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MBFWRussia, day 5

The shortest and the nice day. I had so much to do, still enjoyed everything!
Самый короткий и очень классный день на MBFWRussia. Надо было столько всего сделать, однако я очень всем насладилась!

Leaf Xia created a very colorful and happy outerwear collection. It's fun and bright and absolutely wearable. I would really enjoy wearing it if I could. It wasn't really Chinese motives, it think it was what Europeans think of modern day Asia in general.
RU: Leaf Xia создала очень яркую и радостную коллекцию верхней одежды. Очень веселая и цветная, а так же абсолютно легко переносимая с подуима в повседневные реалии. Я с удовольсвием бы носила эту коллекию. Я бы сказала, что мотивы не совсем Китайские, скорее это представление европейцев о том, какой должна быть современная Азия.

My outfit was total black. I actually thought of 90s when chose it. do you like it?
Мой наряд полностью чёрный и навеян 90ыми. У меня получилось передать настрой и остаться при этом милой?

I was wearing:
Arny Praht backpack
Thriefted shoes
Dina faradgeva top
Cheap Monday vest/shirt
Uniqlo jeans
Belt - older than me, originally belonged to my Mom
not branded hat
c/o Rosegal necklace

Have a nice day,

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  1. You're rocking the Johnny Cash look. I like it. These are such colorful designs especially for the winter. Usually everything is darker and grim in the winter so I like it.

  2. I love the colors in these outfits. They are very retro and your bag is fabulous.

  3. These fashions are so unique and fun! I feel like it is almost stepping back into the past!

  4. The colours in the fashion show are so vibrant, aren't they? I love them. I also love your outfit.

  5. It's incredible how much pressure and work the modeling takes! Awesome job, Lyosha!

  6. what a fantastic event!

  7. Don't get this wrong the colors are beautiful, but what in the world are they wearing? Amazing how good some designers can be. I like the jackets though.

  8. These outfits are so bright and colourful! I like your outfit as well!

  9. I love how unique and colorful all of these outfits are! The third one would have to be my favorite! (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  10. I love how you wear your outfit! This one really rocks! And this runway is so colorful. All the design is pretty amazing.

  11. Beautiful colors! I love it when they pop like that! Isn't it amazing how creative people are!

  12. Pretty dress and colors. You would like look pretty if you had the chance to wear them.

  13. Bit over dramatic for me but I do really love the colourful bright tights

  14. These outfits are honestly so beautiful and quirky. I personally wouldn't wear them because I have 0 confidence but still beautiful.

  15. Annemarie LeBlancOct 27, 2019, 4:40:00 PM

    The outfits are so colorful and uniquely designed. I like the one that looked like a blue robe. Your outfit is lovely too. The jeans looked really chic on you.

  16. I like your black on black look. Colorful and bright winter gear; not sure some of the runway shoes would survive outdoors with snow :)

  17. What a fun and colourful collection, and I love your monochrome outfit - so cool and great layering!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  18. Fashion is a way to express yourself through the art of clothing. These pieces are very different but very interesting and somehow delightful. Your outfit, I must say is my favorite of them all. Very chic and simple, yet bold and makes a statement.

  19. I have been following your series on MFW and absolutely love it!

  20. The show looks great and the outfit are stunning.. �� You look the greatest btw.. �� Love your outfit girl. As usual..

  21. Kristine Nicole AlessandraOct 28, 2019, 4:29:00 AM

    First of all, I love the outfit you wore for the show. I can't believe that belt used to belong to your mom. She must really take good care of her stuff. The fashion designs in this show were a little quirky to me, but I realize that this is an art and I would say that the designers do have great talent.

  22. Their outfits of the models looks so cute and Unique I like their style! and also I love your outfit so stunning and rock!

  23. Yet another awesome show of great creativity. This time I am just loving the color combinations and the super bright outfits.

  24. I have been following your posts and today's selection is quite interesting and different.

    Anyway, loved your outfit. You can definitely never go wrong with all black.

  25. I do love your outfit! It's edgy and unique.

    I see a lot of colorful and chic trends on the runway. It looks like a great fashion show.

  26. so far - my fav day) abundance of color is uplifting) every outfit is a rainbow personified)))

  27. El espectáculo se ve muy bien y el atuendo es impresionante ... Te ves la mejor por cierto ... Amo a tu chica de atuendo. Como siempre..

    wholesale swimwear

  28. This looks like you had an awesome time at the fashion show. Glad you had fun. Vicky

  29. amazing collection, so full of your outfit as well.

  30. Amazing and colorful collection!!! i have been following your blog and simply love the fashion tips and collection.


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