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Golden photo idea

I have just celebrated my own and partner's birthday. It has been a blast even though we managed to avoid piƱatas but sang many wonderful songs. I also got to celebrate birthday of my coach which definitely was also very special to me. And while I have been taking tons of photos both with me and without me, I realized just how much I wanted it to be more organized to be even more special. While I love seeing smiles of my friends and even more of my dear beloved family I do enjoy seeing a good backdrop. In Mexico the most delicious places are often the least spectacular looking ones. The most vivid and happy moments are not staged. Sometimes I kinda wish I could stage it at least a little to treasure the moments a little more. Like instead of seeing a counter with dirty dishes seeing something more appealing. Or instead of couple of balloons and crowds on the beach seeing something cutting the perspective only to make it more... golden. I actually have been thinking of backdrops with are actually a big part of an everyday life of any photographer in studios and during the events (press wall shot is mandatory, guys, or let's think red carpet). Surely regular press wall and screens (including but not limited to green screens) are handy and not very transportable. I mean surely it is doable but definitely not something you can simply just throw in and add to your belongings, if you go to, let's say, paradise island nearby. In fact I recently discovered different type of backdrops. It might take a little more time to set it up (which is actually no problem during the celebrations where you can always find tons of people) it saves a lot in both weight and space to carry. Yes, I am talking about panels for backdrops, the ones you can find (in big numbers to accommodate any desire, mind me) on Here is how it looks and what you need to set it up. It doesn't take that much time but the result will definitely leave you satisfied and happy.

Let's just look at those fine example of backdrops for birthdays. Surely you are not limited to birthdays to make a backdrop, any occasion will do because after all this is just a backdrop and not full decoration (unless you don't want it to be the only decoration for sure). it will last long as you are free to add any accessories and additional element to completely change the whole outlook of the object. Yes, the only limitation is yourself!

I am sure Carmen whose birthday celebration decor we see here was impressed! I love how everything played around the theme of pure and vibrant gold. I have no idea of her age and I do believe she could have celebrated any number with this fancy gold shimmer wall

More gold for Trisha! And while it's the same golden golden decor idea, the arrangement feels completely different! Gorgeous!

I kinda wish we could see more of it but I really enjoyed the addition of rose gold to regular gold shade. That is definitely decor inspiring!

Did you ever try assembling such a wall? Do you like making a special photo op place during birthday or other special occasion celebration? wedding, perhaps?


Have a nice day,

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  1. This would be so fun to have! Definitely a great way to celebrate!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. These look like fun backdrops for a big party! :)

    1. in here, I do see such backdrops for small parties as well.. but these are small Mexican parties, 20+ people, jeje


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