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Rally Maya

Rally Maya is a rally race lasting for over 1500 km around the Yucatan peninsular. But what really makes it unique in my eyes is that the rally is made on vintage vehicles. It is such a delight to see not only the museum worthy cars but also seeing them full trottle! I was very impressed and will definitely be following the race again next year (yes, this race is traditional here and happens on yearly basis in May).
Cancun holds the finals being the furthest part of peninsula (and also the country) so I didn't need to much to experience it. The real finals were marked by heavy rain so we didn't really make videos and photos but the weather cleared up and improved greatly by the time of parade and I managed to make some shots of fantastic cars. Each was magestic and I really had a hard time choosing what to leave behind.

My outfit was simplistic mostly because I was a little tired from a very eventful week and also because I was worried about the weather. I went with a simple top, long pants and shoes. Hat helped me shade my eyes from a very bright post-rain sun. I did feel very cute though.

I was wearing:
Shoes Pirma
Everything else Cuidado con el Perro


Have a nice day,

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  1. Oh my goodness. This sounds like such a great event! So glad you were able to attend. I love what you wore. That shirt is gorgeous.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. wow, such a great event and i was amazed with all those beautiful cars.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your experience at Rally Maya and seeing the vintage vehicles in action. Your photos captured the beauty of the cars, and your outfit looked simple yet stylish. Thank you for sharing your experience and I look forward to following the race next year!

  4. Those car looks really so cool. It look like a great event.

  5. Love seeing vintage cars whenever i get the chance.. we sometimes have smaller parades in our area where locals bring their vintage cars to take part in the parade.. This rally sounds like so much fun.. and your top is so cute


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