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Effort or no effort?

I love this look. It's funny because I originally planned on something different only to notice I had a spot on my pants. Well, not much to change but scheduling some laundry time. I originally planned to shoot an outfit I was supposed to wear so I was a little bit sad it didn't happen. We had things to do anyway so I just threw an outfit to do the shores. Passing the mirror by I noticed that my outfit actually looked pretty cute. I smiled and asked my husband on his opinion. He only smiled back and said that we are doing the shoot anyway. Isn't it lovely? There is a lot about me being effortless lately. I do own my looks and I don't actually work hard to look pretty. Yes, you can still see me wearing a smile t-shirt+jeans/shorts combo oftentimes but most of the time I look as if I made an outfit (read some effort here). Also don't you have some Caribbean vibe here? I somehow get it here. A lot.

There is one more thing I want to talk about today. Not actually a thing connected to fashion, it's connected to life instead. And to effort too. Not long before wonderful fellow blogger and a great inspirational writer Laura (you can find her blog here) asked me if I wanted to take her course on Cycle breaker parenting and review it. I didn't hesitate because I really love her blog and how she speaks up in there. I was thinking to actually buy a course too once we're more settled with the baby routine so the offer was even more welcomed. I didn't fully work through it yet but I am so eager to start with my preliminary review. 
First of all: I love that you can read and listen to the course. Both options are self-sufficient so if you wanna go on a walk and listen to a pleasant guiding voice it will be just as good as to read the lesson quietly in your room. It mixes and matches well as well. I like it a lot because I actually get things better when I read them comparing to listening to on any language. 
Second of all: the approach. kindness, forgiveness, connection. Radical compassion is a thing! It is perfect and it utilizes so much from the therapy sessions. It is basically a steal! 
Third of all: the exercises. I love doing the work but I don't have much time and a big amount of writing and working scares me off. Here you get just what you need to give you more thought and at the same time not to rob you. Special shout out for the stylish prints to work it. Stylish and elegant. 
Forth: the contents. not only I admire the subject I love how focus is placed on you way more than on the kids. My grown-ups like me it might be an issue. The course is universal so it works equally good for any gender, age group of parent or a child and number of kids you might have (surely, that is only my own perspective and thinking).
Fifth point: as I have already mention the price of the course. I mean it. Taking how much it has in line with therapies, how balanced it is, the price is very affordable. It is actually very affordable even if offered less. The course spans for a month of daily work (and we do understand that it will probably take you a little longer to finish as we are all grown ups here and have kids too).
Do I need a sixth? I little bit of negativity in here: I couldn't find anything about the course I didn't like so I find it pretty hard to write a review here. You know, the course sounds too perfect. It actually is. To me. Also there is a great podcast about cycle breaker parenting! Highly recommend it as well as her free mini course (you can start there to see if her vision and wording works for you)

I was wearing:
c/o Rexing sport top
c/o Zabegina bandana (it's actually a silk scarf)
c/o Nordgreen watch
c/o iGlassesshop sunnies
Cuidado con el Perro shoes
levi's jeans
Necklace is my husband's gift


Have a nice day,

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  1. I love the look, amazing!!! The bandana is an awesome accessory, super cute.

  2. This is definitely a gorgeous outfit! I just love the silk scarf as a bandana. You look beautiful!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. I miss my bandana days. Easy and fashionable to cover your messy hair.. now we wear wigs hahahaha. How time changed.

    1. wigs are pretty cool anyway. A little bit hot but looking great

  4. Your outfit is super has a 70s vibe! I have never heard of cycle breaker parenting, but I love the idea of letting go of the feelings of insecurity and fear that we developed in our childhood.

    1. You should take a closer look at the course. there are free options and there point for parents of older and much older kids too

  5. I love the look and the course sounds very interesting, definitely something I'd like to try!

  6. You definitely can throw together a good look easily. The Caribbean vibe does show thru.

  7. I love the head scarf! BTW, it has become super difficult to comment on your blog since so many ads keep popping up and moving all over the screen... in case you can do something about it ;)
    have a great weekend,

    1. thanks so much! I really need to look closer at both mobile and desktop version. I tried adding built in 'suggested' ads mode and it looks like it's a fail! thank you!

  8. Love the outfit as always my dear! Like you never had a baby, still sexy :)

  9. Your outfits are always spectacular! Lovely to see you're making the most of the sun!


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