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BegiJV outfit and run

ENG: Do you tend to celebrate things with sports? I actually do and for three straight years I celebrate New Year with a run, this year I also celebrated my birthday with a run. And I am not alone in this. Imagine my curiosity when  I got an email from Restar agency (and restar agency means perfect event to me) telling about the run to celebrate birthday of Julia Vysotskaya, Russian TV personality, actress and a cook. The run was called BegiJV which is impossible to translate. JV - initials of the birthday lady sounds like zhivi which is live in Russian. Begi is to run. So it's run and live. Happy Birthday to Fab Julia Vysotstkaya, I was happy to add my 10k to your joy. And also have an extra medal in my collection.
Here is what I wore. I know total black is not that festive but it classy right? I am also crazy about both these pants (I wear them for my yoga classes almost all the time) and this hoodie is just too perfect to me. It's both comfy and super stylish.
Русский перевод как и всегда под изображением

RU: Спавляете ли вы праздники спортом? Последние три года я отмечаю Новый Год забегом, а в этом году в копилку попал ещё и мой день рождения. И в этом я не одинока. Представьте себе моё любопытство, когда я получила письмо о готовящемся беговом событии от Restar agency, которое для меня означает, что мероприятие будет проведено шикарно. Забег приуроченный к дню рождения Юлии Высотсткой, телеведущей, актрисы и кулинара. Забег назывался BegiJV или БегиЖиви. Именно так просто и назван забег: беги живи. С днём рождения прекрасную Юлию Высоцкую, я была рада добавить мои 10 км в общую копилку удовольствия. Ну, и медалька в коллекцию тоже не лишняя.
А это мой беговой наряд. Я знаю, тотальный черный не  лучший выбор для празднования, но черный такой стильный всегда. Плюс я до сих пор немного одержима этими штанами (редкий класс йоги для меня обходится без них), а эта худи мне кажется попросту идеальной: удобная и стильная.

I was wearing:
Toxic pants
Asics running shoes
Reebok pants
t-shirt from the event


Have a nice day,

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  1. great running outfit. You look great! I think sports are good for both our body and spirit.

  2. I love this outfit. It looks comfortable and great. Sports is one of the best ways to clear your head!

  3. You are such an inspiration! I love that you celebrate your birthday and other occasions with a run. I think that is a fabulous idea!

  4. Wow how I wish I was as determined as you in running. I haven't really tried running except on the treadmill but I would love to try hopefully soon.

  5. What an awesome way to celebrate the new year. I'm glad you had fun!

  6. Love this. Nice post dear :)

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  7. Wow! You really are so determined, girl!
    I deeply hate running, but I know it is so useful and I just force myself 2-3 times a week for a run.

    xo Corina

  8. Its great to celebrate birthday with a run. New year of your life to enter with fitness regime and a medal to remind of this special day lifelong.

  9. Wow, what a great way to celebrate you birthday! With a run, Lyosha :) I love your running fashion, especially the big hoodie. I am a hoodie lovers and usually wear a hoodie after my workout to keep me warm.

    1. Hoodies for life! I think I it's my most worn item, I tend to throw them instead of jacket and always use it was post workout warmer.

  10. Мне однозначно нравится этот образ! Поздравляю с ещё одним забегом и медалью ;) Название забега очень символическое.

    My blog “Demilla”. Welcome!

  11. I really appreciate that you celebrate your birthday and other occasions with a run. The outfit looks comfortable and great.

  12. So inspiring to see someone celebrate milestones and holidays with things that keep you healthy. Running is so amazing yet I am so afraid to do it. Good for you! An loving your running gear!

  13. Oh wow! Good for you for doing a run. I need to get back into running for sure. And you looked so stylish while doing so! :)

  14. I don't know if I would celebrate my birthday with a run but I might have to try it and see haha I am trying to do some running myself :)
    Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

  15. I love your running clothes they are both stylish and functional. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday and a great experience.

  16. So much fun to inspire others, this is truly inspiring!

  17. Good job for celebrating your birthday the healthy way! What a fun way to enjoy it.

  18. You choose the perfect outfit seems so comfortable for a run. Congratulations for the completion of the run.

  19. It looks comfy and practical. I could use a new hoodie, it's almost Fall!

  20. I always get excited about inspiring sports post like this. That outfit looks so good on you. Well done

  21. I like the idea of celebrating an event with something like this. It sounds like such a great feeling.

  22. I love sports, not much of a runner more a swimmer, but all sports I love to have a go at. You look like you are super fit! x

  23. Happy late birthday, I celebrate my birthday the opposite of a run, mostly eating wayyyyy to much then I should be haha.

  24. Such a nice running outfit! You can't go wrong with black. It also looks comfortable to wear.

  25. comfortable sport wear. Glad to know you celebrate your day so well .

  26. Wearing all black as workout clothes is totally normal, and practical. The important is you are comfortable wearing it.

  27. Wow! You're the only person I know who can look so stylish in sports clothes! Happy Birthday!!

  28. wow thats an interesting way to celebrate! after reading the post i am motivated as well to celebrate with sports!

  29. This is amazing! You are a runner. You are an inspiration! Celebrating anything by running is an awesome thing to do and I can only see an advantage in it. This is really nice. I never heard anyone do this and therefore reading this article made me so happy. I love this! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey with us :D

  30. Ich mag den Blog, können wir kooperationen haben, mehr können Siehier

  31. Now this is such a challenge. Celebrating things with sports? I've never thought about that but a jog around the neighborhood wouldn't hurt.


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