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In the lake

This is the outfit formula I basically live in these days. If I am not wearing a dress, you can see me wearing a top (cropped usually) and shorts. as usual I am wearing flip flops or nothing at all. Sunglasses are a must as well, after all getting older I need to think of wrinkles and avoid potential situations. I wore this outfit to do my daily life stuff. My husband and I went on walk after lunch and suddenly decide to make a little shooting. I even went into the water to make funnier photos ending up in this gorgeous greens. Enjoy!
I am crazy about this top! it is so cute and I love the deep cut on a back. I am so very much enjoy the this top, it looks amazing. The shorts are super comfortable and I have a hard time washing it (because I don't want to let it go). Do you remember these sunglasses I wore during Zanzibar? I still do very often! It's so edgy and SO comfortable!

I was wearing:
Befree shorts
Monki top
c/o Glassesshop glasses
c/o Nordgreen watch
necklace - gift from my husband

Have a nice day,

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  1. Such a unique way to feature an #ootd it made me really zoom into it and check out the cropped blouse’s details.. yes it is nice! I’d wear that too if I’m a little bit slender. I also like the color and prints makes you look even more petite. Love the matching glasses and necklace too!

  2. I think I've been in a lake once. It felt good but I prefer the beach though.

  3. For a rather spontaneous photo, there is some good framing in it.

  4. The shorts look so cute, perfect for summer wear. Love the style of the top too.

  5. I am always a lover of crop top! It's easy to match and comfy!

  6. Wow, that outfit looks amazing on you, I also like the way you and your husband decided to take a random photo shoot, thats the life :)

  7. oh wow!!! That lake picture is GORGEOUS!!! I love lakes but this one is stunning...I love it.

  8. I love your style! It's so cool and look so comfy. Perfect for this summer.

  9. The weather seems so nice! just right for some clicks :)


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