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00s vibe

I have to admit I have little to do with 00s and style despite my age. Growing up I wasn't into fashion and I have never really be urged to pursue trendy stuff by my family. My mother taught me to be timeless. I am thankful for that because that is what I normally aspire. However play a part is fun from time to time. Today I played pretend to be a cool kid from 00s wearing my tiny bag, huge glasses and low pants. I do think I am lacking the Juicy Couture letters on butt but let's face it, that would have been too much.
On the side note, do you like my new cargo pants? I basically live in them these days! So comfortable! I always wear them in the morning to face the chill and dew of early morning pup date. And smile all the way.

I was wearing:
Ferragamo scarf
Gucci bag and sunnies
Cuidado con el Perro pants
Converse shoes
Forever21 top


Have a nice day,

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  1. Love this 00 vibe outfit - and I like how you added the scarf as a belt of the cargo pants! it's been so long since I tried a scarf belt but I should try it again, I really loved it!

    Hope you are having a great day :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. I do love the cargo pants, they look great and the shirt is really cute too. This outfit looks great on you.

  3. It is definitely fun to try out different trends, new and old! This is a fantastic outfit. I adore the pants and that purse. So fabulous!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. Great pictures, love the background and the outfit look amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love this getup on you dear! Its scarf belt back on trend I guess?

  6. It looks like you are rocking this outfit for sure! I love the pants, and the top is cute, too!

  7. This tree may at least 500 years old! Thanks for sharing

  8. love the whole outfit, but especially that top - so very cute!!

  9. I like cargo, but I don't like camouflage. Maybe it's my general problem with anything military?! By the way, I'm also going very timeless and classic. One can always add one flashy piece to give it some swag ;-)

  10. You are looking absolutely adorable in that outfit and totally loving your top.


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