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Half a year

Yesterday we had a wonderful excuse to overeat in a lovely restaurant we've been keen on visitiing for ages. It was So worth it and I am sure we will come back there soon enough. The exuse is half a year of us being parents or a half-birthday of our baby. I can't really advocate the craziness of the idea of celebrate it but the restaurant we wanted to visit is a little above casual dining price rate so it felt appropriate to find a reason to visit it, you know. Also it's a nice reason to dress up a little bit which we did.

The dress I am wearing follows the family red and black theme. It's one of my favorites and is more or less formal one. It's from Diesel and while I don't really wear it often I do love it deeply still. We brought it from one of our trips and it's a dear memory for me as well. Simple shoes and a belt to make the dress look very different. Max says I look a lot like Bruja, local variation of the witch which I personally don't mind, fancy even to tell the truth.
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to my US based readers.
I was wearing:
Diesel dress
Burberry belt
Nordgreen watch (gifted)
Cuidado con el Perro sandals (my partner's shirt is bought there as well)
Ada's dress is gifted by Bambinifashion online store, brand Mini Rodini


Have a nice day,

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  1. That is a great reason to celebrate! And I absolutely love what you wore. You have such a beautiful family :)
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. oh thank you so much, love! I really appreciate it

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  3. I love how you enjoy your family outing with matching red & black outfits, sweet captured. Personally I love your red black dress, so catchy lovely & comfy wearing. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing


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