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Chicken Bikini

What do you think about your body image? Do you want to change it? Do you want to change bodies of people around you? Do you think comments on looks are acceptable? I am not talking about fashion/style bloggers or any other more or less public figures or even trainer in your gym; instead I speak of regular people. Would you approach to someone to ask about this person's body?
Lately there are a lot of talks about fat shaming. If you are overweight you might have lots of reason to be so including but not limited your own liking. But as I feel it triggered the opposite outcome - skinny shaming. People for some reason feel OK to tell any skinny person to go eat something or implying 'bones are disgusting'. I don't personally understand why people tend to judge whatever. We do all have different eyes and feelings.
Why did I shared my opinion? It's pretty simple. Today I discussed with a friend of mine posting of bikini photos. She wasn't sure if you wanted to post it to her Instagram (by the way, check my Instagram profile too) because she was afraid someone might comment her body badly. I think there is nothing wrong with our bodies in bikini: skinny, overweight, sporty, chubby, with stretchmarks, scars etc. Each body is beautiful in its own natural way. It is unique and unique is always beautiful!
To support that thought I am posting my own bikini look. In fact I am absolutely crazy about this bikini, it's sooo cute! A little bit vintage styled, very bright and super comfy.

P.S. photos above  were taken during my fantastic trip in May-June. It is Zurich lake, my first swim of a year. You might have already seen this photo because I posted it in my Instagram here

And these are the latest shots from Moscow. I took them on a boat. And starting from Wednesday boats are way more inside my daily life! I passed an exam for driving license for a boat. Yay! In two weeks I'll get the card and will be able to use boat all by myself. I wish it could be faster but it's ok as I will be on vacation starting from August 3d.

I was wearing:
Monki bikini


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  1. Wow, that bikini looks really beautiful. The prints are so perfect for this season and it looks really comfortable to wear and aside from that it really looks good on you.

  2. I'm so digging that swimsuit. I love my body after years of dislike, I've come to accept it the way it is. Perfectly perfect.

  3. Love the bikini! I think posting pictures in bikini's are fine and we should all love our bodies however 'different' we think they may be.

  4. I love that bikini! The bright yellow is such a happy colour, and the print is bold but beautiful!

    Jackie - Organised Mum Life

  5. That bikini is so cute! Yeah skinny shaming can be bad too. I think overall as long as your healthy, there shouldn't be any problems.

  6. You did make a valid point about body shaping. people can pint at any flaw in anyone. But hey we are humans arent we? We were not meant to be perfect!

  7. I LOOOOOVE that bikini. Super retro and adorable - and you're totally rocking it! Yes - I'm so tired of judgement and opinion, and I am sadly always so aware and nervous about what other people's opinions are. Fat and skinny shaming, and any kind of shaming are absolutely unnecessary and so hurtful. Good for you for doing your thang!

  8. Wow! Congratulations on getting your license. It is very exciting to be able to "drive" a boat. So excited for you.

  9. That's awesome that you can now officially drive a boat. Congratulations! Love the yellow print on the bikini!

  10. Every body is beautiful in its own way, I completely agree. It is very sad that our societies tolerate body shaming. Skinny shaming is very present these days, it's crazy how many people think it is o.k to verbally attack someone just because they are slim or skinny. Many Slavic girls are naturally skinny, that's just how we are, it's no reason for criticism.

    I do love that bikini, it's very pretty. You look great! Congrats for getting a boat driving licence. I love being on a boat.

  11. Gorgeous retro bikini in beautiful colours! you look lovely in it :-)

  12. There is such a great inspiring and important message here. You look really great in your bikini!

  13. What a fun and colourful bikini! Congrats on passing the boat license exam too!

    I don't think we should comment on bodies - I think we should be kind and build people up rather than tearing them down. My mum always told me 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything' and some people could follow that advice, haha!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a quiet one here again, we caught another winter bug unfortunately!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. I cant explain how much better I feel after reading your post, thankyou for posting a picture of your self . I am terribly underweight for my age and everyone around me picks on me for being tiny and skinny

  15. It is so easy for people to judge what they quickly see. You're right. There is no need for fat shamming or skinny shamming, but no matter what it will happen just the same. I really appreciate this piece and LOVE the swimsuit!

  16. that's a good point, sometimes people comments are really mean and impact to other people confidential. Well, we just need to be confident then. We can't make everybody love us righ..

  17. It is important to be comfortable with one's body image. Your post will inspire many and hope will make them feel ok, not matter how they think other think of them.

  18. Love the bikini. It has a lovely design. I would love to be on a boat right now. Way too warm where I am.

  19. What a cute swim suit! I adore the colors, and I am really digging the high waisted trend at the moment. Adorable!

  20. Super cute! I like the yellow, it's so cheerful. Sounds like you are having a fun summer! We've had a fun summer camping, boating and just enjoying the sunshine.

  21. congrats on getting that licence girl. Also, you look stunning on your bikinis.

  22. Aww indeed, I like your bikini design :D Especially the bright colors. No matter what people say though, I am fat and I have curves in the wrong places. They are not flattering. But I don't really care. I just don't want to wear skimpy swimsuits because I look awful hahaha I try to look for ones that enhance my figure. :D

  23. I agree with your comments about fat shaming and skinny shaming - it's not about what other people think of you, it's about how comfortable you feel in your own skin! x


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