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Get yourself a best friend at Jeulia

How does your weekend go by? Mine sure is a blast, we are enjoying it a lot! I already feel recharged and ready to roll and it's only Sunday. I only hope the weather improves a lot because we had plans to be out and about. I'd prefer warmer weather instead of freezing and layering.
And so far while my partner is busy arranging a streaming translation, brewing coffee and mentally collecting himself I have nothing else to do but to relax a bit... or so I would say. Instead I found myself procrastinating next to my PC. I decided to fight it only half way and create something useful out of my frankly not best behavior. Today I decided to inspire you with what I am constantly looking at and scrolling through. It is actually a bit usual to me to be that invested in accessories but I do think I should pay more attention to smaller details to elevate my looks. Today I want to invite you over to Jeulia, online shop where you can find everything you can think of in terms of jewelry and accessories for any budget you might have.
We all now that diamonds are girl's best friends so let's start on the fancy side and enjoy some fine examples of diamond rings for women
I live in the country of avocados, it's one of my daughter's all time favorite meals and I have to admit I have some avocado at home at all times. I also find this fruit incredibly cute and I have TONS of merch with it. My friends know it and often make me small presents with it. There is no way I could pass this amazing ring. I would SO buy it really. It is saved on my list. I want this teardrop engagement ring badly. I bet you do too.
This is absolutely stunning. Very elegant, statement and graceful at the same time. I am also a big fan of color blue which makes the ring even better.
I have had no idea what the ring enhancer meant before I discovered it on Jeulia but I absolutely loved the examples of it. So cute and absolutely geeky. Do you like Nightmare before Christmas as much as I do or even more? I wish my friends who held a themed wedding had such a ring set to wear. I am sending them the link because they might want to get it for wedding anniversary.

How's your weekend? Did you enjoy the post and the rings I absolutely enjoyed writing it for you!


Have a nice day,

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