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A year of my life 2.0

It's been a year since I have moved to Mexico and honestly it still feels like a dream come to true to me. I am so happy and fulfilled here, it is incredible. I am half-way scared I might jinx it. I do pray I won't. I am also very happy how my adaptation went/goes here. I thought it might be useful to many people who relocate to a very different climate and also different culture (always applies) to share some of my tips. Each of them contributed to my well being here. I feel very local here. After all they joke Mexicans are born wherever they feel like. May be it was meant for me to live here that is why I adapted so well. Anyways, here is my piece of mind:
1 Have your eyes opened. Adapt to new reality. It is not your previous home with benefits, it is completely different. Don't expect it to be like your before-home but better in each and every position.
2 People at your new place and the place itself are not "them", it is called "us" now. Start with saying, aim to feel that way.
3 Do not compare! Never! Face your new reality especially in terms of prices. If something was cheap at your previous home it might very well be very expensive here. Good news, things that were expensive elsewhere might be cheap here. Some points you think were superior at your previous home, in time might stop being superior.
4 Learn the prices, find patterns. It will allow you to navigate shopping more successfully without paying too much or avoiding products you want/need because you are hoping to find cheaper options. Stop fighting for previous patterns, admit new policy.
5 Eat like locals. Both out and at home. Don't always eat what you used to. Still occasionally cook it though.
6 Get to know your neighbours. Advice is free and people love being heroes doing nothing
7 Shop local, shop small business. It is also a way to know more people.
8 Learn and speak local language. Always. Ask your mates to correct your mistakes and teach you. It's fun for both of you.
9 Small talks are your thing. Also smile. Especially if you did something wrong.
10 Build your circle. Do hobbies. Join clubs. Zoom and your old friends are great but offline is important. It has to be local. Don't lock yourself into circle from your native/previous country, expat community or colleagues from work.
11 Explore your surroundings. Try that coffee shop, open yourself to new, it might change you forever.
12 It is ok to no longer like something or need something. You thought you'd visit the beach everyday after you move to the tropics but you no longer find sea swimming that fun? It is natural, it is ok. Not everything should be your thing, not every picture you had in your mind before relocation must become your new reality. Give up.
13 Gratitude. Find positivity in things that surround you, appreciate it, say it, not only think. If, for example, gratitude journals are you thing: go for it, make a separate one purely dedicated to your move/new home.
14 Enjoy your life. Don't be miserable. You have only one life. Focus on positivity. It is ok to admit you are not ok or give up on something.
15 Learn small local customs and try following it. For example, it is polite to say "have a nice meal" to people who have lunch in the park and upon leaving the cafe in Mexico. You immediately become more local and it also might lead to new friendship too.
16 Immerse into local traditions, holidays and everything. It is not cultural appropriation, it is your curiosity. Still be mindful though, don't wear flags of your new home all over for holidays. But immerse in it, be happy, congratulate people. 
17 There will be negative things, drawbacks, disadvantages. It is natural. Breath through it. Face it and admit it. Accept it. Live with it. Don't try to change it, at least not at once. Try to understand it.
18 Luck is important.

Fell free to argue, correct or add whatever you like in comments. I'd love a good discussion here.

Have a nice day,

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  1. I am so glad you're happy in Mexico, I mean I can tell from your posts, you seem you're in your element. This is awesome.

    1. thanks! I am so glad actually it is seen. Because I really feel like as if I was born anew, better, stronger and free. You are a frequenter here so I value your opinion a lot.

  2. Hey, I'd like to ask a question. Why did you decide to move to Mexico specifically? I've been thinking of moving to Canada myself, but I'm having a hard time commiting to that decision as whatever decision I make will be "final" so to say.
    What were the things that inspired you?

    1. well... we had several points our new place needed to meet including budget, settling requirements and job possibilities. Mexico was the country that matched most of what we wanted so Mexico it was. We also navigated to warmer climate which also limits the options. We needed to decided fast due to some external factors which limited our options as well. However, we've been thinking to relocate for awhile and I'd suggest hesitating less. It is a big decision but just sitting there and waiting for being 100% sure and "final" is not helping you, on contrary it makes you loose time and opportunities.

  3. Your blog post is a wonderful reflection on your experiences and growth over the past year. I appreciate your vulnerability and honesty in sharing your journey.

  4. These are not only great tips for others, your list also shows that you are a very respectful and emphatic person - that's a wonderful, wonderful thing! I'm so glad you found your place in Mexico - and in life! I'm looking very much forward to follow you on your journey - and I wish you and your little family all the best :-D

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment, it means a lot

  5. Wowo ...Happy happy 1st anniversary to you of moving to Mexico, happy to note that you're loving your life & found your place there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & great tips of relocating, learnt them. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. It's so great you have been there for a year! feels like it wasn't that long ago you shared you were moving, wow! It's good you are enjoying life there and that you are able to share these helpful tips for other people too! :)


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