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Elite 2018 and Anna Chasovskih

ENG:Last Friday I attended a wonderful event! I am positively crazy of making a lists of why 2018 was amazing, meeting goals and finding personal highlights. I am so into Awards ceremonies lately. So very much fun! And if the award ceremony has something extra to offer I am all in. This time alongside with Annual Awards Elite 2018 it was fabulous preview of collection of Anna Chasovskih who is also a wonderful photographer (by the way she was awarded for her work during the ceremony as well).
RU: В прошлую пятницу мне довелось посетить прекрасное мероприятие! В последнее время я поддалась лихорадке подведения итогов года, сравниванию целей и определению самых ярких событий уходящего 2018 года. Поэтому посещение церемоний награждения меня особенно радует. А уж если на этой церемонии происходит что-то ещё интересное, точно меня там ищите. В этот раз помимо Ежегодной Премии Elite 2018 проходила презентация превью коллекции Анны Часовских "Лёд", которая является не только прекрасным дизайнером, но талантливым фотографом (к слову, она одна из лауреатов этого года)

ENG: Just at those pieces! So festive and shiny and totally perfect for winter. The collection is called Ice ad I think it reflects it perfectly. I immediately start to think about fairy tales and sparkling snow simply by the looks of those dresses.
RU: Вы только посмотрите на эти шикарные образы! Такие яркий, блистящие и очень праздничные, очень зимние. Коллекция не просто так названа "Лёд", это название полностью отражает её. Я незамедлительно начинаю думать о сказках и сияющем снегу от одного лишь взгялда на эти шикарные платья.

ENG: Magazine Elite did a great job gathering so many wonderful and interesting people and projects. Covering so many sides of life! Bravo! I was impressed they decided to pick even the best artist of 2018, Nikas Safronov the major modern artist and pride of Russia, public figures like singers and actors as well as more working behind the curtains specialists.
RU: Журнал Elite проделал прекрасную работу, отбирая действительно примечательных людей и номинации, захватые прямо-таки все сферы жизни. Браво! Я была порадена тем, что был определён даже лучший художник страны, Никас Сафронов, без малого самый главный современный хуудожник России, а так же множество как ярких публичных личностей, певцов и актеров, так и тех, кто работает "закуслими".

ENG: The day was very cold and I actually couldn't help myself to wear something more fancy. I went for simple and basic look, wearing a long jacket with a belt to make it look as if it was a dress of sorts.
RU: День был очень холодным, поэтому я не смогла заставить себя выбрать что-то более интересное. Простой, базовый образ, главным образом пиджак, перехваченный ремнём, чтобы создать легкое впечатление платья.

I was wearing:
Jil Sander boots
Longchamp bag
Monki jacket
Tonic top (yes again yoga wear)


Have a nice day,

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  1. The outfits are unbelievably stunning. you look amazing as well. I hope you had a wonderful time

  2. These clothes are so beautiful! I love anything with a bit of sparkle, I must confess. Love your outfit also!

  3. These new stylish Clothes are mind blowing! i wish i could go there..

  4. Amazing desses 😍😍😍😍

  5. Another stunning night and full of great creation. Love one of the blue dress, sparkly and so elegant.

  6. Those were some amazing and unique designs! That's is a really nice collection, love all of them. Glad you were there!

  7. The dress are so beautiful, you looked gorgeous on your jacket. Love how you smile, it shows confidence.

  8. Wow what an event to attend! I bet you had such a lovely experience. Good for you! xo, Suzanne

  9. Oh wow! Those outfits though!!! They're pretty unique - I wonder if I would ever be able to pull any off ;)

  10. Those dresses are simply stunning, what a great event

  11. Wow those outfits are amazing! Wearable art! You're glowing as well, you can really tell you had a wonderful time!

  12. The collection look very stunning. I particularly like the first two dresses. The design and the color are on point

  13. Me too!!!! That list is so fun to look at!

  14. Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! <3

  15. Her looks are so unusual, but beautiful! I love your outfit.

  16. Those pieces are amazing! Looks like you had a great time checking them all out.

  17. What a fun night! I love all the gowns!!

  18. That was another pretty fashion show and those dresses are really stunning and beautiful.

  19. Looks like a fun time. I loved the grandeur of those outfits. Very stage worthy!

  20. I love these designs! classic, yet still trendy and runway ready!

  21. Stunning outfits! Totally amazing event! I liked how they were current and on point with today's trends, however, remained classy!

  22. All these outfits are really amazing. Simple and stunning. Great event.

  23. those outits are so beautiful ! what a talented designer , and looks like a fab event to be

  24. I understand why you liked this event! And you look absolutely stylish and perfectly dressed for the occasion!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  25. What beautiful dresses! Looks like it was a fun night had by all.

  26. Wonderful. Such magical moments

  27. I totally understand why you liked this event!
    The impressions are so impressing and amazing. Lovely. And you look stunning, as always ;)

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