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Shape yourself into better parties!

I don't know about you but I always gain weight in summer. It might have something to do with time spent outside eating in general and ice cream in particular to cool down and ) last but not least - low running season. I do love my body with a little bit more meat to it, even more so since I know I'll build it into muscle very soon when I am full in competitive sport mode. And it actually is going to start very very soon. I try not to think about all the meat I am going to eat next week and even more of Pan de Muerto which I have a very strange and strong addiction to. I know, I always have some shapewear to turn to if I want something more daring with my look to feel more confident in tummy area. Don't we all, right? Today I want to introduce you to Curvy Faja, a wonderful online store where you can buy probably the best curvy body shaper in the market. Here are some of my favorite finds there:

Fantastic look right? This shaper doesn't even need anything else, it can be worn like a bodysuit. SO daring but at the same time super stylish and, I believe, comfortable. You can work the zipper to reach the level you'd personally prefer for sure.
This is a great example of the hidden item. It's a wonderful option to correct only mid section providing the best faja for tummy control. I also like the usage of lace, it provides a smooth look so it will never be obvious you are wearing shapewear.


Are you looking for something that provides even more? For a hyper-defined and daring look, I'd recommend you look into different models and overall styles/types of shapewear. You might want to go for a more full version with different hooks. This model definitely will provide you extra suppert being extreme tummy control shapewear.

And remember there is nothing wrong in using shapewear whatever size and body type you are. There is so much pressure on our bodies in the media and from people around us. Love your body always. And don't be shy to do things that make you love your body even more. Confidence is beautiful, shapewear can help you with that. Enjoy!

Have a nice day,

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