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Staying Safe on Your Travels

Happy Friday! This week has been absolutely crazy and flew by in a flash. This makes me even more excited to present you with this guest post which absolutely reflects my decire of travels and vacation in  general. I do find the following information very useful and hope you will enjoy reading it. Glad to be helpful!

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Staying safe on your travels is not an easy thing to get right when you think about it. You can easily let your guard down and be trusting of people. But danger is everywhere, no matter where you are. From internet issues to safeguarding documents, here are some suggestions.

Mask Your Identity Online
Your online location is exposed to everyone via your public IP address. This can be used to determine where you are on a street level. If someone wanted to rob your home, they could see that you aren’t there via your IP. Hackers can home in on your location to commit cybercrime based on it, too. Windows and Mac allow you to change this, and it can help to check how to change Mac IP address  and your Windows IP address when you are going on vacation.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi
The web is a dangerous place these days, and following on from the last point, it is vital that you try not to use public free Wi-Fi unless it's necessary. Almost all public free Wi-Fi services are highly insecure, and 25% of people on vacation have been hacked when using them. The reason is that they are wide open with no security protocols, so your data can easily be intercepted by even the most amateur of cyber criminals using various apps, tools, and scripts from the web.

Stay Safe on Your Travels with Family Updates
You never know what will happen while you are traveling. Natural disasters, criminal activity, and misadventure can befall anyone. If you are in an unfamiliar place or exploring dangerous ruins, it can be hard to find the help you need. An easy way to increase the chances of being helped when you need it is to keep your closest friends and family updated about where you are and what you are doing. Try not to post this on social media unless it is via private messaging.

Keep Your Documents Close
The last thing you need is to lose your documents. Passports are valuable to criminals who can easily sell your ID over the dark web. And it can be a living nightmare to try to get your identity back, and often after the damage has been done. At the very least, you will not be able to get back home or cross borders without a valid passport, meaning long and complex trips to your embassy. Keep your documents literally close to your chest, and never leave them in luggage.

Make Your Hotel Room Safer
Further to not leaving things in luggage, it always helps to ensure your hotel room is safe. You never know who will have access, and you cannot trust hotel staff. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign to prevent entry, and try to make it look like you are in the room by leaving on lights or the TV. Never leave personal or valuable stuff in the room either, as it’s possible others know how to open the safe. Never open the door to someone claiming to be hotel staff and call the front desk to check.

Hiding your online location helps with staying safe on your travels. It also helps to let family and friends know where you are and secure your hotel room by giving the impression you are there.


Have a nice day,

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  1. Definitely important information! Thank you for sharing! I hope you had a wonderful weekend <3
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