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Did you get back in shape you prefer after the holidays? It might be a bit tricky for some us because after all don't most of the holiday celebration have strict food policy. There also is a lot of pressure to eat this or that food and often you have to eat what you normally would not just because you don't want to offend the cooker (normally that's your parents because friend don't have such issues normally). If you had longer holidays you also might ruin your routines and have a hard time going to sleep at the time normally should or would. This might bring to want more measures to get back to normal. Today I have a post with Lover-Beauty to inspire you in that irregular task. If you need it of coarse. P.S. also very useful to mothers who definitely need all the help they can get.
Today I want to show two different products. One to help you boost your confidence and one to help you get the results faster and easier. I do think both are equally good and important. Let's start with waist trainer wholesale. It's a product you put on your waistline to help shape it. Also super useful when you workout, it gives some support and helps training your muscles. Many women I know swear by this product for postpartum waist training. There are option that target your thighs as well which is a benefit and is also one sensitive area. It's made from neoprene so it's ok to use during hotter days and is perfect for colder season. Bonus: it also comes in fun colors!

And this is how you wear it (I took picture from the shop I am sharing products of) and a fun color also. what is better some wild leopard?

If you want to look thinner/more trained right now, if you have an important formal event but you still want to eat and drink freely you might want some shapewear and while we are at it a Butt Lifter. Basically it is a multi purpose shapewear that also helps you work your rear ark. There are options with open hips and covered. What is better for you is up to your body the result you want to see in mirror. Honestly, as a women lacking in that department I really don't mind some extra volume there for formal events and gowns.

Do never forget: you are beautiful as you are right now. There is no need to chase any standards, only how you feel and want you want is important. The whole fashion industry often tells to look one way or the other but it slowly changes. Remember, you like the way you look now, you never need anything to make you look otherwise. But if you are not satisfied with your looks, well, you can always go for it! Much love!


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