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Al Arabia Fashion Days. Day 1

ENG: I am absolutely in love with Arabian Fashion. Long gowns, full of grace. Never tacky. When I first heard of collaboration between our cultures I immediately new I am going to see that. And I wasn't wrong. I really wish the fashion shows were more modest though it was still very beautiful.
RU: Я полностью и абсолютно влюблена в моду арабского мира. Длинные платья, всё полно грации и нежности. Никакой вульгарности. Когда я впервые услышала о событии, соединяющим наш культуры, я сразу же поняла, что мне туда идти необходимо. И я не ошиблась. Хотелось бы, конечно, чтобы показы мод на тематических днях были бы более сдержанными, однако и так было очень красиво.
ENG: During my first day I was able to attend three shows. First and the most sticking was by ArAm Designs (Saudi Arabia) which left a big mark on my heart. Those gowns were superb. Very unusual, creative and sure chic.
RU: В первый день я смогла посетить три показа. Первый и самый интересный был от ArAm Designs (Саудовская Аравия), который оставил большой след в моём сердце. Эти вечерние платья были просто великолепны! Очень необычные, креативные и женственные.

ENG: Second show was by bright and fun Kibovskaya who is famous here for creative splashes of color and creativity for both kids and adults alike.
RU:  Второй показ был представлен яркой и веселой Кибовской, которая известна соими интересными дизайнами и цветовыми решениями, которые обожжают как взрослые, так и дети.

ENG: Final for me that day was one more show from Russian Designer Araida which matched the first show in terms of gowns but took a more casual day to day attitude. I really loved the hats there!
RU: Последним в тот день для меня был показ российского дизайнера Araida, который легко можно сравнить с первым показов по части вечерних туалетов, однако у этого дизайнера в целом более спокойный, повседневный подход. А какие шляпки!

ENG: As for my outfit. Well it was still warm so I picked my favorite coat not so coat. I wear it as both coat and cardi depending on weather. My good old yet still loved dress from Topshop which hugs body like a glove. Big bag to fit my camera with me and sure pumps. And yes the weather was warm enough not to add anything extra to the look.
RU:  А теперь про мой образ. На улице было всё ещё очень тепло, поэтому я выбрала моё обожаемое пальто-не пальто. Я ношу его и как кардиган, и как полноценную верхнюю одежду в зависимости от погоды. Моё старенькое, но всё ещё любимое платье от Topshop, которое обтягивает моё тело как перчатка, а так же крупная сумка, чтобы донести мою камеру, и конечно, каблуки. Да, погода была такой приятной, несмотря на середину осени, что я могла больше ничего не добавлять.

I was wearing:
Topshop dress
Michael Kors bag
Givenchy pumps
Viktoria Tretyak cape
Zabegina scarf


Have a nice day,

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  1. You always do the coolest fashion stuff. Honestly, I've never been into anything like this, but you make it really interesting.

  2. Oh wow, that red dress is spectacular! These designs are wonderful.

  3. Oh wow, this fashion is just awesome! Stunning :) I love the long flowing fabric - just beautiful.

  4. This is some genuine fashion stuff! It's nicely written too:)


  5. So many fabulous outfits, I loved seeing all of this fashion. What a lovely experience.

  6. The red dress is just stunning. Love so much your dress and your heles are stunning.

  7. I love the luxurious looking fabric the style are so grand and colourful.

  8. That must have been a truly wonderful combination of cultures. I love the third designer's outfits best, especially that jumpsuit! Yours is very chic, and that cardigan is very handy, can be casual or classy! Love the shoes!

  9. The fabric styles are lovely especially the red dress is eye catcher. Great review Iyosha.

  10. I do love watching fashion show a lot because I want to see every new collections that the designer does.

  11. You did it all you are the most fashionable that ever see in the blog., you are really have a great taste in fashion. keep it up hope yo will be great fashion designer after all.

  12. Oh I love all of these outfits! The fabric and styles are stunning and really inspired me to try new looks this autumn! Gorgeous!

  13. Some awesome looks here. Loved the red dress - fabulous!

  14. I really love the dress you chose from your own outfit. You look pretty amazing there. The rest of the fashion show looked a lot of fun.

  15. Oh sweetie! that was such an amazing show! those outfits are so dreamy! I also ove what you wore, it looks like you still have nice weather!

  16. Those are some truly beautiful dresses! I wish I hadn't missed this!

  17. If you ask me, long gowns are the way to go. I really love a lot of these!

  18. You have it again a nice and successful fashion event you attend to and it look so fun and joy to see those beautiful creation .

  19. i like your coat not a coat. i love versatile pieces like that, they suit many purposes

  20. These are some beautiful styles. Both elegant and stylish

  21. love your outfit...and great fashion shows.

  22. Your attire is damn cool....I really loved the first two gowns very much <3

  23. These outfits are pretty cool. I’m always Leary about some fashion because it never seems to actually transfer to real life but some of these can really do just that!

  24. Coll outfits I love the clicks. Go girl..... motivates me to shop ;)
    Fashion industry changes quite fast. love the red one

  25. What I love is what you are wearing! So chic! :D I love that gray sweater. Wish I can find something like that.

  26. Arabian fashion is stunning! I love the long flowing dresses and sleak designs. I would love to wear any of these gorgeous outfits.

  27. You have great knowledge of fashion because you could actually decide which of those were better, because I wasn't able to decide. Each one of them looked beautiful.


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