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Waist trainers

My body grows bigger, skin is stretching and feel like like a zeppelin. I know I am on the small side but one can only imagine how it might have felt if I grew even larger. Yes, I am still quite strong and am able to workout everyday and walk as much and as long as I want but I feel it as an advantage, not just as a part of me. Pregnancy is tougher than you think. And it is SO much longer than you might think. I can't wait for it to be over. I have never been fascinated with pregnancy at all and becoming pregnant made me feel even less for it. And thinking of the end of pregnancy no matter how I try to focus on the baby and emotions over it (whatever it might be) I think more and more of this weird body of mine. I highly associate myself with Kermit the frog and that is how we call me at home over the last couple of months. Why Kermit? Became my hands and legs appear longer and thinner because of the giant blob aka my "baby bump". Yes, there was a lot anxiety and negative emotions over it especially since my family never got the concept of gentle speaking and politeness over sensitive matters. I am thanking Rhianna every day for giving courage and happiness in getting dressed again. That brings me to the point of the thing I want to discuss with you today: helpers to get back into shape and looking better (more up to your standards, I mean). I do think I will such a helper for myself because I don't think I will be  able to deal with postpartum body very well. If only my own body won't cooperate on its own but I don't know if it is actually is possible. Let's talk waist trainer wholesale. This relatively small item is a huge helper as per testimonies of a huge number of my friends. It helps you get into the shape better, help your distressed and squinted, torn and misshapen abdomen muscles to gently 'pop' back, guiding them and providing extra support. A hyper handy item if you ask me.

I want to introduce you to the shop FeelingGirldress. They have tons of options similar to the one I showed and linked above. They have a huge variety to meet every standard you might be having and every desire to have you covered. various colors, differences in fit and shape and even options to follow the corset trend wand wear it above the clothes like a fashion statement (see below). You name it they have it, I am pretty sure of it.
What they also supply in a huge number and what can also be hyper useful for making you look more slender and help you build or build back your confidence are plus size shapewear bodysuits (available actually in every size if you are curious). And the price is super low! It's idea for me because keeping  in mind the climate I live it, shapewear might be too hot for me especially during tropical summer. They offer options with a price I am easily willing to pay to see if it works for me.

What do you think on the topic? any tips on shapewear or waist trainers?


Have a nice day,

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  1. I am glad you are still able to be active and move around! I can't even imagine how difficult all of this is. There are so many changes and unknowns, but the fact that you are still doing your best to love what you wear and feel good about yourself is what matters most <3
    the creation of beauty is art.


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