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Tanooj Moda fashion show

I am so happy and SO excited! I had a change to enjoy a fashion show in Cancun. It was wonderful and I couldn't be happier to experience it again. It was a pure joy to me. The fashion show was actually dedicated to beach wear. I absolutely loved how beautiful and diverse it was. I am sure each person could find something to enjoy and wear. The  models were obviously having as much fun as the spectators. The sets looked very comfortable as well and would definitely help you to stand out on blue flag beaches of Cancun. The brand is 100% Mexican and even more to it, it's Cancun created. I am very proud and happy to be able to be a part of this fashion show.

I wore a comfortable and a little warmer outfit. It was a cold rainy-windy evening and I could definitely use some extra warmth so I wore a jacket. I wore a silky skirt to make my outfit a little more fun and help me stand out. I really like how the colors played together.

I was wearing:
versace versus jacket
hm skirt and top
Pirma sneakers
earrings originally belonged to my mother


Have a nice day,

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  1. SO cool you went to this fashion show.
    I like your outfit.
    Happy holidays!

  2. It sounds like it was a fun show and the photos you got look great! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    I like your outfit too, the jacket is such a fun statement and the skirt looks so good with it :)

  3. Oh, I love your outfit. Looks great on you! Love the jacket and skirt combination. /Yonca

  4. I am so glad that you were able to attend this fashion show! It really did look like everyone was comfortable and having a great time. Your outfit looks amazing too. It suits you so well.

  5. What an experience to go and see a fashion show in Cancun awesome images.

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