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How to make content easier at home

It's our birthday week. My husband's and mine birthday dates are only 7 days apart and we use the week squeezed into it as an excuse to enjoy ourselves a little more. Doing out to eat more often, doing more fun stuff and such. Not everything has to be static and I actually find this a wonderful way to brighten up life and make it a little more special. It felt even better since we didn't go out much earlier being swamped by things to do, small household issues and improvements for quite a some time before. While I have a lot to tell you about the fun times I have been experiencing, I will not do that this time, just this once. Instead I will talk about the hardship the blogger who has other things to do other than blogging often faces. Part time bloggers, you are seen and loved and definitely taken care of. Sometimes when we have lots to do during the day we just can't find the right (or any, if ever) time to make some valuable content. This is my messy mirror selfie of me wearing my home wear while I am cleaning kinds neglected house or this is my once again messy mirror selfie wearing my favourite comfort clothes while I trying to meet the deadlines I have on photo-editing project? Sounds familiar right? I definitely could have dressed better and snap some photos in between but the trick is the light day is over and I don't have much time to go further away from home to better light anyway. I could have fixed that with indoor home shooting but let's face it, while our home might be very cozy and nice to live in, not each house has fine suitable and fun locations to make a lovely photo at. And even if it does, not always you can come up with better outfit for this location. Or once again (much like at my own home) cute corners and better light might not mix. My favorite corner in my home has probably the worse evening light ever. Imagine you could solve some of those issues. While at time we can not prioritize blogging or a hobby or pretty much anything else, we can have some handy tools to still be on top of things. Invest in some better light for home (a simple and cheap ring light might actually do wonders) and think of a backdrop. It is a big game changer because you don't have to really think of what is behind you, you only worry about the light. Get all the help and time you need to find a perfect combination between these two, remember it and recreate it in a flash. Super easy, right? I know! Today I want to show you some stunning big helper to create wonderful portraits (both close ups and full length) in a flash with shimmer wall backdrops. Here are couple of my favorite examples you would definitely LOVE.
Stunning right? Black, edgy and fancy. There are so many ways and style to utilize this backdrop  I won't even start writing about it at all. You name it, it fits. It might be a tiny bit tricky if you want to go for total black but trust me, a little time with camera settings and it will work nicely as well.

All that glitters is not gold but this very close. You can hardly fail choosing gold as a backdrop and you also avoid the issue of same color you might face with example above. Surely total gold outfits happen but they are definitely rare enough not to bother at all. This option from is absolutely brilliant

Have you ever used backdrops for home? Probably, during the pandemic?

Have a nice day,

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