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Piano festival, day 1

Cancun for the locals is not only the beaches and the parties. We have some culture too! Last weekend we enjoyed a three day long piano festival. We attended two days and it was a blast! More points for it being super close to our house. The first was a performance of violin and the piano. Very tranquil and beautiful. 
It's hard to belittle my love to the music. We had a chhance to listen to a very broad variety of pieces. It started very basic with Mozart. And while Mozart is grand I often tend  to underestimate this music because it is heard way too often. As if to make up for it, it was followed by a very modern Poulenc. I was very impressed because I could hardly remember if I ever got a chance to listen to his music live. Most of classical music performers tend to navigate to classic and it's way harder to encounter more modern pieces. Bravo to Dra Emoke Ujj and Sofia Lych The last was my family's hard on favorite Brahms. In my heart you just can not go wrong with him really.
Originally I have chosen a simple dress and pumps to wear. I really feel like dressing up a little bit and I think I went a little overboard so I decided to dress down a bit.  I changed my shoes from pupms to bulkier Doc Martens and I think it went perfectly. I felt it might be a little cold on our back and inside so I added a cardigan last minute. I don't have that much of warm items here so my collection of sweaters and cardigans is pretty limited but I do believe it worked very nicely here. You can see the umbrella with me, it felt like raining and it actually did rain while we were listening to the music.

I was wearing:
Coach bag
H&M dress
Monki cardi
Doc Martens
umbrella Miniso

Have a nice day,

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  1. This is so cool that you experienced something so simple and unique as a Piano festival. I guess in our modern fast paced lives we rarely get to experience something as soothing as this . Loved you choice of dressing as well.

    1. I agree, such events add a lot to our daily lives and make it way funner and memorable.

  2. Piano music is my favourite and I absolutely love your cardigan.

  3. I wish I'm there to join you to attend the piano festival, surely an amazing time spent. Love your green cardigan. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  4. Love your outfit.. and getting to attend music festivals like this is always wonderful. Given everyone else in my family plays an instrument (except me who loves to listen!), we take every opportunity we can to be a part of such events too

    1. that's wonderful. My family loves playing as well, only our daughter doesn't play (yet I hope), our dog sings too. Classical music is a blessing

  5. I have Doc Martens 20 years old, and I still wear them. Love them. Seems you had a great night.

    1. wow! my previous pair only made it to 14. this pair is new, only 2 years and thriving


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