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Iced out

How about some inspiration today? I wouldn't mind. I have been very mia from the blog lately focusing on everything happening around me and often cutting on blog time for other moments. I take it as May has been my blog vacation month. I promise to do better! And I will! Also, my husband and daughter were sick last week and I had to hold the fort as a healthy one. I am absolutely proud of myself and my health for actually pulling this off.

But let's turn back to some inspiration today, don't we?  Today I want to start it soft and pleasant with small details that elevate our looks the most. Yes, let's talk about accessories. But this time I'd go for something smaller and yet very accent. Something pretty around your neck. Let's head to Helloice again and explore beautiful necklaces, pendants and chains. I love it all and would definitely wear it. My personal bonus points for various geeky options I personally admire most. Let's take a good look at fantastic and very geeky iced out pendants at first. Here is what fascinated me most:

Pokemon lover here! I have to admit I really like the franchise and enjoy stuff related to it. It's a very cute and very comforting option for me. Gengar is one of my favourite Pokemons of all, I just can't help but love it. Want! 

A lot of people know how deeply I admire Dragon Ball. To tell the truth, I was watching Dragon Ball right before going to the hospital to give birth to my daughter. It was also the first thing I watch upon return. And while Son Goku is the most iconic, my favourite will always and forever be Piccolo.

But enough with anime. I like other stuff too! How about horrors? Yes, please and a lot! I'd absolutely wear this horror fan confession around my neck.

But to wear all of these beautiful pendants we do need cute iced out chains. I absolutely have to show just how wonderful the options are there. Various sizes, lengths and levels of boldness. Basically, I couldn't think of a chain I couldn't find there to accommodate my stylish desires. I also just have to mention a very people-friendly pricing policy which leads me to an easy choice. I'd definitely go for unique and super statement pendants to Helloice as well as getting the look complete with a chain at the same shop. Also saving on shipping, right?

Did you get anything new and cute in terms of accessories lately? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. If I didn't convince you just yet, simply check out hip hop jewelry on Helloice too. They are so bold and beautiful, I'd say it is a spectacular choice if it fits your style.


Have a nice day,

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  1. That Friday the 13th piece is SO cool. I do like to watch certain horror movies, so I would definitely wear that around Halloween.
    the creation of beauty is art.


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