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MBFWRussia, day 2

Slowly proceeding forward. Second day was packed up with fashion shows and emotions to me so beware of photo heavy post. Four fashion shows from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.
RU: Медленно продвигается даже с модой. Второй день был наполнен модными показами и эмоциями, поэтому предупреждаю сразу: в публикации море фотографий. Четыре показа в рамках  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.

First one was Presentation from Not Today brand. Creative, unique and fun. It was a performance I did enjoy watching. Clothes reminded me of my childhood which I definitely liked.
RU:  Первый это презентация от Not Today. Креативно, уникально и весело. Определенно перформанс, доставивший удовольствие. Одежда напомнила мне о детстве, а это уже сам по себе ценно.

Second show was the most creative and unusual to me. Femme De Mars. Very impressive jewelry, including heavy face covering moments, gowns, head covers and so juicy lingerie. I can't way I was a fan, I can't say I liked everything but the show left a big mark and made me talk and think.
RU: Вторым показ был самый необычный и креативный Femme De Mars. Очень впечатляющие украшения, включая тяжелые и скрывающие всё лицо, вечерние платья, покрытые головы и даже дерзкое нижнее бельё. Не могу сказать, что я такое бы надела, но показ определенно оставил впечатление и заставил обсуждать и раздумывать над увиденным.

Third show is one of my favorites each season: always elegant, beautiful, impressive and fun. It fills me up with empowerment, joy and pride of being a girl. Julia Dalakian is in her best. Bravo with yet another awesome collection!
RU: Тертий показ от отдного из моих фаворитов уже который сезон: всегда элегантно, красиво, впечатляюще и с искоркой. Показ, смотря который чувствуешь радость быть женщиной. Julia Dalakian прекрасна всегда. Браво! Снова попадание в десятку!

Final and forth show of the day was by Daniil Kostyshin. It was wonderful: treasured childhood memories, connection of time through color schemes, costume details and general love to own roots. nothing can beat it.
RU:  И наконец, последнее, четвертое шоу дня. Даниил Костюрин. Это было великолепно: самые ценные детские воспоминания, мост через года с помощью цветовых схем, деталей костюмов и, в целом, любви и уважении к собственным корням. вряд ли что-либо может это перекрыть.

Neon and neon. I had this neon idea in my mind of longest of time. I wanted to mix two different shades of yellow neon and wear it. And it was comfy. The bag I wore is probably the smallest by capacity I have: it looks big but nothing fits there, hehe.I love it still.
RU:  Неон и неон. У меня эта неоновая идея долго крутилась в голове. Я давно хотела смешать два разных неоновых оттенка и выгулять это. А ещё этот образ очень удобных, хотя сумочка, наверно, самая маленькая из всех, туда почти ничего не умещается. Но я всё ранво её люблю.

I was wearing:
Monki top and pants
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
thrifted shoes
Inkkas bracelets


Have a nice day,

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  1. These are all such cute and fun outfits showed on the runway! I also love your bag. (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  2. Your look is cool and I see also the fashion you saw on this day is amazing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  3. I must say that I had no idea that Moscow Fashion Week was so beautiful!

  4. That must have been an inspiring day.
    Thankfully the shows weren't all similar.
    Going by the photos i would also prefer the final show. Although i would be interested in the face jewelry. Not to buy though.

  5. This is beautiful! I have no idea that Moscow even had a fashion week!

  6. I love your fashion week posts! Keep them coming. I love to see all of the new styles!

  7. I like your outfit, it is very bold. Not everyone can wear yellow and look so good in it.

  8. I would love to attend a fashion show one day, i think the experience would be awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I absolutely love your neon outfit! I love fashion week here in the states in New York. Russia's looks just as amazing!

  10. How lovely are these looks. Love the neon outfit the most. Very chic.

  11. Kristine Nicole AlessandraOct 18, 2019, 11:50:00 PM

    The show that featured the creative talent of Daniil Kostyshin was the best for me too. I like how the outfits were made to look so chic and fashionable. The outfit you had one was cute too! I had to laugh when you described your bag. :)

  12. How lovely are these looks. Love the neon outfit the most, Neon is definitely in!

  13. This colorful fashion show looks like a lot of fun! I love seeing the creativity of the clothing designers.

  14. What beautiful shots! Also love the neon top with the lipstick! I never imagined Russia's Fashion Week but it looks so fun

  15. Very cool event to see with your own eyes. It is interesting how imagination works. Those outfits make me think about the power of mind and hand.

  16. I love attending fashion shows with all the elegance and funkiness! Neon is really something that stands out, however not something that I'd normally dare to wear, given my nature.

  17. This is such a beautiful and full of fun fashion show and ofcourse you are so gorgeous with your outfit.

  18. You look so so stunning! Love the outfit on you, it really works for you. Thanks for the post.

  19. That looks like such a great day! The fashions are amazing, I would love to go to a show like that !

  20. Lovely fashion looks! The neon is amazing—wish I could pull these off! Gorg! Lana

  21. I am loving your outfit for the shows! You definitely stand out. I think my favorite pieces are from the second show. Although all the clothes that you featured are quite awesome!

  22. Awesome fashion show..! I love your outfit, you looked so great..! And Femme de Mars looks so stunning..

  23. Fashion week is much fun and I love attending events here in NYC.

  24. really great post!

  25. It’s always so fun to see fashion shows. I don’t know that anything is practical but definitely fun to watch!

  26. Thanks for sharing about MBFW Russia! The photos you took are fabulous.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  27. Always want to see a fashion show up close. The clothes look amazing and very fashion forward.

  28. I have never been to a fashion show, it is something I have often thought I would love go to at least once. It looks like a great show

  29. That neon outfit looks amazing. Your moscowfashionweek posts are great. How many shows are there in a week?

  30. I love fashion shows! Attending the Moscow fashion week would be a dream come true.

  31. O show parece ótimo e a roupa é deslumbrante .. Você parece a melhor btw .. Ame sua garota de roupa. Como sempre..

    wholesale dresses


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