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Unapologetically love anime. And SpyxFamily is one of them. It is so funny! I really feel very relaxed when I watch it. I felt very carefree wearing this combo just moving around to get things done with babe. We shared tons of laughts and hugs while at it. And definitely did everything we needed to in a flash.
This tiny skirt has built in shorts which I adore Built-in chain, not so much, it is a little tricky to take care of. But I love this little skirt with all my dark soul anyways. Do you also have pieces you love despite some limitations?
I was wearing:
local small bix Kiki sweater and skirt
Pirma shoes
Monlo cherry socks


Have a nice day,

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun and carefree day wearing this cute combo while watching SpyxFamily!

  2. I can see the H and M in the background. Did you shop there?

  3. I love your Anime style! It is a very cute outfit!

  4. Love your shirt! I just started watching SPYFamily on Netflix and I am enjoying it.

  5. omg your skirt!!! You look soooo adorable, I love it....Very cute ootd.

  6. Wow five wonderful poses. And you have pulled it off so well with your amazing clothes. Keep enjoying.

  7. I don’t know anything about anime, but your outfit is both fun and cute! You look so happy and relaxed.


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