, I didn't really set budget on my own wedding but my wedding dress was very cheap. I still think I looked absolutely fantastic in it.
So long story short, jump below and check out my personal faves from wedding dresses I found on  Bride Lily for 200 or less. Top three dresses, enjoy them all:
Soft spot for short dresses. yes, that is me. I am not tall so naturally navigate towards shorter versions of dresses. I do think it looks better on my and show the better sides of body. I also absolutely love long sleeves here. It makes a statement as normally brides open their arms. It might also be a great option for older bride as women often develop self-concious about their upper arm area while being hyper confident about their mile-long legs. This is for you, ladies!

Who doesn't love boho? I don't know such people or even if they exist at all. While boho is a nice choice for almost any wedding, this particluar style might be harder to store, or use in daily life which makes it a great candidate for a budget friendly section. Bonus points: boho is a  fantastic style for creative re-do, painting and altering the dress into a new form.

I know many girls who look for painer white dress for their wedding and don't want to pay a lot for it. To tell the truth, I'd most likely go upper to set a price limit for a simple-looking elegant white dress. But that's me. I have found a perfect candidate for such a dress in budget. Don't thank  me and enjoy!

Did you like my choices of today? I really enjoyed writing it for you! Let me know your thoughts in comments and don't  forget to mention your favorite.


Have a nice day,

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