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On a walk about

There is a thing of being lazy, doing nothing, playing games, watching anime, eating food delivery and cuddling with your dog. I am not an advocate to do it every day and even often, definitely not but it feels great to do so sometimes for a change. Last weekend was definitely that day. The weather was chilly, it felt it is about to rain at any minute. Originally we wanted to go the museum and beach right after. One doesn't really worth the time without the other so we decided to simply go some other time (the temporary exhibition of interest doesn't go anywhere soon). We decided to take a small walk by the lagoon and took some photos on the way.
I wasn't feeling like proper shoes (too lazy for laces) so I went for flipflops. My hoodie was my savior. And yes, it's absolutely shamelessly geeky. Did you see SpyxFamily? I loved it enough to have something to showoff my love!

I was wearing:
H&M skirt
local small bis Kiki hoodie
Optima flip flops


Have a nice day,

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  1. Wating Anime! That is what I do all the time, I love animes...Super cute skirt btw, I love it!!!

  2. It's definitely nice to have those kinds of days! They can be really good for the soul! Love these pictures.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. This looks like a really cosy casual outfit for a walk! The hoodie looks so comfortable! :)

  4. To feel goofy and enjoy it, sometimes we need to do just that! I adore your light dress and a nice, heavier sweater over it. Such a beautiful walk, too!
    The poses you struck during the walk are awesomely cute!

  5. I wished I could wear flip-flops! It's raining here every single day, so boring. Have a great weekend.

  6. love that skirt! and yes, everyone definitely needs a lazy weekend every once in a while.. glad you had fun


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